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Finished watching A's after what, a couple of years now? I tried getting through it a while ago but my disk crapped out. But I finished watching it on my PS3 so that's all shiny.

Material S's muse stirred again and she's asking me for a game. I'm considering either Planeo again or Queen of Hearts, depending on if Tia's muse sticks with me. Either or, it's not a bad idea, considering S is all good.

Trans9 has been a lot of fun although I'm just utterly swamped at times. Still, it's not as bad as TLH where I can go from no tags to zomgoverwork. I'm almost glad for my illness cause it gave me a chance to rest up a little.

Totally addicted to my fried chicken recipe. It's just delicious and after giving my bro an entire batch, I needed some for myself so I'm cooking them up now.

A's totally reaffirmed my Vita and strengthened my Shamal muse on a note even if they are Vivid era.

Trinity Universe is a lot of fun, and I'm enjoying it more than Cross Edge but even so, both games are fantastic fun. Though getting beat up by a couple of prinnies kinda sucked. A sign I need to level up more.

Finally, I've been trying to get this Decade/Nanoha fic worked out set between the timeskip of A's and StrikerS, but nothing's working out properly. I get like 3-4 pages done and then realize it's just stupid. For some reason though, I've been focusing on Kaito more than Tsukasa. I blame Nanya's Blood That Flows for the renewed interest in the crossover idea.

Ai yi yi

Aug. 16th, 2010 07:52 am
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I think I'm in Ari's boat today, unable to tag or do RP and junk. Really, it's just like it feels like an albatross around my neck at the moment.

As such, I called a hiatusslowatus in all my games. I dunno, just sort of between WoW and RL and Corinth on permi-hiatus it feels like my interest is dissolving temporarily. Sigh.

As a note, I'm also not going to be around on Tuesday. I've got to go to Edmonton to West Ed.
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Working as a cameraman has its ups and downs. For one thing, there's no real relax point, but at the same time, you're working in a way that you're not really working at all. Sure there's a bunch of stuff to think about but in the end, it's actually really REALLY easy. Just gotta keep focusing on the zoom and remembering not to screw up. It's all that simple really.

I've been seriously considering going back to school, at least at a distance course. I don't have the financial stability to move out again, so maybe distance'll do. The last time I did distance it was a disaster, but this time maybe not so much. I get tired of waking up every morning and turning on the computer.

Coffee is good. I think I'm a bit of an addict at times, but it's less addiction than it is I just need something hot in the morning. Having multiple cups at a time doesn't mean a thing. No. Really.

THAT DAY is coming up. I'm going to celebrate it by blowing something up in Planeo, Trans9, Corinth AND Element. I'm thinking Estelle unleashing an Overlimit, Matt or Negi testing something stupid out, not sure about Corinth and something exploding with the force of a Kiloton bomb in Element.

Also, Trans9. I love it so much. It's just glorious. And I need to get a Matt post up sooner or later. Maybe give him a workout in the sensoriums.
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Why do I want to play Shamal from MGLN now? Seriously, it's like I COLLECT these muses.

Maybe I could see about getting her into Planeo but we all know how that pans out.

I should stop making with the Cranky Doctor Jokes. She's been hanging around Janet and the Doc way too much.


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