Mar. 14th, 2011

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In this moment, I'd like to at least point out to everyone that despite the title of my post, I am not making light of our profound tragedy. Everyone in Japan, our hearts are out to you. Instead, just to give us some hope, Gokaiger 4 has been watched by me today and I have a few things to share about it.

Knowing ahead of time that this episode was a Joe focused one, I sat down to see the torrent and I was pleasantly surprised at how well the character was lending himself to this one. Instead of really divulging into his backstory, it seems that Joe has been well known in the group for being the stoic one, and while Ahin is still new, she worries because she's his comrade. It's just that everyone else has their own ideas towards being comrades.

Storyline aside, I think it was a nice establishing piece of what Joe is really about, the one who is dependable and able to fight the way he wants to, by himself in a legit man to man duel. His motivations are getting clearer as everyone else's and I'm rather glad to see that the Gokaigers weren't able to access any of the mecha forms of everyone right off the bat. All they have is MagiGokai-Oh and it pleases me to see that they're not getting the whole thing all off the hop.

Also, a final wave being done by a single person with five swords at once? Yeah, that is fantastic.


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