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After reading a plot bunny on Nintramy's fanfiction dot net page, I got to thinking about Naruto and how I could have done my own version of a Decade-style crossover. He or she suggested fanfiction universes, and while I have few, I decided on a topic of Fanfiction Genres.

As such, the nine worlds are divided into the nine subsections of Fanfiction TYPES we find on Fnet.

Kuuga - "Slice of Life" A normal life fic where everything is nice and regular. Or so we think.
Agito - "Angels" When the monsters are more hidden, does it make you realize that someone is divine?
Faiz - "Dangerous Hidden Secret" A secret lurks in everyone's heart, what can they manage to produce in time?
Hibiki - "Boybands" Music guides and thrums in our soul, the pounding of the beat and the screams of the fans.
Blade - "Original Generation" To the future we hold, clambering upon aspects of the universe.
Den-O - "Time Travel" When the past is the future and the future is the past, Ride the Liner to the Present
Ryuki - "Evil Twin" They say everyone's got a double somewhere. What if our family was our greatest threat?
Kiva - "Demons" When everyone's a monster, does holding the power of Kiva make one a god?
Kabuto - "Exile" When the hero has been exiled, what choice does he have but to keep running?

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The thought that other worlds could exist outside of their own was, to say the least surprising. And it turned their entire world view over as the strange ring behind Ichiraku Ramen flared to life and what would be known as a MALP later on trundled through. Ninja prepared for an invasion, but what they got was a peace delegation.

Stepping through was of course, SG-1, Stargate Command’s Flagship team, as well as ambassadors from Meridian, Mid-Childa and the Four Nations. Leading them was newly promoted Captain Charlie O’Neill, and he and Tsunade spoke at length.

Of course, the Council wished to use their new information for strengthening Konoha, but at the same time, others coveted their secrets. It was no surprise that the ambassador from the Galvan, Ben Tennyson soon got into a fight with Danzo. What was surprising is that within a span of a week, ROOT had been weeded out as it were, and Danzo apprehended and sent to a high security cell in Mid-Childa territory. On the downside, the destruction from Way Big had to be replaced brick by brick.

All four groups pledged their assistance in finding the perpetrator for the reason behind the Bijuu attacks, and turned to their source: David Xanatos who informed them directly of Uchiha Madera and his plans. The first response to this was Uzumaki Naruto’s loud exclamation of “THE MOON?! WHAT THE HELL IS HE GOING TO DO NEXT; DROP IT ON US?!”

Everyone thought the Uchiha had completely gone off their rocker when they heard the news, and Uchiha Sasuke actually fainted when he discovered the truth about his family massacre and that Itachi was a good guy. On the downside, Sasuke defected too early in the timeframe to escape the madness wrought by the visitors. On the upside, with some aid from the Justice League, he was dragged home kicking and screaming by Shayera Hol, and psychologically evaluated by J’onn. Since then, Team 7 has been “unofficially disbanded” as Sasuke is being personally taught by Shayera Hol in order to “Beat the Emo Out of Him”.

Avatar Aang and his friends were instrumental in the aid of developing seal-less techniques in order to fight the Uchiha, having no manner of attack against him so far. Kakashi was repeatedly asked why Chidori was so loud for an assassination technique to which the masked man could only defend himself weakly that “once they hear it, they’re dead”. Toph had a distinct pleasure of showing the son of the White Fang who was boss.

Several more tests were performed around the area, and it came to the conclusion that many people in Naruto’s village were magically strong, ranging from low D rank to an astounding A-rank; the A-Rank belonging to none other than Guy’s prize pupil, Rock Lee. It seemed that chakra and magic did NOT mix, and like magic and reiatsu, negated one another, or, overpowered the other. Lee was given a device that he named Fist of Konoha and started training double time under the request of Subaru who had become fast friends with the energetic boy. And it helped that his barrier jacket wasn’t as horribly neon green as his trainers was. Since then, one didn’t see Subaru, Guy and Lee alone unless they split up for the night.

SG-1 helped upgrade Konoha’s security cameras and radios as well, and as a trade, a small delegation of trustworthy ninja were sent to the mountain in order to strengthen and teach people who had unusual levels of chakra in their homeworld as well. The phrase “Damn Ninja always sneaking up on you” was a big saying in Cheyenne Mountain since then.

The best part of the delegation’s stay hands down was probably the demonstrative fight between the ambassadors and hand-picked members of the ninja community. It was more or less a free for all, something the ninja discovered that they needed to work on. While the Rookie 9 weren’t allowed to participate, they got to see their Jounin instructors fight the various opponents, ranging from Ben Tennyson to Teana Landstar, as well as the dreaded Shayera Hol who had returned just in time to allow Sasuke to see Kakashi completely owned by a woman with a mace. The phrase “Scared of You” became Kakashi’s most famous excuse when he was late for any meeting involving Shayera since then.

And the Wrap Up Party afterwards. Say what you will but you should never let Tsunade and Shayera Hol in the same barhouse.
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This time we've got a mix

Negi Springfield x1 (Warning Blood)
Naruko x4
Rosette Christopher 10 (1 Fanart, 1 Light NSFW)
Mizuki of Comic Party x9
Sakuyamon x1
Kyuubimon x1
Renamon x2
Taomon x1
Kasumi/Misty x4 (1 Light NSFW)
Chisame Hasegawa x27
Reimi Saionji x16 (3 NSFW)
Max x 4
Monica x5
Max/Monica x1
Bacchus x2
Crowe x1
Edge x4
Faize x1
Lym x3
Meracle x1
Myuria x3
Sarah x2
Welche x2

Note: All of the Fanart has been found on Danbooru.
Note: All of the Screencaps used for Star Ocean 4 icons were found on Blue Laguna.
Note: All of the Screencaps used for the Dark Cloud 2 icons come from IGN.

As usual, please credit [livejournal.com profile] shaungarin for these.

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