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WITCH: The Guardians of the Veil

Had an idea before I went to bed tonight, of a motion picture-type fic for WITCH. It's a retelling of the origin story but it's also a stand alone in a sense. Try to give it the Bruckheimer feel to it.

Still rough drafting though.

10,000 years ago, there was a Nymph named Xing Jing and four dragons of Earth, Fire, Air and Water.

A great betrayal caused the powerful spirit to summon these four river dragons, and imbue them into her very heart.

From the heart, rose five guardians, protectors of an ancient sect beyond the stars.

It is here, that the worlds face a great evil that threatens to encompass us all.


W.I.T.C.H.: The Guardians of the Veil


Heatherfield, 2010

“Oh honey it’s not going to be so bad, you’ll make lots of friends here!” said the dark haired woman who drove a battered old hatchback towards the school. At her side sat her daughter, a young red head who wore a scowl on her face.

“Sure, if they like to meet new girls with cookies,” replied the girl. “C’mon mom, I’m the new girl. I’m like… bully bait.”

“Will be serious, there aren’t going to be any bullies here.” Chided Susan Vandom.

“Oh yeah?” Will indicated a young group of teenagers who were hitting a nerdy looking kid.

Susan sighed as she pulled up to the drive. “So this is your new school,” said Susan as Will looked at the imposing brick-and-stone building.

“Yeah looks great. Like a morgue for school kids,” groaned Will as she unbuckled her seatbelt.

“Oh don’t worry Will, this is pre-school jitters.” Susan smiled and leaned over, squeezing her daughters hand. “Don’t worry, you’ll do fine. I packed some extra cookies. You don’t need to share them but it’d be nice.”

Despite this, Will cracked a sigh. “Well okay. Thanks mom.”

Getting out of the car, she shouldered her backpack and headed down the walkway. But seconds before she could enter, Susan honked the horn and yelled out, :”Have a good day sweetie!”

Will hung her head in shame, cheeks burning in embarrassment as she stormed in amidst the laughter of teenagers.


Will tugged at the locker and grimaced as she twisted the knob. “45, 55, 1.”

Chunk. CHUNK CHUNK CHUNK went the locker and Will growled angrily, reaching up to smack it when a dark skinned hand reached over and effortlessly popped it open.

The hand belonged to an African-American girl who wore thin glasses, and had her hair done up in dreadlocks. She wore a red wrap shirt and a pair of jeans. “You gotta pull up and twist,” said the girl as she handed Will her book bag that had been laying on the floor. “Had this locker last year. It never opens on the first go.”

“Thanks,” replied Will. “I’m uh…”

“Will Vandom, the new girl,” said the dark girl. “I’m Taranee Cook, but you can call me Tara. I’ve been asked to show you to the class.”

“Ah thanks. I’m new in town and… wait, did my mom call ahead?” inquired Will as the bell rang and they started to move against the flow of bodies towards their first class of the day.

“Naw, Principal Knickerbocker is one of those OLD fashioned teachers, and I mean OLD. She insists on getting someone from the current class to show a new kid around. Last year I was the new kid.” Tara smirked at that. “Seriously though, you could do a lot worse.”

“What do you mean—whoa!”

“Hey watch it!” snapped an irritated voice as a tall lanky teenager slammed into Will. “You nearly made me trip new girl!”

“Yeah, what he said,” chimed in a heavy weighted teenager to the side. He was wearing a t-shirt and chewing gum.

“Hey, Uriah, back off,” snapped Tara. “YOU ran into him.”

“Tch,” snorted Uriah as he stormed off, followed by his two lackies.

“What’s their major malfunction?” asked Will curiously as she gathered her fallen books.

“Uriah Dunn’s just a bully, but he’s all bark no bite. C’mon, we’ll be late to class.”

At the ringing of the bell, the class was in complete disarray as the teacher, a young man held up his hands as Tara and Will slipped in. “Settle down class settle down. Okay! Everyone!”

Getting silence from the class, the young teacher grinned. “I’m your new history teacher Dean Collins and welcome to first period history. As such, I’d like you all to turn to the person next to you, and make sure you’re familiar with them because they’ll be your research buddy.”

Will groaned at that as she turned to the side to look at a pretty girl with red hair playing with a vial of water. “I guess you and I are research partners,” she deadpanned.

“Hey, don’t worry bout it,” replied the girl. “Irma Lair. You’re the new girl, Will right?”

“Seriously does everyone know who I am?” groused Will.

“Be glad you didn’t get called up to the front to introduce yourself,” remarked Irma.

“Miss Vandom can you come up and introduce yourself to the class since you’re new?” called out Dean.

THUNK went Will’s head on the desk.


The halls of meditation were a place of solace and refuge, but not today. Today, the Oracle paced restlessly, his hands fretting about as he was biting his lip.

“You look stressed,” remarked a bearded man. “Oracle, come sit, and have some tea.”

“I am stressed Tibor,” said the Oracle. “The moment has come to pass. Phobos has gained enough power from Meridian to break through the veil. It may come down any day now. The new guardians of the veil MUST be awoken. Phobos will be after them, as they hold the key to keeping his sister safe from harm.”

“Fretting will not get you anywhere Oracle,” said Tibor soothingly. “Yan Lin is there to guide them. We put our trust in her, being cut off from the rest of the universe. She will find ourselves five new Guardians of the Veil. Until then, have some tea.”

The Oracle sighed, relenting as he sank to his knees and sipped at it. “… is this Jasmine?”

“Pomogranate. You could never tell could you?” quipped Tibor as he drank deeply.

Heatherfield, Sheffield Institute

“Seriously why do they call it an institute?” inquired Will as she, Taranee and Irma carried their trays along the lunch line. “It’s like they’re committing us or something.”

“Considering this place has a history of weirdoes it works,” replied Irma dismissively as she took two apples and a pile of puddings.

“Weirdoes? How so?” inquired Will as she grimaced at the state of the food.

“Sheffield’s got a history of odd unexplained occurrences since the early 1800’s,” said Taranee as she filled her plate with sandwiches. “Without it, there’d be no institute.”

“That makes me feel loads better, like we’re living in Scooby Doo,” griped Will as the trio sat down. Almost immediately, two more girls sat down across from them; a Chinese girl with her long hair up in pigtails, and a rich looking blonde.

“Can you believe we’re not in the same class again? What is WITH that?” scoffed the blonde girl.

“Cornelia, Will, Will, Cornelia. And Hay Lin too.” Introduced Irma as Cornelia inspected her nails.

“Heyo~!” chirped Hay Lin. “Wow, so you’re the new girl from Fadden Hills! What’s it like there?”

“Rainy, with a chance of road construction,” replied Will, liking Hay Lin already. The jury was still out on Cornelia who was now inspecting her makeup.

“Oh here, check this out!” exclaimed Hay Lin as she dug into her bag. “Grandma gave it to me. Here, look!”

She pulled out a glass sphere with a curl of silver around it. “Nice trinket, does it come with double a batteries?” quipped Irma as it seemed to reflect in the daylight.

Will however was ignoring the by-play as she started into the depths of the glass bauble. A soft pink light seemed to be swirling around it and for a long moment, nothing seemed to matter to her until Irma’s voice cut in. “—hello! Earth to Will! Come in Will!” Irma poked Will who jumped. “Geez, you were staring at it like the world was ending. What’s up?”

“Oh I uh, didn’t really see anything like it till now,” said Will lamely.

“Well if you like it so much why don’t you take it?” inquired Hay Lin cheerfully as she pressed the bauble into her hands. “Grandma said I could give it to someone so that someone is you!”

“New girl? Please.” Scoffed Cornelia.

“Yes new girl. Something wrong with that?” snapped Will.

“Whoa you two don’t get all snarky on the first meet up,” said Tara. “let’s just eat and go.” She looked at her tray. “Irma gimme back my sammich.”

Irma belched. “Too late.”

With the ringing of the last bell, Will exited the school gratefully with a relieved sigh. “Finally out of that place,” groaned Will as she stretched out. “Can’t believe it’s over!”

“Hey Will, we’re having a get together at Hay Lin’s place, the Silver Dragon on fourth and ross. Why don’t you come along?” inquired Taranee. “It’ll be a good chance to get to know some of us better.”

“Oh sure, why not. I’ll just let my mom know. She’s picking me up.” Said Will.

“Alright, sounds good. Later!”

As Taranee headed off, Will picked up her bags and headed for the door in the press of students. Rounding the corner however, she crashed headlong into a solid frame and toppled over, spilling books everywhere. “Oh my GOD what is WITH people running into me today?!” demanded Will.

“Ah, sorry sorry about that,” said the young man who ran into her. Dark skinned with dark hair, he was rubbing his head as he got onto his hands and knees and began to gather items. “Here, sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

Will on the other hand wasn’t able to say much but fumble a reply as she gazed on him. He was a cute one and he seemed genuinely apologetic. “Here,” said the young man as he handed her the books and the jewel that Hay Lin gave her. “See ya!”

“Bye…” said Will, managing to make a noise.

“What do you know about a guy with dark hair and dark skin in our school?” demanded Will as Hay Lin opened the door to the Silver Dragon.

The sound of a mental record scratching made the Chinese girl pause in curiosity. “Is this is a metaphorical question or a question of I saw a cute boy?” inquired Hay Lin as she let her in.

Once seated, Will repeated the question. “Did this guy have dreadlocks or loose hair?” inquired Taranee, thinking of her brother Peter.

“Loose,” replied Will.

“Tan jacket? Bucket hat?” added Cornelia.

“Yes, yes!”

“Aaaaaaah,” chorused the four girls. “You ran into Matt,” said Irma. “Arguably the hunkiest guy on campus! Good luck sister, he’s a hard catch.”

“Every girl wants him,” added Taranee.

“And it’s said that he never goes out on dates with girls he just met,” finished Irma.

THUNK went Will’s head on the table. “This is not the best day ever is it.” She bemoaned.

“Well at least he isn’t shallow,” said Cornelia helpfully. “Matt’s a really nice guy and I don’t think there’s a guile-filled bone in his body.”

Will only groaned with her head on the table as a elderly woman came in. “Ah good, you’re all here,” she said cryptically. “We can get started.”

“Grandma! Thanks for the snacks,” said Hay Lin. “Wait, started for what?”

“Started on your journey,” said Yan Lin as she smiled at the group. “Did you give the trinket to someone?”

All heads turned to Will who lifted her head and blinked. “You mean that glass ball with the pink light in it?”

“What pink light?” inquired Irma. “I didn’t see a pink light in it.”

Will fished into her backpack, pulling out the item in question. Holding it out, it seemed to sparkle in the light of the restaurant. “Ah you did,” said Yan, pleased. “The Heart of Kandrakar.”

“What, that little thing? Why such an extravagant name?” inquired Cornelia.

“The Heart of Kandrakar is special, passed through a line of Guardians which I myself am a part of,” said Yan, circling around and holding out her hand to Will. Will placed the jewel into her hands and without warning, it flared to life, soft pink energy crackling along the surface, making more than one person jump.

“Whoa,” breathed Tara. “That’s something you don’t see every day…”

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