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drunkenpandaren ([personal profile] drunkenpandaren) wrote2010-01-06 11:39 am

New Fandom Get-o!

So I started watching Huntik on a whim spurned by Knux. Turns out I REALLY like this series. So I watched the whole thing last night from beginning to end with some hiccups since parts of the episodes were removed to "TOS Violations". In short however, the series is remarkable.

You can tell it's got dubbing issues since it was originally Italian, but it's still AMAZING. The characters are well rounded, and everything is great. It's not as catchy as WITCH but the theme song Oh God so good.

I'm providing a sample of the first episode. Starts off slow but then explodes into the action.

I'm going to be finding a way to incorporate Huntik into Element, I know this for certain.