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Finished watching A's after what, a couple of years now? I tried getting through it a while ago but my disk crapped out. But I finished watching it on my PS3 so that's all shiny.

Material S's muse stirred again and she's asking me for a game. I'm considering either Planeo again or Queen of Hearts, depending on if Tia's muse sticks with me. Either or, it's not a bad idea, considering S is all good.

Trans9 has been a lot of fun although I'm just utterly swamped at times. Still, it's not as bad as TLH where I can go from no tags to zomgoverwork. I'm almost glad for my illness cause it gave me a chance to rest up a little.

Totally addicted to my fried chicken recipe. It's just delicious and after giving my bro an entire batch, I needed some for myself so I'm cooking them up now.

A's totally reaffirmed my Vita and strengthened my Shamal muse on a note even if they are Vivid era.

Trinity Universe is a lot of fun, and I'm enjoying it more than Cross Edge but even so, both games are fantastic fun. Though getting beat up by a couple of prinnies kinda sucked. A sign I need to level up more.

Finally, I've been trying to get this Decade/Nanoha fic worked out set between the timeskip of A's and StrikerS, but nothing's working out properly. I get like 3-4 pages done and then realize it's just stupid. For some reason though, I've been focusing on Kaito more than Tsukasa. I blame Nanya's Blood That Flows for the renewed interest in the crossover idea.
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Got to bed late last night doing a couple of tags and all and I need to play catch up with Trans9 now. But it's not too bad. Been fanfic writing lately so that's a lot of fun and it's relaxing to boot. Although my whole "Henshin sound" reflex comes into play when I'm writing anything that requires transforming. Kyle's asked me what I'm doing to make those sounds.

Woke up this morning to Kyle making a telemarketers life hard through cold hard logic instead of following a script. That's always fun.

He's almost done Fallout New Vegas but he's now sunk into the side quests which kind of bite. It's making a 4 hour game like several days worth of playing. Meh. At least I can watch my shows once in a while. I'd like to at least finish Blade's world before I continue on. With any luck I can watch that this morning.

ALSO, I'm looking for the Familiar of Zero series right now. With any luck, I can find the novels or maybe some of the translated manga. Reading this FateStay/FoZ fanfic made me curious and as usual, the brain wondered how Tsukasa aka Decade would handle it. He wouldn't really have a problem defeating enemies but he and Louise would be at each others throats verbally since he's not the type to hurt kids, unless they're Riders but I digress.

... yeah, I'm going to wind up writing that fic aren't I. Probably call it something along the lines of "One Grand Experiment" or something similar to that since Tsukasa has a terrible tendency of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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After reading a plot bunny on Nintramy's fanfiction dot net page, I got to thinking about Naruto and how I could have done my own version of a Decade-style crossover. He or she suggested fanfiction universes, and while I have few, I decided on a topic of Fanfiction Genres.

As such, the nine worlds are divided into the nine subsections of Fanfiction TYPES we find on Fnet.

Kuuga - "Slice of Life" A normal life fic where everything is nice and regular. Or so we think.
Agito - "Angels" When the monsters are more hidden, does it make you realize that someone is divine?
Faiz - "Dangerous Hidden Secret" A secret lurks in everyone's heart, what can they manage to produce in time?
Hibiki - "Boybands" Music guides and thrums in our soul, the pounding of the beat and the screams of the fans.
Blade - "Original Generation" To the future we hold, clambering upon aspects of the universe.
Den-O - "Time Travel" When the past is the future and the future is the past, Ride the Liner to the Present
Ryuki - "Evil Twin" They say everyone's got a double somewhere. What if our family was our greatest threat?
Kiva - "Demons" When everyone's a monster, does holding the power of Kiva make one a god?
Kabuto - "Exile" When the hero has been exiled, what choice does he have but to keep running?

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As I write this, I find that I like this format, planning ahead before figuring out what's going on. As it stands, I'm working on what feels more like a final battle in the making. Each story is set in 27 hour increments by nature, but it also has a lot of implied filler since I can't seem to connect A to B to C lately.

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The more I look at this, the more I realize that if I were to actually write the big damn heroic scene, it would be anticlimactic in part 2, and immediately jumping to a recap of a possible alternate universe is totally fun.

From here, I figure I'll jump to the next world, the KH one. Since I definitely like this format I have going.
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A few notes on this. The world that I'm using for the Decade crossover is canon up until the end of episode 29, but instead of running into the Rider War World, the events of All Rider vs DaiShocker is utilized instead, thus giving a more positive outlook on this world. Most likely the true ending will be adapted for later, but for now, this is from Einhart's journey along with Tsukasa and Co after she runs into them.

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It's widely known that Negi and Ken Akamatsu is a Kamen Rider fan, along with Kotaro, and has been referenced repeatedly in the series. Having Negi with a rider gear that's a mix of hte old and new was definitely something I had in mind. For the Latin impaired, which is all of us, "Tenatio Voco" means "Attack Summon".

Haud Veneficus Murco is Latin for No Magic Sword, and Canis Everto Flatus is Latin for "Dog Black Flame".

Kamen Rider Voco is of course Kamen Rider Summon. And if there's a Howl, I'll come up with something more Latin-y later.
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The new revisions including SCM's amazing additions to the lunacy. Totally going to revisit this world later.

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Vivio's Magical Adventure has been renamed to Power Rangers Decade because I'm tying in more mythology and Shinkenger/Decade stuff, as well as chronicles of Tsukasa cause I started watching the series gdi.

Akino, this isn't a full version. Shadow Crystal Mage will undoubtedly add more to it since I sent him a copy. So this is just my half of the draft.

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