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Trying to figure out how to put media on my PS3. I'd like to put Kamen Rider W on there so mom could watch it. She's expressed interest in the detective show and she DOES like action.

Mags, got any tips on this? Like some kind of link cable for USB or something?

EDIT: Google Fu hasn't failed me yet and I discovered I can just copy them onto Data DVD and then press triangle - copy.

I can't believe it's THAT easy. I'm waiting for the other goddamn shoe to drop.

EDIT: Shoe hasn't dropped. Which means I have 49 HD copies of Kamen Rider W to give to my mom to watch. She's a big action and comedy fan and that series has a LOT of it.

Wish me luck keeping her attention!
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I just finished watching all of Kamen Rider W a couple of days ago and I find myself really wanting to find the movie. The Gaia Memories of Fate looks amazing.

On the flip side, I've started watching OOO's which to my surprise, kind of feels like a cross between some of Decade's AR worlds as well as a splash of what I feel is the Den-O sympathy, what with the possession of random people by ImaginGreeed or at least a certain Greeed.

On and off I glance up to the TV where grandma's watching her truly horrible Korean Dramas. The first one wasn't bad, about a girl who rose in the ranks through being a maid into a doctor. The second, ugh, Stairway to Heaven. In Korea, it was the highest rated series ever, and won awards. Well, even if it did, there's no way that they could possibly cover up the fact that the series is 100% medical fail. Like the main female lead starts losing her eyesight, and then fainting spells and then somehow after it gets "cured", it develops into terminal cancer.

YEAH. That's not a natural progression of medical related crap.

I've been thinking about picking up Goseiger or maybe Den-O while waiting for episodes of OOO to be subtitled. As well as waiting for the movie event as well. Also, I want the insert songs played at the end of episode 48 for W. They're just awesome.

Hmm, 1 1/2 cups of coffee is not enough. I'll have to make more later.
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Seems like I can't get anything done RPwise anymore. The stress is too much. Effective immediately, I'm taking a break from Roleplay until my head's straightened out. Also, I may be housecleaning journals... like Estelle's for example.

Birth By Sleep is out today. I don't care if I don't have the money right now, I'm buying it. I need something to do. /plugs in the recharger.

I look like how I feel in the icon. With less foam of course but eh.

Only upside is that my phone's getting upgraded. And I may very well get a unique ring tone to it. I'm thinking W-B-X Hardboiled.

If I come out with a new KH muse from BBS, that'll be nice to do.

EDIT: Hypocrite I am. Go bug Negi. http://community.livejournal.com/trans_9/499966.html


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