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They say in space no one can hear you scream. This is obvious. Very obvious. However no one had taken into consideration that screaming was perfectly valid when you were aboard a spaceship.

Lt. Roxonn Vega was having a bad day. Part of the IGPF – InterGalactic Police Force, he was having a day which had started with his earth coffee spilling all over the table, to being shot at by pirates. Not just any pirates, oh no, these were a group that were closely affiliated with Grumm’s Empire, a splinter force that were calling themselves the Dalveron Armada.

Said splinter force wasn’t quite from Grumm’s faction, but from a group of hardbitten criminals that had once been part of Divatox’s army, albeit missing Piranhatrons thank god. Still, it wasn’t a good feeling to be shot at from every direction known to mankind, and his little patrol ship was taking a beating.

“Sir we are under fire,” said his AI, a chirpy annoyance that called himself Yukiko. “Shall I transmit the distress signal?”

The ship rocked and sparks flew from a console. “Better make that a last will and testament there Yuki,” growled Roxonn as he readied himself for death. “That last blast took us down to no shields.”

“Oh well this is where we’ll probably get rescued,” remarked Yukiko as the ship began to wail angrily in alarms. “Shall we prepare to die sir?”

“Shut up and transmit that signal!” exclaimed Roxonn, seconds before the attacking ship was literally blown apart. “...”

“Oh look, reinforcements,” chirped Yukiko as a ship flew into view, rocking the attackers with cannon fire. “Shall I open a channel?”

“Light blast it Yukiko, I hate it when you’re right,” growled the blue skinned man as he opened the channel. “This is the light cruiser Yukiko from the IGPD. Thank you for the timely save.”

“Not at all,” replied the owner of the voice as he came up on the screen. “But you can do us a favor and hand over your cargo.”

“Sir, I’ve identified their markings,” replied Yukiko chirpily. “They’re…”

“I know,” groaned the police officer. “Pirates.”

It had started normally for Tommy this morning too, having decided today was a good time to catch up on the work that he was missing. With his kids getting into the junior high, it was pretty nice all things considered, and he and Kim had finally set a date.

All of that ground to a crashing halt as a familiar large figure appeared at his door, and knocked. “Hey! Tommy!”

Tommy looked up. Clad in leathers and sporting a shiny bald head, there stood Farcus Bulkmeier, large as life and only a few years older by the look of it. “Bulk! It’s been ages. What brings you to Reefside?”

“Oh this and that. I sold Bulkmeirs to Skull and he’s been running it since. Had to take care of a few things.” Said Bulk as he shook Tommy’s hand. “Look at you. The short hair’s familiar.”

“I’m sure you came all this way to converse on my hair,” chuckled Tommy.

“Actually I wanted your opinion on a pet project I’ve been working on for about fifteen years now,” said Bulk as he set a suitcase on the desk and undid the locks. “Skull’s been giving me funding lately and I finally completed them.”

Opening up the case, he showed the contents to Tommy: five cell phone devices sitting there, gleaming in silver and orange. Along them sat five symbols about the size of a palm.

Tommy stared for a moment. And then looked at Bulk. “Are these…?” he asked, dreading the confirmation.

“Morphers,” replied Bulk with no amount of satisfaction. “You know how I taked about being a Samurai? We’ll I did some research and started building.”

“How… what. I don’t even…”

“That’s what Zack said when I showed it to him,” said Bulk with a nod. “They were primarily designed to look like those nifty Shodophones, since the default is based on the Shinkengers. But there’s a few hints here and there from groups like Ninja Storm and inspiration from the Lost Galaxy I used.”

Tommy stared at him like he grew another head. “You. Built morphers. And not only that, but developed zords too?”

“And electronic mokajira,” added Bulk proudly. “I learned that from a sushi seller.”

“How I don’t even…” Tommy cut himself off. “Start at the beginning.”

“Well you remember Professor Phenominous? He and I have been working together for a long time now and when the discussion came over the table that we wanted to build a Ranger team just to prove we can …” said Bulk, letting Tommy fill in the blanks.

“… so you just… built them. Out of fun? Bulk I don’t know either to be impressed or horrified at your ingenuity.” Said Tommy. “What’s powering them?”

“Morphin Grid. Mokajira turns out that you need actual skill to use. But I doubt anyone I give this too is going to spend long hours practicing their brushwork,” admitted Bulk. “Kids today don’t have that kind of attention span.”

“What do you call them?”

“Samurizers.” At Tommy’s snicker, Bulk nodded. “Skull laughed too. But really, what else are you going to call them? Wild Force has the Growl Phones, there’s the Chrono Morphers for Time Force…”

“You always manage to surprise me even in my old age, Bulk.” Said Tommy with a shake of his head. “Still I’m impressed. Really I am. I just have one question: how’d you know?”

“I keep in touch with members of the Space team, ever since the Astronema attack that leveled most of the city,” said Bulk. “And even when we were in high school you came to class all bruised and battered once in a while, especially after a big fight that involved the Power Rangers getting their backsides handed to them.”

“Man back then I wouldn’t have pegged you or Skull to figure out what was going on,” admitted Tommy.

“Ah that’s fine, we were kind of dense to be honest.” Waved off Bulk. “Still, we should see about giving these to a new team.”

“Right now there isn’t much to be honest,” said Tommy. “Since Jungle Fury we haven’t had a Ranger team in a while. It’s like a generation was skipped or something.”

“What about your kids?” asked Bulk and he grinned at Tommy’s death glare. “All right it’s a bad idea.”

“Yeah really.” Tommy shook his head. “The worst possible thing that could happen is that another villain shows up somehow and manages to somehow emulate the Shinkenger’s one.”

“Never say never, it’s bad karma,” replied Bulk with a wagging finger. “In any case, I figure that we’ll get the team worked out. I’d rather not want to resort to recruiting teenagers with attitude or anything like that.”

Tommy fixed him with a look. “Just how much do you know by now?”

Bulk smirked at that, and Tommy sighed. Sometimes it didn’t pay to get up in the morning.

“We’ve had reports of the Zangyack Empire fixing their sights on Earth,” said Doggie as his men and women were gathered in front of them. “SPD has been charged with the need to prevent this expansion, as Earth is a clear foothold in the war against anything hostile from beyond the stars and earth-side threats. Even with this lull in the mission statement, we need to step up and make certain nothing comes to pass.”

“Is there any indication of what the Empire wants?” inquired Devin.

“None thus far, but they’ve made no secrets that they’re on a mission of expansion. Already several worlds have been forced under their yoke, and we’re trying to stem it diplomatically. Development on the next generation of SPD morphers has already taken place, and the squads have been put into place thus far.” Replied Doggie.

“They’re a bunch of tough ones,” said Andros with a shake of his head. “The Zangyack are known for hostile incursions in the name of ‘peace’. It goes against all the accords. Sadly, they’re from the M1, and you know as well as I do that they’re filling the power vaccum when Master Vile was killed.”

"SPD is in charge of watching them right now," said Doggie. "But we'll need to be on high alert. The last thing we need is someone moving in while we're not paying attention."

"Sir? We've got a ship incoming into the Earth Defense Grid," said Sky, moving into the room and holding out a prompt.


"It's flying... a pirate flag," said Sky. "And it's a deep red color."

Doggie looked up at that, as with Andros. "Pirate ship? You mean... the Crimson Pirates are here?"

"I thought Aka Red was..." Andros got up. "I'll get the Astro Megaship ready, and meet them."

"Right. In the meantime, prepare for any arrivals we might have."


Gai Ikari loved Super Sentai.

Always a fan of it throughout the ages, the televised broadcasts brought a smile to his face whenever he worked hard at his martial arts, trying to learn everything that he could. Truth, justice, a fresh new face every season. And then he learned that a real Super Sentai team appeared in Angel Grove back in 1995. That alone brought him to the brink of wishing.

Day in and out he wished that he could meet them, and on one day, he traveled to Angel Grove intent on meeting them during Power Rangers Day. He briefly remembered his time trapped in that zone of Rita’s, until he like all the other citizens were released. He saw them, shook the Red Ranger’s hand.

Now years later, his love for heroes hadn’t changed as he was having drinks with the illustrious Ryan Mitchell of Lightspeed Rescue.

When he had first heard that Ryan was coming to Japan, it elicited a squeal of utter glee. Who wouldn’t want to meet him? One of the most powerful Rangers in existence who STILL had his powers coming to meet him? It was a dream come true!


The scream jolted Gai out of his thoughts as he saw a little girl about to be run over. And he just reacted – plowing into her, knocking her to the side – and then getting struck by the car himself.

The next few days were spent in a hazy lucid dream, where he thought that the spirits of three Super Sentai Heroes came to him, and told him to become the best Super Sentai he could be. And when he woke from his morphine induced haze, he found Ryan Mitchell sitting there, having found him and dragged him to the hospital.

“Hey, I think this is yours,” said Ryan, holding out the GokaiCellular and four Ranger Keys.

If Gai could jump in glee, he would have. Instead he grinned and leaned back in his bed.

In the depths of space, a ship flew.

It sported tall red sails despite having no wind to flow across, and the entire ship was done in red and black. “There it is,” said the man at the helm, brushing his fingers across the computer panel. “The earth.”

“Maaa, seems like forever since we started on this journey,” said a dark haired girl in yellow. “So Marvelous, do you think we’re going to find the Greatest Treasure?”

“Who knows,” said Marvelous, the dark haired captain in the red coat leaning back in his chair as he ran a hand across the Ranger Keys that sat in the chest. “We need to get it before we run into trouble I know.”

“But we’ll settle it like pirates, won’t we?” inquired Joe, the taller man folding his arms.

“Of course. That’s what pirates do.” Said Marvelous as he stood up. “It took us ten years to arrive from M13. The least we can do is to find the power as quickly as possible and get out before the Zangayak Empire follows us here.”

“Then it is settled,” said the last member of the group, and Ahim sipped her tea. “We should make haste into orbit. Hakase, what is your projections?”

“We should land over here,” said Don “Hakase” Doigier, pointing at the western coast of America. “In this city called Reefside. That’s where a good power source is being located at.”

“Then let’s go.” Said Marvelous. “Get ready to pull into atmosphere.”

Eiji Hino was having a good day.

With the Greeed having hit a slight lull in their attacks and Medal Gathering, he was able to work one of his part time jobs without Vita hovering over his shoulder. Even though he liked her, she had a tendency to get frustrated with the things he did at times.

Anhk was somewhere around, possibly eating some ice. Rein had gotten him addicted to it and the disembodied hand was often seen munching away at it, absorbing it into the palm.

Still it hadn’t been all fun and games, not with two out of the four Greeed destroyed recently in a big battle that required the aid of their new ally, Kamen Rider Birth. Otherwise known as Date Akira. While Date wasn’t adverse to helping once in a while, the fights with the Greeed were getting progressively harder.

“Sorry I’m late!” exclaimed Eiji, bustling into the curry store and grabbing a apron.

“You’re just in time,” said the owner, a nice man who was taking orders from a curious group of youths who looked Japanese, but there was something different about them. “Five orders of curry for the kids here, Eiji.”

Eiji nodded and went to the back. As he brought it out, he nodded at Marvelous who nodded back. “Enjoy your meal,” he said.

Marvelous smiled as he picked up his fork and went to take a bite – seconds before the entire shop front exploded inwards. Eiji instinctively went to protect him but there was no need as the flying debris had missed most of them completely.

In the shocked silence, Luka exclaimed, “AH! My money!”

“Trouble again,” groaned the shopkeeper. “Who is it now?”

Eiji went to the ruined opening and looked into the sky. “Shopkeep, it’s someone new. I don’t recognize the ships.”

“We do,” said Joe, looking into the air. “It’s Zangayak.”

“Eh? Zangayak?” inquired Eiji. “Who are they?”

“A ruthless empire from the M13 Galaxy, like we are,” said Don. “They must have followed us here.”

“Naw, more than likely they’re looking to expand and just HAD to attack here,” chuckled the old proprietor. “Eiji, go on.”

“Right.” Producing medals, he held up the OOO Driver and strapped it on, much to the curiosity of the group.

Slotting in the coins, he twisted it to the side and held up the O-Scanner. Swiping it, he proclaimed, “HENSHIN!” And held it up to his chest.


In a spinning flurry of coins, Kamen Rider OOO stood there, and went over to find a vending machine, much to the surprise of the others.

“EEEH? He just transformed!” exclaimed Don. “Who is he?”

“One of our protectors,” said the shopkeep. “Kamen Rider OOO.”

“This is Hino Eiji, requesting backup!” exclaimed OOO as he slammed into a Gormin, kicking out and knocking it into several others. Summoning Medaljalbur, he began cutting his way through the press of goons. “Am I getting through? Hello?”

“We hear you Eiji. The alien fleet has launched several attacks on multiple parts of the globe. All available Rangers and Mages have been dispatched throughout the area. However, Birth is headed your way.” Replied Shari on her end.

“Ah, thank you then!” exclaimed Eiji, surprised that Date would be coming for a fight.

Across the way, the newcomers watched him fight. “He’s not bad, in a rough unpolished way,” said Joe.

“Are we okay with letting the Zangayak attack this place?” inquired Ahim. “To do so might end up in the same way our own worlds did.”

“It can’t be helped,” said Don. “We’re five people against an entire army.”

“Still, they might find the treasure before we do,” pointed out Luka.

Marvelous was silent for a moment before a pair of motorcycles raced across their field of vision, and a pair of men got off it. “Let’s see what the Earth has to offer first,” said Marvelous, folding his arms.

“Oi, oi, no Yummy in sight. Aw well, brotou-chan, c’mon lets get in there.”

Flipping his coin, Date caught it. “Henshin.”

Contained in a sphere of energy, Date transformed into Birth as Gotou lifted the spare gun as the pair charged in.

“Date-san!” exclaimed Eiji, punching a Gormin in the face. “I have to ask, why are you here? There’s no medals to be found on these things!”

“Ah that might be correct,” Date smashed another in the head and grabbed it in a headlock. “But for every alien invasion I help repel – I get a bonus.”

Hearing this, Luka snickered. “A man after my own heart.”

"Calvary is incoming!" exclaimed Vita suddenly, the small girl smashing her way into the crowd, swinging her hammer as Gotou appeared, shooting as well. "Man these guys are fodder! Let's get the big one, Eiji!"

"Right! Ankh, Medals!"

"Tch, stop ordering me around!" yelled Ankh, throwing the medals at him as Eiji swapped medals and started darting around the attackers.

"So... what do we do, Marvelous?" said Joe, watching the fighters go at it. "They could use our help."

"There's no profit in it, but..." trailed off Luka.

"If we don't, the Zangayack will attack the world, and take it over." said Ahim. "Like our worlds were."

Don nodded. "I'm against it too."

Marvelous chuckled and he raised his gun, firing into the crowd. "Let's go." Holding up a Ranger Key, he flipped it into key mode and opened his Gokai Cellular. "GOKAI CHANGE!"

GOOOOOKAIGER! In a flash of light in the shape of an X, the Gokaigers stood there.

"Gokai Red."

"Gokai Blue."

"Gokai Yellow."

"Gokai Green."

"Gokai Pink."

"Kaizoku Sentai, Gokaiger!" Flipping his gun around, Marvelous proclaimed, "Let's make this showy!"

"New Rangers?" puffed Date, throwing a couple of Gormin into the crowd.

"Super Sentai looks like it, but yes," replied Eiji, cutting several more up with the blades on his arms.

"Any help is good help," replied Vita. "Let's do this."

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A little thing before I post it. Obviously it's just a preview of the idea, but like most of my Nanoha AU, it's tangentially connected to Lyrical Ride as it's the Cross-Time Nanoha AU series I like to dabble in. Most of my fics with these kinds of AUs are slightly related.

Basic idea here is that Nanoha had no encounter with magic. No magic meant she had no real direction, and her ambition and desire sort of boiled to nothing. Enter Anhk. You know how well this is going to end.

Projected 10ish chapters at most. It's a short story. And yes, I'm working on Lyrical Ride today too.

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I've been tinkering with how to continue the storyline, and while the setup for RPM StrikerS is good, I also think I should continue it with a new name of New Strikers. Streamlining the focus to Gokaiger, RPM, StrikerS and OOO.

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Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Shaun TLDR podcast in which I ramble about things until I manage to go out of steam and sort of puddle on the desk. It's been a while hasn't it? Well there's no harm done and my headspace has auto-kicked in to totalbiscuit's dulcet tones.

So as a recap, Christmas has come and gone and for once it did not suck balls. That's right you heard it first, a Christmas where nothing bad actually happened. No quite frankly it was just the opposite. Having made my way through the new year I have gotten my Paladin to level 85 and then subsequently gotten her archaeology up to well past the 325 mark. This in turn allows me to dig around Outland for shiny things that are of Draenei or Orcish make. And being level 85 anything short of a raid boss cannot kick my ass. No in fact. It rather does its own kicking, and stomps on everything like it's a tiny little nibblet.

Coupling with the Christmas that did not suck the arrival of the much anticipated [livejournal.com profile] keybladeorder roleplaying game has opened up and already I am thinking of very bad things to happen just because Rita decided that immolation was the way to go. I'm sorry but the girl is the Hayate Yagami of the video game world. She does not aim as much as just gesture in the general direction and throw something, hoping it'll hit. This is clearly supported by the Tales of Vesperia video game canon and the fact that over half her spells that exceed the size of a ice cream truck hit over half the things on screen.

From the other side of the building.

I wouldn't be surprised if Long Range Bombardment is off her allowed list after nuking a Darkside with an Ancient Catastrophe, and then griping about it and her poor decision making skills. Considering she just recently destroyed Training Ground 17, the gardener would like to have a word. I'm not entirely sure who's to blame for this one; the heartless for showing up or letting Rita be in charge without calling Yen Sid first.

My torrid love affair for Kamen Rider continues, most importantly the arrival of Kamen Rider Den-O into my list of things that have soaked up my time. In three days I finished all of Den-O and this is including the movies and the Decade Tie-ins. The Kiva one fell a little short but due to the wibbly wobbly timey wimey nature of the storyline I suppose it's allowable that it feels like sort of a "here you go here's a Kiva, oh look Rider KICK."

So much in fact that I've written a little fan fiction about it in my wont, but also as usual it's a bloody crossover. One of these days I'll see about actually writing a real singular storyline but maybe later in the far FAR future. As with all things in mind, previous to date I had also finished off the rest of Nanoha A's and proceeded to write far too many chapters within that storyline. I did blame Shadow Crystal Mage and his Nanoha/Negima fic for instilling the idea into me, but unlike him where he was dared to do Negi-Nanoha, much to the dismay of the fandom who simply cannot get over the fact that silly fic is for silly and pairings can go the way of the dodo, I decided to backtrack a little and focus on Vita who has become a favorite singular fixture in both Hirari and Lyrical Ride.

Coupled with my torrid affair for the Nanoha universe is my Tiana fanfic Going My Soul which is admittedly Rider Inspired but Xros Wars caused. Considering the blatant disregard for anything pertaining to something as simple as a level, Xros Wars takes the evolution thing and throws it into a bush shredder. Repeatedly. Going My Soul focuses on the epilogue of StrikerS, and coincidentally mucking it all up. Instead of having a nice little separation epilogue where everyone goes their ways, Tia is thrust into a matter of monsters and legendary warriors which she becomes the main focus around. It's not to say that I'm ignoring the rest of Riot 6, it's just that she's the goddamn transforming warrior. I really have to get around to the next chapter because she's going to find out that Kouichi and the Council of Five (see what I did there?), are letting her WIN. And that's not going to sit well with her.

Writing music has been replaced primarily by Den-O music, which Climax Jump Den-Liner Form has become a big fixture of, as well as the theme from one of the movies If We Met in a Dream. Both songs are fantastic and anyone who says otherwise will be dragged out and shot in the leg.

I haven't touched the Warcraft in a while, only logging on once in a while to ensure that I hadn't been hacked. With the amount of ridiculous amounts of hacker email I get claiming that I did something illegal in WoW when I clearly haven't been on in weeks gives me pause, and I do check my game. Of course I'm not stupid enough to click a link. No, I'm not certain members of my family who believe google ads such as Acai Berry Secret in Red Deer is real. Maybe I should get on and laugh at Goldshire today. It has been a while and Lan or Rein hasn't made an appearance recently. And y'know? Been considering another race change for Rein back to human. I don't know WHY but the reason that I returned to Draenei has been long since negated. Hmm. Well I'll see what comes up. Best check my account statement first before I do that.

This has been another TLDR podcast and I'm spent. /Sips coffee. I'll see you next time.
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Finished watching A's after what, a couple of years now? I tried getting through it a while ago but my disk crapped out. But I finished watching it on my PS3 so that's all shiny.

Material S's muse stirred again and she's asking me for a game. I'm considering either Planeo again or Queen of Hearts, depending on if Tia's muse sticks with me. Either or, it's not a bad idea, considering S is all good.

Trans9 has been a lot of fun although I'm just utterly swamped at times. Still, it's not as bad as TLH where I can go from no tags to zomgoverwork. I'm almost glad for my illness cause it gave me a chance to rest up a little.

Totally addicted to my fried chicken recipe. It's just delicious and after giving my bro an entire batch, I needed some for myself so I'm cooking them up now.

A's totally reaffirmed my Vita and strengthened my Shamal muse on a note even if they are Vivid era.

Trinity Universe is a lot of fun, and I'm enjoying it more than Cross Edge but even so, both games are fantastic fun. Though getting beat up by a couple of prinnies kinda sucked. A sign I need to level up more.

Finally, I've been trying to get this Decade/Nanoha fic worked out set between the timeskip of A's and StrikerS, but nothing's working out properly. I get like 3-4 pages done and then realize it's just stupid. For some reason though, I've been focusing on Kaito more than Tsukasa. I blame Nanya's Blood That Flows for the renewed interest in the crossover idea.
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As I write this, I find that I like this format, planning ahead before figuring out what's going on. As it stands, I'm working on what feels more like a final battle in the making. Each story is set in 27 hour increments by nature, but it also has a lot of implied filler since I can't seem to connect A to B to C lately.

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The more I look at this, the more I realize that if I were to actually write the big damn heroic scene, it would be anticlimactic in part 2, and immediately jumping to a recap of a possible alternate universe is totally fun.

From here, I figure I'll jump to the next world, the KH one. Since I definitely like this format I have going.
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A few notes on this. The world that I'm using for the Decade crossover is canon up until the end of episode 29, but instead of running into the Rider War World, the events of All Rider vs DaiShocker is utilized instead, thus giving a more positive outlook on this world. Most likely the true ending will be adapted for later, but for now, this is from Einhart's journey along with Tsukasa and Co after she runs into them.

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It's widely known that Negi and Ken Akamatsu is a Kamen Rider fan, along with Kotaro, and has been referenced repeatedly in the series. Having Negi with a rider gear that's a mix of hte old and new was definitely something I had in mind. For the Latin impaired, which is all of us, "Tenatio Voco" means "Attack Summon".

Haud Veneficus Murco is Latin for No Magic Sword, and Canis Everto Flatus is Latin for "Dog Black Flame".

Kamen Rider Voco is of course Kamen Rider Summon. And if there's a Howl, I'll come up with something more Latin-y later.
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The new revisions including SCM's amazing additions to the lunacy. Totally going to revisit this world later.

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Vivio's Magical Adventure has been renamed to Power Rangers Decade because I'm tying in more mythology and Shinkenger/Decade stuff, as well as chronicles of Tsukasa cause I started watching the series gdi.

Akino, this isn't a full version. Shadow Crystal Mage will undoubtedly add more to it since I sent him a copy. So this is just my half of the draft.

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Jul. 12th, 2010 09:46 am
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Why is it so damn hard to write four paragraphs of personality for Fate? From the ground up too.

Sigh. Apps. But Floogy wants Fate so bad he can taste it. And so do I. But still. Four? I should be allowed three since that's what it says.

Whatever. /puts it off another day


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