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The timer on this link is all that I need to state for my excitement. However, I'm just chilling and grumbly that I need to vacuum. Also, I need to watch Slayers again cause I totally missed the ending of Evolution-R while me and my mom made shipao. For those who aren't in the know, shipao is a steamed dough bun, filled with anything ranging between veggies and beef, chicken, pork or veggies.

Oh what the fuck. Communism? There's no communism in fucking WoW. God you RPers stop being idiots! /watches other screen

Yeah, Stormwind RP sucks. I just really hate it so much.

On the upside, there's a movie that my mom is watching about a young man who runs away from home and becomes a paperman who is basically someone who frauds his way through life for one reason or another. After posing as a pilot for ages, he decides to fraud as a government man, inspired by James Bond. I can't remember what movie this is and I'm too lazy to check.

I should really go and vacuum first though. Before it gets too dark. Ai.

Cataclysm happens tonight, the release though. I don't intend on staying up too long, just till the rush ends which will putter out around 2am. So basically I'm just going to be on long enough to hand in my quests on my paladin. That should net me a few hours of work.

My god, people stop debating lore ICly. No one knows Neferion and Onyxia have been taken by Deathwing and turned into super-zombies.


Nice Try

Dec. 3rd, 2010 01:20 pm
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Got an email from "blizzard" about changes to my account. Damn these hackers are terribly persistent. For what, a stolen account and free gold? Really? Fuck off hackers, I don't need your shitfuckery.

Aw Damnit

Nov. 19th, 2010 08:51 am
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Earlier in the week, mom figured that we weren't going to go to Calgary since the weather is pretty poor at best. This suited me just fine. Kyle's a big boy after all, he can go visit the doctor without having to have mom and me hover over his shoulder. But no. She's going to endure the long trip there (against my wishes in several ways) and we might even have to stay overnight if the weather turns bad.

That is unacceptable in my eyes. For most reasons that she SHOULDN'T be travelling! Doesn't anyone but me realize the gravity of the situation? Mom, you're recovering, you shouldn't BE in a vehicle! But no. She wants to go there and then we'll probably go to Susan's where Kyle's stays and UGH it's a round trip of more than five hours. D:

I should be trying to reason her out of this anyhow. I mean, it's her back. That's a LOT of sitting altogether. 2 hours there, 1/2 to an hour fighting traffic. Wait time of 30-40 minutes for Kyle to get into his appointment with Dr. Latigan. Back another hour to fight across town. Drop him off, mom'll probably want to visit too if Susan's there. Best case scenario if she isn't then we fight across town for another 30 min to another hour, and take a two hour trip back home.

Yeah. Doesn't anyone else but me see this is such a BAD IDEA?

EDIT: Bad idea resolved. I called Kyle asking if he was already planning to come home and he said yes, so collectively talked mom out of coming to Calgary.

Gogo power of brotherly effort.
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On the upside of this weekend, B-day looks to be good, as with the weekend. Ultimate Alien was fantastic and I need to get around to watching Brave and the Bold.

On the downside, 4Kids since they're run by execs who hate the internet, have blocked a lot of Yugioh 5Ds on youtube, thus rendering most episodes unwatchable. It's not that they're blocking full episodes, oh NO. They're giving one the ability to watch half an episode and then the next video in the playlist reads "This video has been blocked by 4Kids TV on grounds of copyright". So I figured, Subtitled videos shouldn't be blocked right?


Turns out that 4Kids really hates its fans, (no big surprise there), and has blocked THAT content too. In bits and pieces. And it's the SAME halves of the episodes to boot. This is like when I was watching Huntik but worse. The blocking is so consistent that I can only see a little of each episode before it's completely ninjaed away.

Sigh. What's the point of having youtube if you get content blocked every five days? They don't have any Power Rangers or full Ben 10 UA episodes at times, BatB or anything of the sort! The culture war bullshit is making me want to go live in a cave with wifi somewhere. And companies can't give me the reason of "oh we put it up on our webpages". No, that doesn't work. Because they deliberately limit streaming content to the US only. Yeah. They have all of their shows online now, but like Hulu and other streaming content, they only cater to the American Public. Here in Canada, the content is unavailable which pisses me off even more.

Should check the YTV website. Maybe they've got some content that DOESN'T SUCK.

EDIT: I was wrong. YTV's online programming sucks. I'm not looking for full episodes of How To Be Indie jesus h christ. D:
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1) Any form of McGriddle will put me to sleep for like 4 hours afterwards. Hands down. I should stick to wraps.

2) Mom and grandma started yet another series, I think it's Chinese. I should see if I could burn Kamen Rider and maybe they'd like that. Cause the poor subbing on everything is terrifying. It makes my inner writer cry.

3) I'm hungry. But grandma insists on feeding me mashed potatoes today. Why? Is it like potato fest or something? Seriously? Just by itself? Nothing like say turkey or whatever? Meh.

4) I should go get something to eat. But I don't want to get potatoes crammed onto my plate.
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While I don't feel like dancing, I do realize that I'm getting less stressed as the days go by. Yesterday was NOT a pace-maker no matter how much I gripe about it.

Today's bill payment day so I gotta go deposit and then pay bills etc for me and mom.

There's snow outside also. I'm really glad I put my car in the garage, or it'd be covered by now. It's just a light snow, but it's sticking now.

Coffee's a little weak, but it's okay.

EDIT: Uh oh.

I'm not working today. They said they'd call me if they need me.

That's... kind of a bad sign... I guess I should start looking for work again.


Lacombe has a Smoothie Place.

THIS is important.

/sucks on his Macha Green Tea Smoothie


Oct. 22nd, 2010 01:16 pm
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Before I even think of sitting down and playing a video game, I need to vacuum the house. It's kind of dusty and I also should do some spot cleaning for the floor since I see spots everywhere. Done and Done. Woo.

Grandma's taken over the cooking which is a double edged sword in it's own right. On one hand, it's not BAD food, but at the same time, she has a penchant for way too much oil, onion and garlic. Talk about missing the point to eating healthy.

I didn't get a chance to read The Lost Hero again yesterday, too tired to do so. I'm tired today too, but at least I have a steady stream of coffee right now.

Need to pick up the truck from Fastlane Ford. Hopefully Kyle'll pop into the house before work time, so I can go get him to bring me to pick it up.

I need to decide which game I'm gonna focus on, WoW for holiday junk and meta achieves, Cross Edge or Atelier Rorona.

Also, found a direction for Ed. He's open an Atelier in T9, and it's a workshop to make little things here and there to big things. He'll probably leave clothing and blacksmithing to the actual professionals.
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I see where mom gets her sense of timing. It's from grandma.

I went and was making a pot of coffee, minding my own business when grandma in her infinite wisdom decides I need to go and pick apples. I mutter out a reply and she gets all huffy I didn't go right away. I snapped out "Whatever", clearly grumpy in the morning before I have my coffee.

I need to stop listening to her before I have FREAKING STROKE.

Huh, maybe this is why I was dreaming about alcohol and playing cards.


Sep. 28th, 2010 05:29 pm
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I think I'm coffee addicted again. Considering I can't function anymore with at least two cups a day, yeah...

If I don't have a cup in the morning, I wind up sleeping for most of the day to catch up my energy levels. Not cool.
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I just finished watching all of Kamen Rider W a couple of days ago and I find myself really wanting to find the movie. The Gaia Memories of Fate looks amazing.

On the flip side, I've started watching OOO's which to my surprise, kind of feels like a cross between some of Decade's AR worlds as well as a splash of what I feel is the Den-O sympathy, what with the possession of random people by ImaginGreeed or at least a certain Greeed.

On and off I glance up to the TV where grandma's watching her truly horrible Korean Dramas. The first one wasn't bad, about a girl who rose in the ranks through being a maid into a doctor. The second, ugh, Stairway to Heaven. In Korea, it was the highest rated series ever, and won awards. Well, even if it did, there's no way that they could possibly cover up the fact that the series is 100% medical fail. Like the main female lead starts losing her eyesight, and then fainting spells and then somehow after it gets "cured", it develops into terminal cancer.

YEAH. That's not a natural progression of medical related crap.

I've been thinking about picking up Goseiger or maybe Den-O while waiting for episodes of OOO to be subtitled. As well as waiting for the movie event as well. Also, I want the insert songs played at the end of episode 48 for W. They're just awesome.

Hmm, 1 1/2 cups of coffee is not enough. I'll have to make more later.
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I'm so glad I didn't pay for the tickets myself.

Now then, here's a few things I didn't like about it.

A) Pacing. It was a pacing nightmare. Slow slow slow through the whole movie.
B) Hitting plot points that seemed deserved but ultimately a waste of time.
C) "There's Earth under your feet!" Yeah. What the hell. At least the COAL RIG made sense.
D) Sokka and Katara. I'm sorry but their acting was just austere. In a bad way. Episode 3 bad.
E) No Roku. What.
F) Absolutely nothing resembling a plot other than "This is the overall idea" smashing into your face over and over.
G) Zhao. He's such a pussy.

Things I did like:

A) Iroh. Not only he is totally nailed right down to the core but he is so badass he can generate fire with his own chi. Admittedly Firebenders are SUPPOSED to be able to do this already but nevermind that little problem.
B) Zuko. While he's not all "HONORRRRRRRRRR!" in an over the top manner, he is also fairly good.
C) Aang. Surprisingly he wasn't so bad. I mean, the performance could be better but I've seen worse child actors.


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