Oct. 7th, 2009

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Your name: Shaun
Your LJ: shaungarin
Your email: skbgarin@hotmail.com
Your AIM, MSN, or Yahoo handle: Shaun Garin

Character's name: Alphonse Elric
Character's LJ:
Character's canon: Fullmetal Alchemist
Memories; will your character be keeping them or will they be wiped?: Memories from after being put into the suit will be gone. Though just to be mean to him, memories from before being put in the suit will become applicable.

Brief (around 300-400 words, give or take) personality outline of your character: Alphonse is one of the gentlest souls possible, a young boy who just wanted to see his mother again. Fiercely loyal to his brother and supportive of most of the things he does, he often deals with clearing up problems that his brother Ed causes. He loves cats and doesn’t like to become violent at a drop of the hat. However he is a skilled combatant in hand to hand and has a terrible fear of his teacher Izumi Curtis.

Brief (around 500 words) history and background of your character OR link to a really good wiki page with their history and specifications. In either case, explain where they cut off from the timeline:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alphonse_Elric Wiki page detailing an overview of his life.

Currently Alphonse is from the first incarnation of the Fullmetal Alchemist anime during the point in time that Alphonse had been transmuted into a living Philosopher’s Stone by Scar’s sacrifice. He is currently bound to a suit of armor, but all of his memories from before that are forgotten. His current point of memories start minutes before the fated transmutation caused him to lose his entire body to The Truth and before Ed sacrificed his arm to bind his soul to the armor.

Sample post (just a general, everyday, puttering around/exploring/or even your entrance; please include a snippet of dialogue):

Alphonse loved kittens. They were one of his favorite animals and spent many a day coaxing the closest animal to come and play with him.

“Here kitty,” he coaxed, wiggling his fingers and crouching over. The adorable little cat mewed and clambered into his hand and Alphonse patted it. “If only I could actually feel you,” he said sadly, but the cat didn’t mind, curling up in his large palm.

“Al!” called out Ed and Al looked up. “C’mon, we need to head out as soon as possible. Stop playing with stray cats!”

“But brother, it’s tired and alone! And we’re out here in the wilderness!” protested Al. “It’s too dangerous for the cat to go alone.”

Ed rubbed his forehead. “Fine, but don’t let a dog get to it or anything, got it?”

“I understand brother,” replied Al cheerfully. “C’mon, let’s get out of here before anyone catches up to us.”

If the character has magic or otherwise superhuman abilities, please explain what they are and outline EXACTLY how they function, as their powers may not work due to the nature of Force driven Universe or may need to be limited somehow. Explain how their unique abilities will be translated into Force-like affinities:

As per the rules of the first Fullmetal Alchemist series, Alchemy does not work outside of Amestris, requiring The Gate to power the cycle of energy. The Gate flows Death through it, allowing for souls to be born on Earth in the corresponding timeframe, as well as powering the transmutation energies. Currently Alphonse has been transmuted into a living Philosopher’s Stone, but this power will be rendered innate.

Jedi should feel far more life from him despite him being a walking talking suit of armor, and possible “A great disturbance in the force, like millions of voices crying out” should be applicable since the Philosopher’s Stone was made by sacrificing an entire army to its creation. This means he’s got far less stealth around force sensitive’s as they can most likely sense him a few hundred lightyears away.

The immense power of the Philosopher’s Death Energy should be translated into a strong affinity for the Force as the original powers of Understanding, Deconstruction, and Reconstruction would allow him the ability to feel the force around him.

Sadly this makes him incredibly strong in the force to the point of Galan Marek Over The Topness. But then again, any Jedi worth his salt could do it.

Non-superhuman abilities of note (Are they good at, say, painting, martial arts, dancing, or, hell, bartending, etc?):

Martial Arts: Alphonse was trained well in martial arts, and trains every day with Ed provided they’re not running and fighting for their lives.

Cat-Lover: Kittens are attracted to him and his gentle spirit. He loves cats.

I Am A Walking Talking Can: Alphonse exists bonded to a suit of armor. This actually makes him more fragile despite being bulletproof. Blaster and Saber-proof are a different story. In fact, assume everything is just as deadly to him if he was human.


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