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Working as a cameraman has its ups and downs. For one thing, there's no real relax point, but at the same time, you're working in a way that you're not really working at all. Sure there's a bunch of stuff to think about but in the end, it's actually really REALLY easy. Just gotta keep focusing on the zoom and remembering not to screw up. It's all that simple really.

I've been seriously considering going back to school, at least at a distance course. I don't have the financial stability to move out again, so maybe distance'll do. The last time I did distance it was a disaster, but this time maybe not so much. I get tired of waking up every morning and turning on the computer.

Coffee is good. I think I'm a bit of an addict at times, but it's less addiction than it is I just need something hot in the morning. Having multiple cups at a time doesn't mean a thing. No. Really.

THAT DAY is coming up. I'm going to celebrate it by blowing something up in Planeo, Trans9, Corinth AND Element. I'm thinking Estelle unleashing an Overlimit, Matt or Negi testing something stupid out, not sure about Corinth and something exploding with the force of a Kiloton bomb in Element.

Also, Trans9. I love it so much. It's just glorious. And I need to get a Matt post up sooner or later. Maybe give him a workout in the sensoriums.
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I have successfully managed to jumpstart Corinth's activity since last night. Already several logs were formed and completed, storyline is going forward, and I've already begun to lead-in to Season 2 as well as working on Season 1. Don't get me wrong, but I love the idea we're splitting the game into "Seasons". So far there's a projected Season 1 to 3, with a "Zeo" Season scheduled as well. As long as we can avoid the fail that is Turbo, we'll be gold.

Another thing is that I've been planning on apping another person, and making a corinth_npc journal in order to further our cause. It'll be sweet, and it'll establish more locations for Season 2 after the truly awesome Season 1 Akino has planned for us.

As it stands, I'm not allowed to have Ganju from Shinkenger and Gem and Gemma in the same headspace. The universe would implode from the awesome hilarious.
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Samples. We all love them or hate them. For some it's easy, for some way difficult.

As such, when I first entered Planeocracy, I was stunned by the awesome that their application system was and decided that adopting it would be awesome as well.

As such, Akino of course you need to look over this but any suggestions for interview questions and form questions would be great.

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A brief repose from the madness whilst I drink my coffee.


Now then. I've managed to get [livejournal.com profile] corinth_rp up and running but I need suggestions on how long we should keep it closed. I don't want to rush into it, but I think almost all of the information is done now. And why is my mental voice Dr. K?

Anyway, I'm still working on a few details here and there, but at least everything's going according to plan.


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