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Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Shaun TLDR podcast in which I ramble about things until I manage to go out of steam and sort of puddle on the desk. It's been a while hasn't it? Well there's no harm done and my headspace has auto-kicked in to totalbiscuit's dulcet tones.

So as a recap, Christmas has come and gone and for once it did not suck balls. That's right you heard it first, a Christmas where nothing bad actually happened. No quite frankly it was just the opposite. Having made my way through the new year I have gotten my Paladin to level 85 and then subsequently gotten her archaeology up to well past the 325 mark. This in turn allows me to dig around Outland for shiny things that are of Draenei or Orcish make. And being level 85 anything short of a raid boss cannot kick my ass. No in fact. It rather does its own kicking, and stomps on everything like it's a tiny little nibblet.

Coupling with the Christmas that did not suck the arrival of the much anticipated [livejournal.com profile] keybladeorder roleplaying game has opened up and already I am thinking of very bad things to happen just because Rita decided that immolation was the way to go. I'm sorry but the girl is the Hayate Yagami of the video game world. She does not aim as much as just gesture in the general direction and throw something, hoping it'll hit. This is clearly supported by the Tales of Vesperia video game canon and the fact that over half her spells that exceed the size of a ice cream truck hit over half the things on screen.

From the other side of the building.

I wouldn't be surprised if Long Range Bombardment is off her allowed list after nuking a Darkside with an Ancient Catastrophe, and then griping about it and her poor decision making skills. Considering she just recently destroyed Training Ground 17, the gardener would like to have a word. I'm not entirely sure who's to blame for this one; the heartless for showing up or letting Rita be in charge without calling Yen Sid first.

My torrid love affair for Kamen Rider continues, most importantly the arrival of Kamen Rider Den-O into my list of things that have soaked up my time. In three days I finished all of Den-O and this is including the movies and the Decade Tie-ins. The Kiva one fell a little short but due to the wibbly wobbly timey wimey nature of the storyline I suppose it's allowable that it feels like sort of a "here you go here's a Kiva, oh look Rider KICK."

So much in fact that I've written a little fan fiction about it in my wont, but also as usual it's a bloody crossover. One of these days I'll see about actually writing a real singular storyline but maybe later in the far FAR future. As with all things in mind, previous to date I had also finished off the rest of Nanoha A's and proceeded to write far too many chapters within that storyline. I did blame Shadow Crystal Mage and his Nanoha/Negima fic for instilling the idea into me, but unlike him where he was dared to do Negi-Nanoha, much to the dismay of the fandom who simply cannot get over the fact that silly fic is for silly and pairings can go the way of the dodo, I decided to backtrack a little and focus on Vita who has become a favorite singular fixture in both Hirari and Lyrical Ride.

Coupled with my torrid affair for the Nanoha universe is my Tiana fanfic Going My Soul which is admittedly Rider Inspired but Xros Wars caused. Considering the blatant disregard for anything pertaining to something as simple as a level, Xros Wars takes the evolution thing and throws it into a bush shredder. Repeatedly. Going My Soul focuses on the epilogue of StrikerS, and coincidentally mucking it all up. Instead of having a nice little separation epilogue where everyone goes their ways, Tia is thrust into a matter of monsters and legendary warriors which she becomes the main focus around. It's not to say that I'm ignoring the rest of Riot 6, it's just that she's the goddamn transforming warrior. I really have to get around to the next chapter because she's going to find out that Kouichi and the Council of Five (see what I did there?), are letting her WIN. And that's not going to sit well with her.

Writing music has been replaced primarily by Den-O music, which Climax Jump Den-Liner Form has become a big fixture of, as well as the theme from one of the movies If We Met in a Dream. Both songs are fantastic and anyone who says otherwise will be dragged out and shot in the leg.

I haven't touched the Warcraft in a while, only logging on once in a while to ensure that I hadn't been hacked. With the amount of ridiculous amounts of hacker email I get claiming that I did something illegal in WoW when I clearly haven't been on in weeks gives me pause, and I do check my game. Of course I'm not stupid enough to click a link. No, I'm not certain members of my family who believe google ads such as Acai Berry Secret in Red Deer is real. Maybe I should get on and laugh at Goldshire today. It has been a while and Lan or Rein hasn't made an appearance recently. And y'know? Been considering another race change for Rein back to human. I don't know WHY but the reason that I returned to Draenei has been long since negated. Hmm. Well I'll see what comes up. Best check my account statement first before I do that.

This has been another TLDR podcast and I'm spent. /Sips coffee. I'll see you next time.


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