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I WAS planning on going out today, and get everything worked out financially but looks like ma took my car. Something I'm none too pleased with but I'll keep for now. It's a bright sunny day and I wanted to get out, go to Red Deer and to the bookstore. But aw well.

Not really in a WoW mood right now but I should really work on my Death Knight for a while. Tanking is fun again.
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With Firefox's increasingly harder to work with system, plus the fact that Google Chrome has its own Livejournal Login addon, I swapped to this after hearing good things about it. I'm glad I did because it's much lighter and easier for my system to run. It hasn't frozen and feels like early Firefox 2.0 all over again.

Most importantly, I can swap to this screen and type and then play WoW on the other or use my photoshop for icons without having to worry about the system freezing up on me. It's pretty good all things considered.

Definitely good. This is a really nice browser.
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Trying to figure out how to put media on my PS3. I'd like to put Kamen Rider W on there so mom could watch it. She's expressed interest in the detective show and she DOES like action.

Mags, got any tips on this? Like some kind of link cable for USB or something?

EDIT: Google Fu hasn't failed me yet and I discovered I can just copy them onto Data DVD and then press triangle - copy.

I can't believe it's THAT easy. I'm waiting for the other goddamn shoe to drop.

EDIT: Shoe hasn't dropped. Which means I have 49 HD copies of Kamen Rider W to give to my mom to watch. She's a big action and comedy fan and that series has a LOT of it.

Wish me luck keeping her attention!
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1) Any form of McGriddle will put me to sleep for like 4 hours afterwards. Hands down. I should stick to wraps.

2) Mom and grandma started yet another series, I think it's Chinese. I should see if I could burn Kamen Rider and maybe they'd like that. Cause the poor subbing on everything is terrifying. It makes my inner writer cry.

3) I'm hungry. But grandma insists on feeding me mashed potatoes today. Why? Is it like potato fest or something? Seriously? Just by itself? Nothing like say turkey or whatever? Meh.

4) I should go get something to eat. But I don't want to get potatoes crammed onto my plate.
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While I don't feel like dancing, I do realize that I'm getting less stressed as the days go by. Yesterday was NOT a pace-maker no matter how much I gripe about it.

Today's bill payment day so I gotta go deposit and then pay bills etc for me and mom.

There's snow outside also. I'm really glad I put my car in the garage, or it'd be covered by now. It's just a light snow, but it's sticking now.

Coffee's a little weak, but it's okay.

EDIT: Uh oh.

I'm not working today. They said they'd call me if they need me.

That's... kind of a bad sign... I guess I should start looking for work again.


Lacombe has a Smoothie Place.

THIS is important.

/sucks on his Macha Green Tea Smoothie
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With any luck, mom is being released tomorrow from the hospital. I'm planning on calling ahead first to make sure that this isn't a wasted trip. Cause really, three trips to Edmonton in three days is asking for me to go completely batshit guano loco.

On a note of things, I need a PS3 HD cable. I have a HD tv so I need a cable accordingly. Prongs are a thing of the past!

Yeah, new PS3 now. Got myself Atelier Rorona which I'm sure I'm going to enjoy with fumbly Rorona as the leader of this party. I played the original Atelier Iris, and I still HAVE it in my game library. It was fantastic and a lot of fun. It helped that it was made during the tail end of the PS2 awesomesauce run for NIS.

The other game I got was Cross Edge (sorry Mags, I'll get those other games later!), and it's a game that I half expected to be purchased for a Kings Ransom and USED. But this time around it was a fresh copy. Never been used. I was downright pleased and quite surprised since getting a NIS game this late into the release is like finding King Solomon's Mines.

Cross Edge is a funny little thing in the realm of video games, a collaboration of FIVE different creators including favorites Capcom, NIS and a surprising addition of Gust who has deemed to get into the mainstream a little more with this. There's a couple of others such as Imagine Factory and what not, but hey, this is a game where you do power attacks while dressing people up in new costumes in order to agument their abilities.

Oh and York is a tool. I'm pretty sure he'll be even more badass later, but right now he's all Adell with less tact if you can believe that. He gives off the standard NIS Combat Wombat mentality, and isn't phased when Morrigan Aensland talks about a "burning heat in her bosom".

He must be gay or something cause Miko is a hottie even compared to the Queen of Succubus.

Percy Jackson Stuff )

Another thing though. Since mom is a big issue in my life, read I need to do everything now, I'm going to be parring back on RP officially in a bit. This means of course that every Tom Dick and Jane will ask me for tags, threads, etc. It's how it always GOES.

But I'm standing my ground here. I NEED time to readjust. There will be cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry. EVERYTHING. I am a one-man army and this is what I'm doing right now. As such, tomorrow I'm probably even going to wind up sheeting mom's BED before she lays down in it. THAT is how bad off she is right now, despite walking everywhere.

So yeah, if I don't tag or if I blatantly ignore tags in favor for mind-numbing video games or WoW or WHATEVER, don't be too mad. Because I am relaxing, I need this time before I do anything ELSE. Tomorrow before I leave I gotta call an appointment into the Lacombe Ford, and then as WELL call the locksmith for our fubared door handle.

I have a life, and right now it's another shift. If you can't understand that, it means you have nothing to do but wait on a tag.

And that's sad.

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Yesterday wasn't much fun, considering the reason going into Edmonton and all. Got up at 4am to go bring my mom to her surgery in Edmonton, sort of slept/napped/ate till 9, went to the Kingsway Garden Mall and wandered around endlessly till 2 or 3.

Some things of note that day:

Tried the KFC Double Down. Just once. Never again. It's really not a good sandwich for anyone. It's less of a "man's meal" than it is just plain meat and cheese.

I picked up TMNT Forever for 14 bucks at HMV, as well as the new Harvest Moon for the Wii and Rick Riordan's The Lost Hero.

My left leg hurts a LOT. Even now still. It's stiff and aches when I shuffle around. Need more Tylenol.

The Lost Hero is one of the best books in the Percy Jackson series. Or rather the Olympians series since the main Percy Jackson storyline is done and over with. There's a new team now, Piper, Leo and Jason, all which have their own unique skills and come from diverse backgrounds and godly parenthood too. I'd get up a full review of the book, but I want to re-read it now that I'm not tired.

It's 8 in the morning and I'm having my coffee.


My mom forgot her glasses. And now she can't see anything. So she expects me to BRING IT TO HER.


I can tell you one thing. I'm not moving from this chair. Not till, um, NOON.

EDIT: Okay... so do I go bring her glasses now at 9:13 in the morning or wait till noon?
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You know when I woke up today, the first thing I realized was that it was still pitch dark outside. Concerned that I had somehow managed to sleep through the entire day, I checked the clock.

6:32 am.

After letting a "Aw man..." pass through my lips I reluctantly get up because I am fully rested and I feel GREAT. It's just six in the morning s'all. Making a cup of coffee cause I like my coffee, I can't help but feel kinda annoyed that I'd be up this early on a patch day especially since WoW's going to be down till 1pm.

But I suppose I could just play the 360 until it's back up. Not yet though. Wait till people are awake so I won't disturb them.

Eight hours sleep. Well, it's better than the 5 I had the day before. I actually feel human again. And that annoying sick feeling has gone away too.

EDIT: hellish workweek aside, I have 340+ in my wallet not counting the myriad loonies and twonies in coins.

I'm glad I have SOME kind of income despite how tiring the weekend was.

EDIT: Oh goddamn, servers won't be up till THREE today. And knowing Blizz's track record with this sort of thing, it might be down for even much later.

I'd attempt playing FF14 but I simply don't have the machine to run it. I'd play some box but mom's watching the Live Action Korean version of Boys Over Flowers.

EDIT: The work has been extended to 4PST which is 5PM my time. Why oh why did I even expect to be able to PLAY on my off day?

At least I have Totalbiscuit to keep me company. Don't be surprised when my language has shifted to British English now.
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I think it's about time I start taking a slight break from WoW, Raiding in general to be sure of. I do love it, but I don't have the time or patience to headwall vs Sindragosa for the next few days/weeks/etc. Work and RL getting in the way. So I'll just putter around a little later on.

On a note of things, we just got a Raine Sage. Godfreakindamn I want to app Estelle but that's the fabled 8th slot talking now. Probably will not, and will never happen unless Ed, well, fades away into musespace.

I'm thinking I could do a better job with Estelle when she has no impetuous to sleep around.


Sep. 28th, 2010 05:29 pm
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I think I'm coffee addicted again. Considering I can't function anymore with at least two cups a day, yeah...

If I don't have a cup in the morning, I wind up sleeping for most of the day to catch up my energy levels. Not cool.
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I went to bed early, as the guys can attest. However, I was RUDELY awoken by the kidlet running around screaming HELLO MOMMY and HELLO DADDY at the TOP OF HER LUNGS. At 11:45 at night.

Me: Who started the party?
Mom: We did. Sorry, go back to bed.
Me: I can't. /point/ SHE woke me up. /groggily stumble to the comp/
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So I downloaded the PTR 4.0.1 for WoW with all of it's Cataclyms Bells and Whistles. So far I am INCREDIBLY impressed at how this PTR is functioning. All of my new spells, bells and whistles are here.

Crusader Strike at level 1, Primal Strike at 3, Holy Power, Lunar Power, loladins...

EDIT: 10:44 am

Hunters. Have starting pets. This is important.

And no Ammo. What, do they just um, pull it out from somewhere? I can think of where a girl hunter would hide her arrows but uh...

Akino you may slap me.

EDIT: 11:12 am

HOMG I'm really looking forward to leveling up my hunter now. Lots of awesome.

Also, the North Sea is AWOL. PST if you find it.

EDIT: 11:34 am

Wow. They really did a number on Warriors. In a good way. Strike is a fantastic mechanic and it really makes the character more intuitive other than "auto attack and wait for Heroic Strike".

EDIT: 11:52 am

2 things of note.

1) Rogues don't have combo points delivered to them by Sinister Strike. This makes me a sad panda.

2) People are camping Sarkoth. WTF.

Edit: 12:55pm

Rolled a Tauren Druid. I named him Genericfood.

Obviously I am running out of name ideas. However, his powers are AWESOME.

Edit: 2:03 pm

Just got out of Utgarde Pinnacle as my Shaman. I dunno what I enjoy better; the 14,000 crit Earth Shocks, the Earthquake or the leveling aspect that'll come with me rolling a brand new Shaman somewhere.

Edit: 2:40 pm

Paladin. Meh. I think it'll do me good to re-learn the class from the ground up when I roll my holy cow.

On Memes

Jan. 4th, 2010 11:43 am
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LiveJournal Username
Favorite ice cream
Favorite season
Thinks you're ass is tight:vote_cheese
Wants to lick hot chocolate off you're body:tatsu_no_houou
Wonders how good you are in bed:tatsu_no_houou
Wishes you would screw him/her on the spot:akino_ame
Is romatically in love with you:digizane
Wishes you were gay so he/she could love you better:digizane
Hopes you'll take him/her to great heights (wink wink nudge nudge):digi_dragon
Day dreams about having sex with you 24/7:_red_x
This Fun Quiz created by Molly at BlogQuiz.Net
Leo Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

I dunno if I should be horrified or greatly amused at this list.


Nov. 19th, 2009 04:27 pm
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Damn. I shoulda realized that the Auto-Backup program was running when I deleted all of that anime and movies and pictures. I lost most of it. Nanoha, Medabots, Bakugan, the whole nine yards.

Can't even system restore to get those files back. They're gone.

Well, you win some you loose some.
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I'm perfectly fine this morning. Good thing too. If I had a headache, it would have sucked terribly.

Fallback happened last night, which meant that I went to bed technially at 9pm. AUGH. But I woke up at 7:30 after having a lucid dream where I was either Mahoney or Nanoha. Weird that. Was BSing the captain guy from Police Academy, and then went for a swim in a bikini and yes, I was a woman for some strange reason.

Funny how dreams work out. I was also wearing a sweater and panties in one sequence while changing into a boy-cut bikini. Weird. I wonder if that means that in another life I was a woman. Or just really sleepy and shouldn't let my brain wander.

A good cup of chai soothed my nerves this morning, and there's a pile of candy in my closet. I'm listening to The Pokemon DP first ending By Your Side at full blast over and over, and I think for some reason, I need to watch StrikerS for more awesome lesbians.

At least then I'd have some canon basis to update Negi into.
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Huh, so I got flamed on RP Secrets about the AU Sakura in full perv-mode. ALTERNATE UNIVERSE SAKURA. Really now.

S'not like I care. Oooooh Internet Rep. I must now go hide in shame /sarcasm

Unlocked cause I don't give a rats ass about the reputation of my "street cred" on livejournal.

Not linking the secret though cause it'll probably get people to go off hunting for Anon Trolls.

What I find hilarious? Probably the same anon person sent me the email showing it to me to my usual email address. S'fine. If you're reading this? Big man for actually anoning it. Really. Have fun being the center of the cosmic RP universe!

EDIT: Just had to throw this in too.

"Someone had written an epic assault against Penny Arcade and even emailed us so that we would see it. I dunno what he was trying to do or achieve in his ravenous frothing. I'm sure his 8 readers wholeheartedly agreed with it."

Now if you replace Penny Arcade with "AU Sakura", it's virtually the same thing

EDIT THE SECOND: Y'know what amuses me? I wouldn't have found out about this if I hadn't been cleaning out my Junk Inbox.
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Got a rejection notice from [livejournal.com profile] xi_rpg. To be honest? I'm not mad at all about being rejected. Considering how over the top Jack is, I'd be damn surprised if he was actually accepted.

At least now I can relax, knowing how it went through.

Though I have to now wait for the application for Pokeology and Axiom to finish. Seriously, what the hell people. Speed up just a TAD. That way I can relax for a while.


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