Feb. 5th, 2011

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Despite the name of the post, the results are nothing but non-sexual in nature.


After an exhausting couple of days both mentally and physically, demanding wakeup times, chores and the whole nine yards, I'm settling down to a Saturday. Hopefully my fingers will cooperate for this duration of the post goddamnit I'm already misspelling things.


Tired tired tired. Really tired. But at the same time, refreshed. I went and had a couple of drinks last night and I do feel a little more comfortable in my own skin. Apped to Splendor City and prepared an application for Soul Campaign as well. Both mostly at the insistence of friends YOUKNOWWHOYOUARE.

Ed's CR is picking up due to my very good people on Plurk who saw my TLDR on plurk of all things and decided they could not let the challenge slip away. And husbandou? I do apologize for making you mad. You will not believe how much that's gnawed on me for a while.

Madoka 5 is out but I'm almost scared to watch it from the memories of episode 3 replaying in my mind once in a while. Still though, I need to let that out a little more. Play with my derps a bit.

Ben needs more CR too, come to think about it. I solved the Reimi problem but Ben has no one to rely on right at the given moment in time.

Well, one step at a time really.
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After considerable debate and reading WITCH 104, I have come to a decision. I need to scrap Metal and rewrite it, free of Dive influences.

... instead I go to title it with the word CLIMAX in it. I guess there's some influences.

So without further ado, the opening sequence to Kamen RiderElement Metal: Final Climax

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