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Ladies and gentlemen my name is TotalbiscuitShaun with another short.

It's been six months since the release of World of Warcraft Cataclysm. Actually seven now that we're now in June. And quite properly it's causing some concern. Our commentator Totalbiscuit has left the scene, disgusted with the lack of Abyssal Maw and I really don't blame him. I myself have no idea what the hell I am doing and just farming out Justice Points. Hell I could just simply top out and let myself have tons of it for when the new Tier 12 comes out, and Tier 11 gets bumped down.

I've settled into my new routine of weekends being absolute garbage for my RP drive, as well as games and other assorted media. In this I am a mixed bag cause I really like my weekends, but I also like MONEY which is said for a lot of things. Still, the work isn't hard and downright relaxing at times. Just me and the road and a little "Here's your pizza".

After procrastinating due to the fact of said money issues, I have recently come into the price range for Pokemon Black. Does anyone ANYONE wonder just how much stuff they put into this game? It's well paced, beautifully made, lots of bells, whistles and charm put into it. Though the free win from the first gym battle is slightly questionable but hell I am not complaining about that.

Duke Nukem Forever is coming out soon. I dunno what to think about that. It's been 12 frickin years since the last one came out and as much as I loved blowing up pigcops and vicious rounds of 2v2 being put down, I have to admit that I am on the fence for this one. It looks fantastic and the gameplay of the demo seems fine enough. Still, dunno.

Finally some fanfic stuff. I've been debating on how to proceed with RPM StrikerS as well as several other projects. I've quit the TV Tropes Negima Forum cause I was really not getting any decent feedback there. Also, I think my Rider love is just as strong as ever. I'll have to incorporate more of that into my fics. Also I'd like to somehow get a Frontier/Den-O crossover going.

As a last note, I've been RPing and I might want to try for Taichi. I have him, but I haven't done anything with him. Which is the problem. I downloaded the movies and the anime, so we'll see what comes up.

We'll see you all next time.
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Pretty much yes, I've lost my job. John whoever he is has taken over my entire work week. So I can't do a damn thing anymore. I've been looking but the only callback I got had a surprised "Oh you're male" which meant she was only hiring women. How weird is that. Well I suppose it IS a female-oriented salesperson store...

I guess I'll go into Red Deer again today and search for more work. Also, I wanna pick up World of Warcraft Book 2 and 3.
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While I don't feel like dancing, I do realize that I'm getting less stressed as the days go by. Yesterday was NOT a pace-maker no matter how much I gripe about it.

Today's bill payment day so I gotta go deposit and then pay bills etc for me and mom.

There's snow outside also. I'm really glad I put my car in the garage, or it'd be covered by now. It's just a light snow, but it's sticking now.

Coffee's a little weak, but it's okay.

EDIT: Uh oh.

I'm not working today. They said they'd call me if they need me.

That's... kind of a bad sign... I guess I should start looking for work again.


Lacombe has a Smoothie Place.

THIS is important.

/sucks on his Macha Green Tea Smoothie
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With any luck, mom is being released tomorrow from the hospital. I'm planning on calling ahead first to make sure that this isn't a wasted trip. Cause really, three trips to Edmonton in three days is asking for me to go completely batshit guano loco.

On a note of things, I need a PS3 HD cable. I have a HD tv so I need a cable accordingly. Prongs are a thing of the past!

Yeah, new PS3 now. Got myself Atelier Rorona which I'm sure I'm going to enjoy with fumbly Rorona as the leader of this party. I played the original Atelier Iris, and I still HAVE it in my game library. It was fantastic and a lot of fun. It helped that it was made during the tail end of the PS2 awesomesauce run for NIS.

The other game I got was Cross Edge (sorry Mags, I'll get those other games later!), and it's a game that I half expected to be purchased for a Kings Ransom and USED. But this time around it was a fresh copy. Never been used. I was downright pleased and quite surprised since getting a NIS game this late into the release is like finding King Solomon's Mines.

Cross Edge is a funny little thing in the realm of video games, a collaboration of FIVE different creators including favorites Capcom, NIS and a surprising addition of Gust who has deemed to get into the mainstream a little more with this. There's a couple of others such as Imagine Factory and what not, but hey, this is a game where you do power attacks while dressing people up in new costumes in order to agument their abilities.

Oh and York is a tool. I'm pretty sure he'll be even more badass later, but right now he's all Adell with less tact if you can believe that. He gives off the standard NIS Combat Wombat mentality, and isn't phased when Morrigan Aensland talks about a "burning heat in her bosom".

He must be gay or something cause Miko is a hottie even compared to the Queen of Succubus.

Percy Jackson Stuff )

Another thing though. Since mom is a big issue in my life, read I need to do everything now, I'm going to be parring back on RP officially in a bit. This means of course that every Tom Dick and Jane will ask me for tags, threads, etc. It's how it always GOES.

But I'm standing my ground here. I NEED time to readjust. There will be cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry. EVERYTHING. I am a one-man army and this is what I'm doing right now. As such, tomorrow I'm probably even going to wind up sheeting mom's BED before she lays down in it. THAT is how bad off she is right now, despite walking everywhere.

So yeah, if I don't tag or if I blatantly ignore tags in favor for mind-numbing video games or WoW or WHATEVER, don't be too mad. Because I am relaxing, I need this time before I do anything ELSE. Tomorrow before I leave I gotta call an appointment into the Lacombe Ford, and then as WELL call the locksmith for our fubared door handle.

I have a life, and right now it's another shift. If you can't understand that, it means you have nothing to do but wait on a tag.

And that's sad.

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Working as a cameraman has its ups and downs. For one thing, there's no real relax point, but at the same time, you're working in a way that you're not really working at all. Sure there's a bunch of stuff to think about but in the end, it's actually really REALLY easy. Just gotta keep focusing on the zoom and remembering not to screw up. It's all that simple really.

I've been seriously considering going back to school, at least at a distance course. I don't have the financial stability to move out again, so maybe distance'll do. The last time I did distance it was a disaster, but this time maybe not so much. I get tired of waking up every morning and turning on the computer.

Coffee is good. I think I'm a bit of an addict at times, but it's less addiction than it is I just need something hot in the morning. Having multiple cups at a time doesn't mean a thing. No. Really.

THAT DAY is coming up. I'm going to celebrate it by blowing something up in Planeo, Trans9, Corinth AND Element. I'm thinking Estelle unleashing an Overlimit, Matt or Negi testing something stupid out, not sure about Corinth and something exploding with the force of a Kiloton bomb in Element.

Also, Trans9. I love it so much. It's just glorious. And I need to get a Matt post up sooner or later. Maybe give him a workout in the sensoriums.


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