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What Happens When You Mix Chaotic and W.I.T.C.H.

Okay so an idea came up and bashed me in the head over and over and OVER again until I wrote it.

Basically its a Chaotic-W.I.T.C.H. AU idea.

Here's what I've got so far.

Chaotic W.I.T.C.H.

Will – The New Girl from Fadden Hills. A former regional champion of Chaotic before she got into some hard times with her parents separating and moving to Heatherfield. Mostly friendless for a few days and tormented by Uriah Dunn and his gang who knows her by reputation. Prefers Overworlders, her main monster is Maxxor. Analog to Tom.

Taranee – The daughter of Judge Cook, she is a quiet girl with a few good friends. One of the weakest of the Chaotic battlers if only by her personality, when you get her fired up she can come up with combos that would dazzle an opponent. Analog to Peyton.

Irma – One half of the duo of her and Hay Lin who grew up together, she prefers a mix of water beasts and a sort of high energy mugic heavy battle system. Always about hitting hard and fast, she befriends Will and Taranee on their third day of being in Chaotic. Analog to Kaz.

Cornelia – a bit of a rich girl, she plays to win. However, she dislikes going to Meridian because she always winds up in a mud puddle (running gag) or something happens with her hair. She does however have many scans from ScanQuests, scans most people would be insane to get. Is already a friend of Taranee, Irma and Hay Lin beforehand. Analog to Kaz/Sarah.

Hay Lin – perpetually cheerful, Hay Lin plays fast and free with her deck. Winning and losing isn’t a big deal for her and she always greets her opponent with a smile. Despite this, she’s in the top tier of Chaotic Battledrome players. Analog to Peyton

Matt – a mediocre Chaotic player, he manages to get a chaotic code by the luck of the draw, and ported in to join Elyon’s pick up 5man team along with Alchemy, Nigel and Peter. He often spends his time writing music and drawing up ideas for songs.

Five Chaotic Lights

Elyon – a girl with a surprisingly unknown past, she has been a part of the girls lives for ages. Often never seen without Alchemy her best friend next to Cornelia who she was friends with since they were babies, Elyon is a little disappointed that the girls formed W.I.T.C.H. for the 5-man brawl. A strong Chaotic player, she is actually the Princess of the Overworlders and the rightful heir to the throne. Also she can manipulate the Chaotic Code with a single gesture.

Alchemy – the daughter of a pair of teachers in the local college, she spends her time coming up with strategy that Elyon could use in Chaotic Battledromes despite Elyon’s shyness when it comes to performing in front of people. Her battles often use intellectual monsters and comes to out-thinking opponents.

Martin – the class nerd who is often asking Irma for a date, he is also a half-decent chaotic player. Was going to join Elyon’s team but was unable to due to getting waylayed on the way to the Battledrome by Uriah and his gang. Participates in the battle for Meridian.

Peter – Taranee’s older brother, he’s popular in the circles not only for his good looks but his well planned out style. Unshakable in nearly any battle, he’s also an expert in thinking on his feet as well. Accompanies Elyon and the others on the attack of Meridian.

Nigel – one of Uriah’s gang, he’s been slowly trying to get into a relationship with Taranee, despite her mother disapproving of the relationship due to his delinquent past. Preferring ice-type monsters to his roster, Nigel can be extremely calm on the battlefield.


Caleb (Maxxor) Photobucket Photobucket – a green skinned black haired hulk of a Overworlder, he is the most courageous of them all. What people don’t realize is that he was cursed by Phobos during a skirmish to become misshapen. The Chaotic Curse backfired and he was transformed into the greatest hero of the people – Maxxor.

Aldarn (Chaor) Photobucket Photobucket – the in-place ruler of the Underworld tribes of Meridian, he and Maxxor share a tentative peace between them as they knew each other before Maxxor was cursed into his form. He supplies the Overworld Rebellion with weapons, armor and mugic.

Blunk (H’earring) – a small smelly Underworlder that Chaotic W.I.T.C.H. comes up against, he assists them in finding scans and rare items to scan. Although his people are known as Passlings due to their nature, they have the unique ability to pass INTO Chaotic from Meridian. Blunk is the rare few Passlings who made it to Earth unaided.

Orube (Intress) Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket – A girl originally sent to befriend both groups, she acted as the eyes and ears of the Codemasters. Her true form is something of a female cat-girl.

Chaotic GameMasters (Codemasters)

Codemaster Oracle – the leader of the GameMasters, he assists in the running of the hub world of Chaotic in order to facilitate the management of the players coming from Earth and porting to Meridian. Currently is in talks with Phobos.

Codemaster Luba – The sys.admin of Chaotic, she manages the coming and goings, as well as managing the Chaotic Code so that everything runs smoothly. Guards the location of the Four Dragons.

Codemaster Tibor – the advisor to the Oracle, he facilitates player-Codemaster communication.

Codemaster Endarno – a mystery to most, he is the newest in the ranks and facilitates the battledrome matches. Every so often, he’ll challenge a Chaotic battler to a fight.

Codemaster Mage – the guardian of mugic, she facilitates the distribution of mugic and other such items during special events, as well as advising anyone who wishes to speak with her endless knowledge.

The Four Dragons/Xing Jing

Dragon of the Life-Binder Photobucket Photobucket – one of the four pillar monsters that support Chaotic, the Dragon of the Earth brings life to Meridian and brings life to the world as the mother of humanity and its sister-brother-races.

Dragon of the Dreamer Photobucket – the Dragon of the Air brings the swathe of seasons from Spring to Winter. Its primary domain is in a castle in the sky. She also tends for the wilds of the world, ever-locked in the dreams of Creation.

Dragon of the Earth-Warder Photobucket Photobucket – In a treacherous forge of the Titans, the Dragon of Fire sleeps. Its body is immense and is laden with adamantite to its scales. His power is over fire and brimstone, and supports the Underworld.

Dragon of the Spell-Weaver Photobucket Photobucket – the forger of Mugic of song and dance, the Dragon’s lair rests deep in the oceans of Meridian, weaving the spells that would become chaotic code.

The Timeless One Photobucket Photobucket – A monster so rare that they said it to be a myth. Attributed to the power of the Cothica which first ignited the war between the four great tribes of Meridian (Overworlders, Underworlders, Mipedians and Danians). The Timeless One is said to contain the power of the Cothica which Phobos desires as the current overworlder ruler.


Prince Phobos – the charismatic leader of Meridians Overworlders, he encourages the people of Meridian to open the gamers of Chaotic into their lives. Only a few know of his evil ambitions and how he has been secretly working to open the door to the Deep Ones and retrieve what he believes is the Cothica. He also has a sister (Elyon) who he wishes to use as she serves as the Great Key that will unleash any seal or power in Chaotic or Meridian.

Cedric (Pyrithion) – an Underworlder who has risen to the ranks of honor amidst the guards and the nobility of the Overworlders, no one realizes how sinister this man really is and what terrible form he hides beneath his startling gold eyes.

Jeek (Rarran) – the Underworld spy that spies on other tribes. Of the same monster tribe that Blunk belongs to, the pair hold a fierce rivalry that surpasses any god-given reason.

Frost (Phelphor) – normally a blue-skinned creature from the Underworld, he was discovered by Phobos and put to work. His excessive brutality and simplemindness serve him better when doused with water. He is able to produce tentacles from anywhere after exposure to water. His true form is of a M’arrillian Fluidmorpher Scout.

I do believe I've dropped further down the tree of nerdity.

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Yes you have, and methinks you dragged me down with you during this entire explanation from beginning to end. XD

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Hey, the more I can expand this fairly limited fanbase of Chaotic, the BETTER. ^_^

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Still blaming you if I end up having Hay Lin want Caleb's Maxxor autograph; he won't know what the hell she's talking about! XD

[identity profile] shaungarin.livejournal.com 2009-08-26 06:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Hehehehe, well he IS known as Maxxor anyhow.

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Oh, goddammit, Shaun, if I wasn't hooked already enough. [hits computer] And this thing still won't function properly enough for me to marathon!

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Hehehehehehehe I win.

I need to see if Teletoon still offers Chaotic episodes...

No they don't. BUT?


Have fun husbandou!
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I've mentioned how much I love you, right, waifu?

Because I do. So much~

Looks like they don't have all of season 2, so I'll need to hunt for that, but... &hearts &hearts &hearts

AND GET OTHERS HOOKED. The fandom is too small. :

[identity profile] shaungarin.livejournal.com 2009-08-26 11:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh totally ^_^

And yes, this is going to be a lot of fun. We need to suck more people into this fandom.