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It's barely noon and my day has been complete and utter shite. It is like punishment from God since I got up this morning and it hasn't stopped one bit to give me a moments peace before I completely lose it. Really, I am worked up, tired, angry, frustrated and it never stops screwing up.

Not only do I have a terrible headache and headcold, but the stress is mounting day by day in order to find work. If I could get work I could but I can't do anything unless I get a call back. I've submitted my application to a lot of places over the last few weeks and I haven't heard from anyone at all which is upsetting. Even more upsetting is that ma is apparently on the frickin warpath today, calling me useless on top of things and lazy.

Yeah, way to be supportive ma. Really. Just go ahead and say things that hurt my feelings, never apologize for it and feel like you're the victim here. Fantastic you should win an award for that.

I dunno, between this, the DDOS absolutely ruining my entire mood for RP for the last MONTH to say the least of the snails pace Spamalot turned out to be, I just want to get out of the house and do something constructive. However I already DID THAT this morning, and now I'm stuck in front of the comp again.

Kyle's coming home to what I figure is going to be a shitstorm since he also forgot his medication here at the house. He's totally buggered if he doesn't have it so he has to come back. Or I go there. But after ma's angry ANGRY tirade this morning I'd rather just give a metaphorical middle finger and not go anywhere.


What a clusterfuck this day has been and its only Tuesday. Goddamn really. Makes me want to drink harder sometimes.


Jan. 5th, 2011 04:41 pm
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It's like I can't cook anything worth saving my life anymore.

Every time I follow a recipe, I wind up creating something completely inedible. Especially when it's meat and chicken. Even now, I can't make cookies or cakes without said item turning out half-done and ruined lately. It's driving me up the wall.

I can't rely on the timer to cook anymore, because it takes half the time the recipes project them to be. And as such, attempts at making something delicious often fail, and fall short of anything good. Right now those delicious looking chicken pieces from the recipe I was following resemble lumps of coal. Yeah, it's that bad.

Fuck this is what happens when I try to cook. I used to be so good at this. Where'd I go wrong?


Nov. 30th, 2010 11:08 pm
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Aim just died for me. And I tried my alt SNs. don't work.

Get me here if you need me.


Jul. 13th, 2010 09:35 am
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That storm I had to get off for yesterday? Yeah it's still raging.

If I'm spotty all day it means it's continuing. I'm hoping for the most part my connection remains stable so I can make with the tags by lunch time.
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So today, after I announce a hiatus to clear my head and regain ideas, I was told I was "character squatting" and it was apparently a "Very Bad Thing" in centralized RP.

Really. If you believe that, I've got a bridge in Honolulu to sell you that connects us to California.

Said game is Never Was if you must know.

Ow Fuck

Apr. 17th, 2010 05:22 pm
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So I discovered today that the boards on the deck has finally started to rot through, so much in fact that when I put my foot down, I ripped through one and totally messed up my leg. It only hurts now and I limp a little, but I'm worried that because I got cut, I should go in for a tetanus shot. It wasn't involved with rusty nails but yeah, ow fuck.
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Really. If RP wasn't stress inducing enough, I have to be critted on my Negi by a T9 former member. And to be all perfectly honest, I'm glad they were frank about it, but if there's any more shit about that kid, I am going to pod him in less than three minutes starting now.

First Panda gets on my ass for using one of Chao's spells. Then I get critted hard for the sleepwalking. And then on top of that I'm having to deal with possibly Eva's mun going >_> about the sleepwalking too. He's got his reasons people other than just pure lulz which I intentionally was going for!

Seriously. If I get any more shit, I'm letting the mods know about the sudden drop and repodding him asap.

And then I'll app Theo or Rakan. See how they like THAT.
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I logged on today, and discovered my WoW game has been hacked. I lost everything, all my gold, all the equips I could wear and all my items in the bank. And now my guild is laughing at me.

So I canceled my account. No way in hell am I going to play right now.

EDIT: so I'm staying on long enough to tell everyone I'm hacked and just play around me for now on. Also, trying to get my gear back too is a plus.

EDIT2: Also, dad called. And blah blah blah independent, blah blah house being sold, blah blah, adult.

Where's that beer, my willpower is fading.


Mar. 3rd, 2010 06:37 pm
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Due to my Avast running out, my computer started to reveal to me that the entire computer system was infected. And before I could do a damn thing, I was forced into a corner. Over 1/2 of my computer was infected before I could BLINK.

So, as such I was forced to format my drive.

Here's the kicker. You know that Terrabyte big backup I have? It has NOTHING in it. NOTHING. Apparently the external book didn't pick up anything.


So I'm asking anyone who has links to media or places that I enjoy previously plus fanfics to send them along. I lost everything and I mean everything. 7 years worth of fandom gone in an instant.
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So I was right.




Don't expect me to RP or be very friendly today to anyone.

EDIT: Worst day ever aside, I'm going to go see The Lightning Thief today come hell or high water. And if I don't get a ticket for the 3pm showing I will CHOKE PEOPLE WITH A BELT.
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Out of all of the nightmares I have, the lucid ones are the worst. They always seem so incredibly real because your body is waking up.

Had one this morning before waking. Dreamed I was taking a walk in the middle of the night when accosted by two men, a heavy set bearded overweight man and his stoner companion. He stole my wallet so I held onto his shirt, chasing him into a nearby building. I overpowered him, leaving him a mess on the ground and then for some reason, drew a sword on the other as I dragged him into the fray. Disarmed him of his knife and when the gun came out, I looked at it before counterattacking, the bullet bouncing off my shoulder. In the end I took a huge sum of money from them and ran home, all shook up. After calling the police of the attempted robbery, I finally realized I was having a lucid dream and I woke up, completely shook to pieces.

I dunno what's worse, a dream of zombies or a lucid nightmare like that. So in short, it's 8am, two hours before I usually wake up, and I'm drinking coffee, my hands shaking from the memory.

Dreams suck sometimes.


Jan. 9th, 2010 05:55 pm
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I'm dropping Atlantus. Basically they're getting me down on Batman doing Batman-like things and Dante being too OP for listing every power he's used so far.

Not worth the hassle or crap.


Nov. 19th, 2009 04:27 pm
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Damn. I shoulda realized that the Auto-Backup program was running when I deleted all of that anime and movies and pictures. I lost most of it. Nanoha, Medabots, Bakugan, the whole nine yards.

Can't even system restore to get those files back. They're gone.

Well, you win some you loose some.


Sep. 26th, 2009 02:01 am
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I dropped from [livejournal.com profile] netherworld_rpg.

I... I couldn't take it anymore. They denied me the chance to make someone grow, to love and nurture into a real person and...!

As I'm typing this... I'm crying. I can't... I'll never... app anywhere. Ever again.

I can't take the heartbreak anymore.


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