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Those who fail the mission are trash. But those who abandon their comrades are more than trash. - Kakashi

A fitting tribute to the first person who I plan to give a pactio out to. Instead of frivolously doing so like before, this was well thought out.

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A shortfic set in the "Sailor Moon" universe, it's a short story of friendship and secret identities. Who thought that Ranma could actually act?

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More of Sailor Moon: Future Tense

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I don't think I could have slept tonight without jotting down this idea. It's set two years after Sailor Moon and in the same continuity obviously.

My brain is screaming Trilogy right now, and SM:FT is no exception. I'm just surprised I'm so wide awake right now.

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I took a second look at the fic and decided that it needed a serious overhaul in some scenes. So here's where the new material begins.

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The fic is finished, first draft.

And of course, in a draft format.

I also retitled it to "Sailor Moon" because it's a slight retelling of the first season without all of that Dark General/Beryl thing going on.

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More incoming on the draft of FTVB. It's definitely shaping up the way I want so far.

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While I was going about my business today, an idea for a Sailor Moon fanfiction popped into my head and quickly developed into a story. Heavily inspired by the tone of Transformers in which humanity gets directly involved in a world-shattering event, coupled by my love for everything Warcraft and fond memories of reading Jeff Hosmer and John Biles Sailor Moon Z, and finally reading Sailor Trek on F.net, I came up with this.

Presenting my first actual Sailor Moon fic in over 10 years, currently unfinished.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: From The Vast Beyond

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