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Gold a Avatar/W.I.T.C.H. Fic - Chapter 1 "I Am The Lucid Dream..."

It's a draft, but I think Gold's going to be about five parts. A side project, this isn't part of Element surprisingly enough.

Yeah, it's standalone which makes it the first major fic I've written post-both series.

It was dark in the Earth Kingdom’s prison, the only light in his metal prison the light of the torches on either side of the hallway. But none of that mattered to Long Feng as he sat, contemplating his fate.

How long was it since he was in there? Weeks? Months? The Earth King, now powerful and assured, had tried him for his crimes and was found guilty of them. And thus, he was sent to rot in the deepest place in the world.

They called it The Underbog; a construct prison of the Earth Kingdom’s worst criminals, and most importantly, it was from top to bottom constructed with metal; hard unyielding metal that prevented any of them from earthbending their way to freedom.

And so Long Feng sat there, dressed in the drab browns of a criminal. Even Fire Nation prisoners had a modium of freedom, but Long Feng had none of that. When the doors opened for meals and exercise, he would stay there, gazing at the wall. Some of the prisoners believed him to be mute, but there would sometimes be muttering from his room.

‘They are all against you Long Feng. They took from you the right of rule.’

Long Feng’s eyes narrowed at the voice that whispered to him in a tongue best described as one that only he could hear and understand.

‘All that time spent keeping your city safe, and then everything in the world decided to come down crashing upon you. A pity.’

“Oh do be quiet,” hissed Long Feng as he curled up into a ball, glaring at the wall across from him.

It had become routine for Long Feng to whisper back angrily at the voice that had begun to speak to him recently. It was small at first but began to become louder with each day. Sometimes he would find his sleep disturbed and he would end up pacing, sleepless and getting angrier by the moment.

‘I think not. After all—we have so much to discuss, do we not?’


Written by Shaun Garin

Avatar the last Airbender is owned by Nickelodeon. W.I.T.C.H. is owned by Disney.

In sharp contrast to the deep prisons of the Earth Kingdom, the world known as Kandrakar, the center of the known universe was in reflection brilliant, and light up with light. The city was made of white stone, and in the center of the tallest tower, a council of the wisest minds of the known universe gathered together.

Among those were several women, former Guardians of the Infinite Universe who, admittedly, partly bored with the gathering.

As it had been for generations, the council supported many wise people from other worlds, and even the Oracle despite his placid and serene expression, flicked his eyes to Yan Lin who was in attendance, and rolled them quick as a flash. Yan smothered a grin as the long-winded wiseman from a distant world spoke at length.

Applause, though a little half-hearted from some of the members sounded as the wiseman bowed deeply before heading to the side of the room to take his seat.

“Thank you Sirfo for the report,” said the Oracle. Stepping up, he gestured as a map of the known universe. “Now however, onto new news.”

Stepping up as well, Luba gestured to a world which enlarged. “As you are all well aware, the world of the Avatar has been in turmoil for nearly a hundred years. Recently however, reports have come in that the war against the Fire Nation has been brought to an end, and the Avatar has defeated the threat, restoring balance.” Appreciative murmurs of the Avatar’s deeds resounded through the hall. “As such, we all know what will happen.”

“The Heart of their world will soon awaken,” said the Oracle. “As well as its eternal threat and nemesis. The great beast, the eternal nightmare that sleeps within the center of the world, imprisoned by the ancient spirits of their world will soon stir, gathering its minions to once again wage war in order to disturb the balance.”

“As you are well aware, the Avatar’s world has only experienced brief moments in history where the Eternal Threat has been able to influence those who are receptive to its dark whispers,” added Luba. “It is our duty to ensure that this time, it is re-sealed in its prison, as we aid the spirits and the Avatar on the journey.”

“But is not the Avatar the Heart of their world?” inquired a man to the side to which the Oracle shook his head.

“No: the power of the Heart and of the Avatar have always been separate since time immortal. Its power moves between person to person, seeking solace in a heart filled with light. Unlike the Heart of Kandrakar or the Heart of Meridian, it cannot be passed down willingly.” Replied the Oracle.

“However like the Heart of Kandrakar and Meridian, the user is able to manipulate the power of magic itself, bringing great wonders and great dangers. In the hands of the untrained, they could become the next great danger to a world. Thus said, we have called upon the bearer of a Heart, one who is skilled and knows of the immense responsibility to come forth and train the one who carries the Heart of the Avatar’s world.”

“That would be me,” said the hooded figure at the end of the council as she pulled her hood down. Queen Elyon of Meridian stood there and the council members murmured appreciatively. “The Oracle has asked for my assistance in these matters, and it is with great gratitude that I accept such a task.”

“We owe much for the Queen of Meridian to come and undertake such a task,” said the Oracle, giving a smile and nod to Elyon who bowed in her seat. “With her will be one of her guard, the Lieutenant of the Queen’s Guard – Aldarn. Together they will seek out the new Heart Bearer, and teach him or her, how to use their power in order to defend against the Bringer of Nightmares.”

“And we hope they will succeed,” said Luba and everyone stood, bowing in respect to the pair who bowed in reply. “For the balance of the Avatar’s world not only affects our own, but if the Eternal Enemy is freed, we fear that Kandrakar itself will become endangered.”

“Elyon! Dear girl,” called out Yan, hugging the girl who hugged back.

“I’m glad you’re here to see me off Mrs. Lin,” replied Elyon happily. “And Halinor, Kadma, Cassidy too!”

“We wish the girls could be here today, but they’re in a math test,” replied Kadma. “Though I’m sure we’ll give them the news.”

Cassidy shook hands with Aldarn. “Good luck on your journey you two, and Aldarn protect your queen.”

“I will,” replied Aldarn, touching his now pale human face. “It’s strange looking like this, but I’d blend in better than Caleb would.”

“That I agree on; Caleb might be a better man for the job in perspective, but the Oracle believed you would have a much better opportunity than him to blend in,” said Yan. “Besides, he flunked his last math test. Julian’s refusing to let him visit Cornelia until he finishes with a 80.”

“From rebel leader to captain of the guard to normal kid,” laughed Elyon. She hugged the women in turn before pulling away. Adjusting the green outfit she wore, she admitted, “They have some pretty outfits in the Avatar’s world.”

“The green is of the Earth Kingdom where we suspect the Heart Bearer is,” said Kadma. “Aldarn is dressed in the same.”

“A little more flashy than I’d expected,” said Aldarn, adjusting the robes. “But what’s the phase they use? Here in Italy?”

“When in Rome,” corrected Cassidy. “Now you two should get a move on. Time is still synchronized between our worlds so we’ll be waiting for days.”

Elyon nodded and with a flick of the finger, opened a fold. The tear in space glittered a brilliant blue color, and the pair stepped through before it sealed itself shut.

She always walked by the teahouse, but never went inside it. Not since the dark days of Ba Sing Se’s occupation.

In hindsight, she wondered if she always knew that Li, no, Fire Lord Zuko, was a firebender. Perhaps she didn’t care, even after he lit the torches. He said it was complicated, and deep down the girl understood.

Jin sighed as she continued along the way. Despite the division of the city being systematically destroyed and the poor experiencing the luxury of the wealthy due to the Earth King’s vast generosity, she never felt comfortable. And so she moved past Iroh’s Dancing Dragon Tea Shop.

It wasn’t far however until a peculiar thing happened that would change her life forever.

From a side street, Jin was witness to a sparkle of brilliant blue light as a line formed in the sky, ripping open quickly before letting out two forms. One was a girl, her skin white and her hair flaxen blonde. The second was a man with tanned skin and a shaven head. Both were dressed in outfits but to Jin, they looked silly on them save for the girl.

The line in the sky closed up on them, as the girl looked around before speaking in an unusual tongue. The man replied, and Jin was puzzled before said girl flicked her finger and a sparkle in the air was traced from her throat to the man’s.

“There we go,” said the girl and now Jin could understand her. Their accent was all off though, as it seemed neutral in a way, like they weren’t native to any of the Four Nations.

“We should begin our search,” said the man, shifting his robes and Jin noticed a straight-bladed sword that hung at his side that hung under his robes. “I’m sure the Heart of this world is close by.”

“Yeah.” The girl closed her eyes and then opened them. Luminescence spilled from her eyes and Jin gasped, a little too loudly.

“Who’s there?!” demanded the man but Jin fled, taking off in the other direction.

Aldarn made to move after the girl but Elyon snagged his robe. “Wait, don’t chase her Aldarn. It’ll make a scene.”

Aldarn nodded, lowering his robe to hide the sword again. “Sorry Elyon; I just sort of reacted.”

Elyon smiled a little. “It’s all right – though I do worry she saw me doing the whole Light of Meridian thing.”

“Well glowing eyes can’t be that common her,” replied Aldarn. “Let’s find an inn and get a place to stay for the night. We’ll pick up the search as soon as we settle in.”

“Sounds good.”

“What… did I see back there?” wondered Jin as she moved about her family’s shop. Her mind was awhirl as she fumbled a pot, almost spilling the contents.

“Are you all right Jin?” inquired her father. “You’ve been jumpy since you’ve come home.”

“I’m all right father,” replied Jin, forcing her voice to be as level as possible. “I’m just a little tired today.”

Her father nodded as he put another pot on the shelves. Then, picking up a small collection of leaves, he tied them into a bundle. “Jin, be a dear and bring this to the Dancing Dragon for me. The owner is having a sale on Jasmine tea and has asked our shop for more supplies.”

Jin swallowed and took the bundle. Going to the upper quarter much less the famed General Iroh’s teahouse worried her, but she took the bundle and said, “I’ll be back before dark father.”

The trek up the road to the Upper Quarter was easy, and Jin shifted the bundle under her arm. Nervousness replaced anxiety and she hastened her pace. Up, up, up she moved to the vast quarter.

Children played in the streets and women in fine elegant dresses moved past her. A trio of girls in rich silk wandered past, the lead giving Jin a look of distaste at her lower-class origins. Jin ignored her and moved quickly. Through the gates and up the road, the Dancing Dragon stood there, painted in rich earthy greens with red columns that didn’t seem out of place in the finery, or clash with the overall effect.

Stepping through the line that dotted the way to the teahouse, Jin excused herself and made her way to the front where she stopped and blinked. There, the Avatar himself was taking orders behind the counter, and he looked like he was enjoying it.

“Excuse me,” said Jin, finally recomposing herself. Aang looked up and she held out the bundle. “This is a delivery from our family shop; Jasmine for the special you’re all having?”

“Oh thanks,” said Aang as he took the bundle and puttered to the door, handing it off to one of the employees, a man she didn’t recognise at all. However in the back, the owner of the teahouse, Iroh, looked up and made his way out.

“Thank you for the delivery young lady,” smiled the man and Jin nodded. “Please, have a seat. A waiter will be with you shortly.”

“Oh no, I couldn’t possibly stay…” protested Jin but Aang darted out, escorting her to a corner table. The Avatar gave her a grin and said, “anything to start?”

“… Ginseng tea please,” stammered Jin and the world famous savoir of the world ran off.

Shortly, the tea arrived and Jin didn’t look up at the waiter. “I thought I’d never see you again since the occupation,” said a familiar voice and Jin nodded. “Sorry about before.”

“It’s… fine,” said Jin, finally looking up at the young man, the one whom she first knew as Lee. “May I ask what you’re doing here your majesty?”

Fire Lord Zuko snorted. “Uncle decided to shanghai all of our services in promotion for his teahouse. Can’t say it’s not effective…”

Jin giggled, despite her nervousness at seeing him again. The last time he saw the teen, he was in the company of the girl with the dour expression, the one who taught her how to throw weapons if only for a brief moment. “He must be a good man to make the Fire Lord himself serve people.”

“Uncle says it’s a humbling experience,” admitted Zuko as he poured a second cup and sat down in front of her. “Jin I…”

“It’s okay,” said Jin as her nervousness drained with each sip of the delicious blend. “I should be the one who should apologize. But thank you for the memories.”

Zuko nodded. “Is there anything Uncle and I can do for your store?”

Jin smiled, sipped her tea and said, “Order from our store for more supplies?”

“Done.” Zuko smiled, rubbing his hair with a free hand. “Why don’t you stay for dinner? I’d like to make it up to you, you know, on account that I kinda lied to you who I was.”

“You were on the run, but I forgive you for that.” Replied Jin. “But for now, I have to politely decline; I told my father I’d be back by sundown.”

Zuko nodded and as Jin placed a silver on the table, he held up a hand. “You’re welcome to free tea. The least I can do. And I’m sure Uncle will agree.”

“That’s very kind of you.” Finishing her tea, Jin stood and bowed. “Thank you.”

‘I can feel it…’

Long Feng twisted, trying to get more rest.

‘It stirs… my mortal enemy…’

“And I’m sure everyone wants to agree with that voice, but you’ve been whispering in my head for the last two hours and I’d like some peace and quiet!” retorted the man.

For a long moment Long Feng believed he won, but the voice then let out a laugh that made the man writhe from the noise. ‘Yesss… yessss… I feel its presence.’

“What do you WANT from me?” demanded Long Feng, sitting up and throwing his pillow at the door, the impact making a squishy sound of fwumping noise. “Leave! Pester someone else accursed voice of the shadows!”

‘Oh but of course,’ chuckled the voice. ‘You demand so much and ask so little of me. Have I not been the company you require?’

Long Feng grabbed his shirt, pulled it over his head and tried to ignore the voice growing more insistent.

“It’s not quite usual fare, but it’ll do,” remarked Aldarn as he set down some bread, cheese and a side of some kind of meat along with a small jug of milk. “I got it from the innkeeper who said it was The Usual for most of the travelers.”

“At this point, I’d eat anything,” grinned Elyon as she picked up a knife and carved a few slices of meat off for herself and Aldarn. “Sit down for a bit. Here I’m not the Queen.”

“Right.” Sitting down, Aldarn looked out the window into the rest of Ba Sing Se. “It’s a big place,” he said. “Even has its own public transit system too, like the kind that we’ve been working on for months in Meridian.”

“And the abilities everyone have here, or a majority of them. It’s really quite amazing to see people move earth and stone easily.” Added Elyon. “It’s like seeing a whole facet of Guardians, like Cornelia minus the ability to move plants.”

Aldarn chuckled as he bit into his bread and poured two glasses of the milk. Finding the milk to be sweet, he sipped it again to wash down the bread. “I hope we can find the Heart bearer before the enemy pops up and threatens this world.”

“Yeah. I didn’t get a chance to get a lock on her—I’m sure it’s a girl though—but I’ll try tonight when most of the city is asleep.” Said Elyon.

The rest of the meal was spent in idle chat as the sun went down.

Then it began to rain.

Aang found himself floating in a starry sky, much unlike the usual golden sunlight and white clouds of a visit from Roku. “Roku?” he called out. “Roku! Are you out there?”

“Aang…” Aang turned and he blinked.

“Avatar Yang Chen?” asked Aang. “What’s wrong? Where’s Roku?”

“Aang, I come to you with a message,” said the other airbender. She looked worried and Aang then noticed her hand—it was blackened. He gasped and she nodded, holding up the hand. “Yes Aang, there is a problem.”

“Is Roku all right?” exclaimed Aang in alarm.

“He is for now. He is with Hei Bei, the panda spirit,” said his former incarnation. “Aang, a great darkness is beginning to awaken. Now that the Four Nation have balanced, there comes a threat of the ancient spirits.”

“A threat? But we just finished the war! There can’t be a threat, not this soon!” protested Aang. “What must I do?”

“Find the one who bears the Heart Aang,” said Yang Chen. “Only then you will be able to understand the eternal struggle.”

“A heart?” asked Aang, confused.

Yang Chen began to speak again but then Roku suddenly materialized between them clutching his arm. “ROKU!” cried out Aang in alarm, for his entire arm was blackened.

“No Aang, do not touch me!” warded off Roku before Aang could grasp him. “It will be an injury that could spread to your soul.”

“The darkness has begun to awaken,” realized Yang Chen, “and at a much faster rate than we expected. Aang, please hurry. Aid the Heart, for it has the power to lock this dangerous foe away before it escapes its prison.”

“But what IS this heart?” cried Aang. “And who is this darkness?”

“He is…” Roku gripped his arm and cried out.

“ROKU!” yelled Aang, and he lunged for the man who was in pain. Suddenly, something inky and black lashed out at him and a searing pain ripped through his arm. “What… is… this?!”



Aang snapped awake to the crackle of lightning as Katara hovered over him. “It’s all right; you’re just having a nightmare.”

“Wha…?” Aang looked down at his hand. Nothing. The pain that he felt was more like a distant memory. Exhaling, he groaned, rubbing his face. Katara brushed his cheek and asked, “Was it a bad one?”

“It was… a warning I think,” said Aang, drawing a concerned look from her.

Soon, the others had gathered in Aang’s room who recounted the tale. “… and that’s it,” he said. “I think Roku and Yang Chen and all of the previous Avatars are… I dunno, fighting whatever this danger is.”

“Hey, we just beat up Zuko’s dad and saved the world; I’m sure that as the Avatar, you can beat this thing to a pulp,” said Sokka. He yawned. “And if anything it was a dream.”

“No,” said Iroh, drawing attention to him. “I think the Avatar is correct in believing this is a warning. Perhaps it is best if you all know the tale of my journey.”

“Uncle? You mean…?” said Zuko and Iroh nodded.

Sitting down, Iroh folded his hands in his sleeves. “Long ago, when I was still leader of the Fire Nation armies, I lead the attack on Ba Sing Se. For months I hammered at the walls, and finally one day, broke through. But instead of moving into Earth Kingdom Territory, I waited to allow my troops to gain full strength. My son, Lu Ten, argued with me on this matter…”

“Father!” Lu Ten stormed into the room, pulling his helmet off. “The walls of Ba Sing Se are down; we should attack! Storm the enemy before they have a chance to rebuild!”

“No Lu Ten, we musn’t,” argued Iroh. “If we move in now, we will be met by fresh resistence, and our men are tired, injured. While we may lose a little ground, the result of our patience will be justly rewarded.”

“Pah, you’re too scared father! We are ready, and my men will triumph!”

“I will not have you march. Not tonight. Go back to your tent Lu Ten: we will resume the siege in dawn’s first light.”

Little did I know that day, when Lu Ten would storm out, I would find myself waking up to a disaster. Lu Ten lost his life, and I lost my way.

Angry with the world, I stormed off, abandoning my troops. For days I moved across the boarders of the vast city, hoping to find the peace that would quell my rage—and my aching heart of the loss of my son.

And then, one day, I stumbled upon a spirit. It was hurt, though I did not know it was one at first. Too blind with my pain, I lashed out at such an innocent creature, and in reclamation, I was bound, my body left behind.

I landed in the Spirit World, confused and hurt. For three whole days I moved through the world, uncomprehending of what had happened to me. As I stumbled further into the world, a dark madness began to encompass my being.

It whispered to me, whispered in the dark on how I was a failure, to let my son die in the fighting. How I failed to keep the people I loved safe, and how the people of Ba Sing Se should burn for their resistance.

I fought against the madness, shadows creeping into my very fibre of my being. Desperate, I cried for help, having been broken into a million pieces.

Then, suddenly the shadows recoiled. It retreated, screaming in pain as a loud voice boomed in the spirit world. The spirit that I had angrily shot at, had come back and in its beauty, I could not stop but stare at its majestic countenance. To this day, I do not know what it truly looked like, only that it struck the darkness again.

The darkness rose up, screaming in an unknown tongue and it lashed out, shadowy tendrils hurling volleys of black blood at the enemy. It screamed over and over, cursing and revelling the name of its master. And finally, in a crackle of thunder and lightning, it was over, the darkness vanishing into the depths.

I hurt from the invasion of my very body, and the spirit healed my wounds. It told me to find solace, and to grieve for it is a human trait. And in my despair, I wept.

The spirit sent me back, and I stumbled back to the world of the living. I called off the siege. But the words of the darkness still run in my mind to this day.

“What did it say?” asked Aang.

Iroh opened his eyes. “Shur’nab.”

The color drained from Aang’s face and Iroh nodded. “You have seen it Aang—the darkness that threatens our land.”

Aang nodded. Thunder boomed overhead.

Sokka was hiding behind Suki. “That… was the creepiest story EVER,” he whimpered.

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Ooh, this sounds intriguing. Can't wait to see more, Shaun. And I definitely can't wait to find out who the Heart of the Four Nations is. Is it an OC, or someone we already know?

[identity profile] shaungarin.livejournal.com 2009-09-02 09:15 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh it's someone we know ^_^ I'm getting to work on the next scene so it'll be up soon.

EDIT: and as it stands, everyone used in the fic? Pretty much no OC's or we've actually seen them in-series.
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I noticed. One minor nit- Iroh's tea shop is named the Jasmine Dragon. Looks good otherwise, though.

Is it safe to surmise that Jin is our girl? Or are you still keeping it under wraps?

[identity profile] shaungarin.livejournal.com 2009-09-03 01:16 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah it's Jin, and I went and edited the material since I double-checked Avatar Wiki.

I'm also working in incorporating my WoW-love and bringing out the idea of an ancient spirit that was once known as The Lucid Dream, a spirit that was meant to guide the souls of the dead to the lands of rebirth. Over time and millions of souls and witnessing death, it grew mad, and called itself The God of Death. In response, it waged war against the ancient spirits who were in a losing battle. That was when the first Heart was woken up and with it's power, locked it into the center of the world.

Heavy WoW-Lovecraft influences for the most part.

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Niiice start! Can't wait to see how things develop.

Though Elyon could've made her journey on the weekend so the others would've been able to see her off too. XD

[identity profile] shaungarin.livejournal.com 2009-09-03 01:17 am (UTC)(link)
Hehehe thanks. I'm still working the idea mind you but it's still working out wonderfully.

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Not a problem, and I'd have to agree. Definitely working out quite well.

And, Aldarn's right-glowing eyes aren't that common in this world. Unless you're the Avatar.

[identity profile] shaungarin.livejournal.com 2009-09-03 01:49 am (UTC)(link)
Yep. Hashing out a few details here and there but it's getting to the point where I've got most of the major details worked out through the five parter.

Hehehe yep. He can be excused though for the obvious statement ^_^

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Nice! Meaning you've got the plotline worked out for the entire series, even though it's just five parts?

Yes, he can. Hay Lin hopes he'll protect Elyon with all his might, btw. ^_^

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Yeah, worked out the major characters involved, including the use of Toph's folks in the story as well as the involvement of Lady Ursa. Working to incorporate more post-series resolution into the series.

That, and figuring out the exact use of how the Heart would work out. It's kinda set to a passive-aggressive setting with a self-aware capability. It's quite a bit different than regular Hearts.

And yeah, Aldarn'll do a good job with protecting Elyon ^_^

[identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/_red_x/ 2009-09-03 02:23 am (UTC)(link)
Nice plotting; you'll basically answer in your story what the writers chose to leave unanswered! (Think the movie might answer some of those unanswered questions?)

Ooh-yeah, it is quite different than the regular Hearts we've seen in Animated!W.I.T.C.H. and Comic!W.I.T.C.H.

[identity profile] shaungarin.livejournal.com 2009-09-03 02:27 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah, I'm hoping to at least compound on some of the ideas that the original authors had for the series. They had a scene for Ursa and Zuko but it got cut short.

Yeah, it's self-aware, and protects the host as much as the world.