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Had an idea before I went to bed tonight, of a motion picture-type fic for WITCH. It's a retelling of the origin story but it's also a stand alone in a sense. Try to give it the Bruckheimer feel to it.

Still rough drafting though.

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I can't believe I'm writing this but I just woke with a need to write this down. So here it is, in it's original child-like simplicity.

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As I write this, I find that I like this format, planning ahead before figuring out what's going on. As it stands, I'm working on what feels more like a final battle in the making. Each story is set in 27 hour increments by nature, but it also has a lot of implied filler since I can't seem to connect A to B to C lately.

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The more I look at this, the more I realize that if I were to actually write the big damn heroic scene, it would be anticlimactic in part 2, and immediately jumping to a recap of a possible alternate universe is totally fun.

From here, I figure I'll jump to the next world, the KH one. Since I definitely like this format I have going.
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A few notes on this. The world that I'm using for the Decade crossover is canon up until the end of episode 29, but instead of running into the Rider War World, the events of All Rider vs DaiShocker is utilized instead, thus giving a more positive outlook on this world. Most likely the true ending will be adapted for later, but for now, this is from Einhart's journey along with Tsukasa and Co after she runs into them.

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It's widely known that Negi and Ken Akamatsu is a Kamen Rider fan, along with Kotaro, and has been referenced repeatedly in the series. Having Negi with a rider gear that's a mix of hte old and new was definitely something I had in mind. For the Latin impaired, which is all of us, "Tenatio Voco" means "Attack Summon".

Haud Veneficus Murco is Latin for No Magic Sword, and Canis Everto Flatus is Latin for "Dog Black Flame".

Kamen Rider Voco is of course Kamen Rider Summon. And if there's a Howl, I'll come up with something more Latin-y later.
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Bullet Points was a fic started due to me being silly. Never in my wildest dreams that I would choose a name that the creators themselves would choose as Aang's son's name. Tenzin.

That's right, you heard it from me first.

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The new revisions including SCM's amazing additions to the lunacy. Totally going to revisit this world later.

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Vivio's Magical Adventure has been renamed to Power Rangers Decade because I'm tying in more mythology and Shinkenger/Decade stuff, as well as chronicles of Tsukasa cause I started watching the series gdi.

Akino, this isn't a full version. Shadow Crystal Mage will undoubtedly add more to it since I sent him a copy. So this is just my half of the draft.

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With the Box RRODed, my brother has had to find new things to do. Mostly, he's been playing facebook games all day while alternatively reading comics and watching television all at the same time. It would be okay, if he hadn't let off a demented giggle and claimed he had to "kill something. See the head pop off." accompanied by shooting noises.

He has a diagnosed Fallout Problem. Day 1 of Kyle's withdrawal has set in.

Went to see Despicable Me the other day with him though, and it's just such an amazing movie. Dreamwork's animation studio is once again superb, and the comically exaggerated characters are more than amazing. Actual thoughts on the movie will be censored because people have yet to see it. Such is my life.

I can hear the Lacombe Days parade going on due to the by-now clockwork honking horn of something. Not a float most likely, but something. Breakfast today consisted of a single cup of caramel latte. And in true Shaun fashion, I'm trying to write fanfic in the morning before I lose my drive to do so.

Someday I will write canon-based fanfiction, this I know. But for now, nada. AU is way too much fun to do so.

Going on three days for Fate's revisions. I know I shouldn't be impatient but I can't get the feeling that I've missed something and for some reason, the modly types are in a deadlock or some crap like that. I dunno. At this point, I'll accept a declined. Cause really, this is getting ridiculous.
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A short what-if, centered around the idea of "When you time travel, don't leave clones behind".

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Woo more of it. And no, this isn't the last part of SPD to JF. Not even close.

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This fanfic also comes with two fic recs, something I've been meaning to pimp out as the source hilarity for the crack.

But You Have Heard of Me a Kingdom Hearts fic where Jack Sparrow is the keyblade master.


Takamachi Nanoha of 2814" a fantastic Nanoha crackfic set in the DCAU.

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“So what are we looking at?”

[Sound of screeching tires]

“Speed. Unheard of in a man his age.”

[A man ducking ninja in a fast paced breakaway.]

“Strength and combat skills far beyond the norm.”

[Numerous ninja leap out at the opponent who fights them all back in a flurry of martial arts – and then stops to wring his hands out and rub his legs]

“Most importantly, we’ve got a name. Jackie Chan.”


[A shot of the man running along a train and leaping from the end of it to land without harm.]

“I went to college with him.”

“CIA College?”

“No, just regular college college.”

[Numerous shots of said man getting whacked on the head by two fingers.]

“He was a klutz.”

[cut to the man who is revealed to be Jackie Chan.]

“Ooooh bad day.”

[Numerous action sequences in both animated and live action capping off with a scene of Shendu pulling himself out of the wall. Shendu roars.]

JCA: The 12 Talismans
Fall 2010
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As the title describes, it's what REALLY would happen if Haruhi met the Doctor. Or rather, the repercussions of trying to keep her FROM meeting the Doctor.

Read it, have fun.
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So two fics have been bubbling around in my head. I just need to find the perfect start for them. The first one is For Want of a Platypus and is an attempt to blend a little Phineas and Ferb into Element.

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The second is a Warcraft tale which I think I outlined a while ago, based on the idea of bringing the separate stories presented in Warcraft Legends into a whole.
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I figured I'd post my interpretations on how Ben and Negi's worlds ended. It's more or less a fanfic in progress.

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On Fics

Mar. 2nd, 2010 08:57 am
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Whenever I return or start a new fic series, I always start with a trio of fics. A silly fic, a serious cliche buster and a cliche-RIDDLED fic. Sometimes I should really label these fics because people have mixed love about Mr. & Mrs. Aino which is my cliche-riddled one. I'm getting reviews, but they're long story deconstructions I rarely pay attention to because the fact that the fic is INTENTIONALLY cliche riddled.

Sigh. Fen.
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A shortfic set in the "Sailor Moon" universe, it's a short story of friendship and secret identities. Who thought that Ranma could actually act?

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More of Sailor Moon: Future Tense

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I don't think I could have slept tonight without jotting down this idea. It's set two years after Sailor Moon and in the same continuity obviously.

My brain is screaming Trilogy right now, and SM:FT is no exception. I'm just surprised I'm so wide awake right now.

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I took a second look at the fic and decided that it needed a serious overhaul in some scenes. So here's where the new material begins.

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