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After considerable debate and reading WITCH 104, I have come to a decision. I need to scrap Metal and rewrite it, free of Dive influences.

... instead I go to title it with the word CLIMAX in it. I guess there's some influences.

So without further ado, the opening sequence to Kamen RiderElement Metal: Final Climax

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It's always interesting watching The Library. It's a mix of storyline, action and visual effects that often belay the child-targeted audience, such as the Noh-style mask of Won Shi Tong. it's very interesting as far as characterization goes as the primary tone of this season is Conflict, especially in between the characters themselves. It's a major thematic part of the series.

And as such, I also note that Won Shi Tong gets rather reptilian when he transforms to "Battle mode" as it were.
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I'm so glad I didn't pay for the tickets myself.

Now then, here's a few things I didn't like about it.

A) Pacing. It was a pacing nightmare. Slow slow slow through the whole movie.
B) Hitting plot points that seemed deserved but ultimately a waste of time.
C) "There's Earth under your feet!" Yeah. What the hell. At least the COAL RIG made sense.
D) Sokka and Katara. I'm sorry but their acting was just austere. In a bad way. Episode 3 bad.
E) No Roku. What.
F) Absolutely nothing resembling a plot other than "This is the overall idea" smashing into your face over and over.
G) Zhao. He's such a pussy.

Things I did like:

A) Iroh. Not only he is totally nailed right down to the core but he is so badass he can generate fire with his own chi. Admittedly Firebenders are SUPPOSED to be able to do this already but nevermind that little problem.
B) Zuko. While he's not all "HONORRRRRRRRRR!" in an over the top manner, he is also fairly good.
C) Aang. Surprisingly he wasn't so bad. I mean, the performance could be better but I've seen worse child actors.

Oh Snap

Jul. 24th, 2010 10:56 am
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Gonna go see The Last Airbender today with my brother. I know everyone says its bad and the only saving grace is Iroh, but at the same time, my brother has no concept of Television to Movie sense. I'm only seeing it cause he doesn't go to the movies without me. Which I can sort of understand.

I'm more into the idea of going to The Sorcerer's Apprentice but expect me to MST3K the entire thing through. At least we're not stupid enough to see a Twilight movie. Still though, I'm going to ask him to hoof the bill or at least use the credit card for this.

More on that when I get back from it later. TLA, yeesh. XD With a 2.8 Rotten Tomatoes score, well yeah. This is RT who, like IGN, their official scale starts at 6.
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Bullet Points was a fic started due to me being silly. Never in my wildest dreams that I would choose a name that the creators themselves would choose as Aang's son's name. Tenzin.

That's right, you heard it from me first.

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More pactio cards for today. Made another batch.

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Remember those pactio cards I made once upon a time in a game far far away? Yeah, I started making them again.

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Dec. 8th, 2009 09:55 am
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I have the serious urge to write more Metal or ADS today.

Dunno which.

But the many Sentai songs are leaning me towards ADS.

EDIT: My car's dead. FML.
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Well, it's one last one. Before I tackle the spread of Dissidia fanart I made into icons.

Goddamn Jin needs love in Avatar.

Credit [livejournal.com profile] shaungarin for it.

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Took a while but after Dome Dolls, I'm ready for more ADS to be written.

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So when I was working, I put about 500 in a savings account so that it's appreciate. Three months later I get a notice that they're withdrawing money from my account for maintenance even though it's over 500 or so.

WTF bank? WTF? You're totally not making a good case for me to continue my services and just move all the way to TD Canada Trust.

On a random note, I haven't been able to work on fic all day today. Just can't get the head in the game. I HAVE been thinking up more Bullet Points fics and my brain wandered towards "It's Complicated", the Zuko/Jin fic that results in the heel face turn and totally messes up the ending of Season 2.

Should REALLY get a working list of those ones. So far, I've got Storm and Fire, The Legend of Sokka, It's Complicated, Mother Bear, Words and Slings, Pure Expression and Boomerang.

Storm and Fire: Aang dies for 2 seconds causing a second Avatar line to be born/Avatar On Ji
The Legend of Sokka: Gyatso hides Aang away/Avatar Sokka
It's Complicated: Move Zuko's "it's complicated" ahead 24 hours
Mother Bear: Ursa steals Zuko away/Eventual life in Gaoling/Zuko-Toph Friendship > Romance
Words and Slings: Earth King is cut off before he can explain the invasion idea to Not!Kiyoshi Warriors
Pure Expression: Iroh is 1 hour late to the fight at the end of The Chase/Someone else takes the hit
Boomerang: Boomerang comes back -- and knocks Zuko silly in The Avatar Returns.

More Bullet Points to follow.
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Still unfinished, got about ten to twelve more scenes to finish up so far, and there's going to be a big massive Avatar State incident too before it's done. Still working hard on it though in between marathoning Season 1 and 2.

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In the vein of the Avatar AU fics, I'm posting what I have of the first fic chapter of "Bullet Points".

The idea is simple for those who don't know the formula: take a "bullet" which is a major event, and move it to a different time or location, thus creating a ripple effect that doesn't hit everyone, but does affect a sequence of events from then on.

For the premise of this fic we move the "Bullet" of Gyatso trying to take Aang away up 2 hours, thus preventing Aang from leaving and then moving him to train with the Order of the White Lotus. The ripples cascade outward from there.

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As a final note? Blame the running gags on incarnations and jokes inherent.
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It's a draft, but I think Gold's going to be about five parts. A side project, this isn't part of Element surprisingly enough.

Yeah, it's standalone which makes it the first major fic I've written post-both series.

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The idea I had, the one that involved Avatar? Yeah, it's still here.

While the idea refuses to be shelved properly, I may as well give an idea of what I'm going for.

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The idea combines Iap's original idea of incarnating Kanna and then Toph into the new Avatar fic idea from so long ago, while taking some bits and pieces of influence from Akino's Fire Nation-based ficlet. Bring the pair of ideas together, it REALLY isn't my fault if more muses pop up from this. As it stands, this series is more or less a secondary priority, to work on during the time when I have no head for Power Rangers A.D.S.
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My fingers feel like they've been worked to the bone O_O

Have fun

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Zuko hates me. A lot.

Still, it's fun to torment him.

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A little shorter than the others but it works nicely.

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After some procrastination, I finished with The Road to Corinth. Rewrote the first part twice before I was happy with it.

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That's all for now O_O Fingers ache so much.

EDIT: Reuploaded Ranger Green Pt 2 for a canonical name change. FML

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Caution. The following chapter might overload you with nerdity. Please be advised.

EDIT: Reuploaded Ranger Green Part 1 for a Canonical Name Change. FML

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Part 2 of the story continues on. And yes, there's a Part 3.

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I'm such a bastard to cut this into two parts. But as epic states, it must happen.

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It's a Zuko piece. Please be having FUN with this one.

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You all know the drill. Pick it apart people!

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I'm also thinking of adding a scene with Long Feng, but I might start chapter 3 with that instead.
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Yeah, it's another AU idea. Part parody, part homage, it mixes as much Final Fantasy into the Avatar world. Shake well. Serves 10,000 hits.

And lo, from the depths of the earth, the embodiment of Water rose The First WEAPON. )

I guess not having any RP to keep track of is a good thing, considering I keep making AU.
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Finished the second draft. It's coming along well.

Nitpick away people.

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Totally not finished, still requires fleshing out. BUT? I think I'm getting the hang of this.

Excuse my total nerdity.

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Or Power Rangers Avatar Drive State.

YES it is a AU of what you THINK IT IS.

Power Rangers A.D.S. MAX DRIVE! )

Notes should be made that with help I've readjusted the cast line up, changed a couple of zords and backstories.


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