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Konoka Konoe

Konoka Konoe Pictures, Images and Photos

Konoka strikes me as a character with a lot of fashion sense, especially in the first twelve to seventeen volumes of Negima. She's often getting Negi into outfits that aren't crazy but flattering, as well as designing his appearance from head to toe including hats and other little things. While she's an incredible troll, she knows what looks nice on you and I wouldn't mind going shopping with her.
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It's being posted NOW while I have a coherent sense of timeframe.

Number 3: The character I'd date.

Yuuna Akashi

#02 Yuna Pictures, Images and Photos

Yuuna. A ball of energy and powerful karma rolled into one, she is one of the "normal" girls for most of the series until it's revealed much later in the manga that her father and mother were mages. She's got a bit of a father complex but that's fine, it makes her wonderful and mothering at the same time.

She's cute, energetic and I really don't mind that in a girl. In fact, I downright encourage it. And Yuuna never gets down even with it getting rough. Her later gun-focused abilities are always awesome too.
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So I started replying Star Ocean again after discovering to my horror that I was severely undergeared and underpowered for level 48 in my main game. Hitting for 150 points of damage per slash was NOT a good thing, and thus I went and decided to rectify this.

So my new game has me actually powering on through as long as I have the MP to burn. While you can't get MP crushed anymore (thank god), Reimi is great for long distance attacks. Though I'm probably going to go light on her short-ranged techs to say the least since Seraphic Thunder has her running right INTO the enemy's melee zone and firing that arrow.

But on the upside, I wasn't getting a spectacular ass kicking later on in the game.

Watching my brother play Fallout 3 as his keen obsession with it seems to fuel other emotions, mostly towards the realm of WHY? Why does he like to play this game so much? It makes no goddamn sense. He's replayed it like 30 times by now, and does everything from pottery arrangement to more things meaning pottery arrangement. It's a soul sucking process that seems to baffle me with his oblique disturbing concepts when you're taking the pants off of an enemy you just shot in the head.

War for Cybertron is as designated, a fantastic journey through the world of Cybertron and thus transforming robotics. It plays out well, and while not quite the experience I was used to, it is a well thought out campaign which I eagerly sink my teeth into whenever I get my turn at the box. Most people aren't too happy with the whole Third Person Shooter with no First Person option save for when you're using scopes and such, and the lack of a cover system grates at people where you have to duck behind a wall to be covered, not actually press and hold a button to do that. Miniature flaws aside, it's played out like Bad Company where you don't have to worry about camping a spawn point in order to get a vehicle. Y'know, cause the transforming part comes in.

Ghostbusters the Videogame. Or as I like to call it, Ghostbusters 3 the long awaited sequel to 1 and 2. Even without "rookie" in the mix, it's definitely a cinematic experience, as even the game itself starts out panned like the movies. The host of themes, devices and people in it are all hallmark of the original storyline and tale, and the wit and wittiness of the characters themselves speak loudly in terms of amazing stuff. Stuff intertwined with more stuff which makes for a big slimy gooey mess that is both nutritious and fun to throw into someone's face. The introduction of the new technologies such as the slime cannon, the shotgun mode and all others is definitely a well deserved thought out process. It eschews the traditional HUB design for Health and Damage, and makes your pack more intuitive as it as a health bar ON IT measured in green to red. Your thrower can overheat, but it's like reloading really where instead of reloading bullets, you're reloading the ability to shoot more protonic charge.

As I'm writing this, Kyle's game just froze for the umpteenth time. You'd think this would be a SIGN that reads "You're playing too much Fallout, play another game noob". But I digress. No amount of pushing, proding and downright hiding the disk will stop him from playing guns and ammo with his supermutant buddy friend who has a creepy voice that goes "Yes! By all means LETS." and I'm pretty sure it doesn't prelude to horrifying mental images.

It is fourth of July in America. You guys should be good and amused by fireworks by now. Or not. Depends on where you are.

Also, almost forgot about this. Memes oi.



Now one has to understand my choice here. While Tsukuyomi is crazy, batshit insane, a violent yandere who doesn't take no for an answer and is attracted severely to power and has a raging girl-crush on Setsuna so much that she'd strip her naked in a battlefield on purpose and go all creepy battle rapist on her... she's lovable in a Quattro sort of way.

Yes I said it, she is the Negima version of Quattro. While not cool and collected as her Nanoha counterpart, she makes up for it with enthusiasm, a violent tendency towards anything and everything, the overwhelming need to slice things up and a keen sexual attraction to people with powerful skills, Negi included. The little player, even attracting crazies.

Now just as a recollection, I don't truly hate this character, but it's one you can't help but hate and love at the same time. Her viciousness and battle rapist tendencies bring out the worst in anyone interacting with her. So much that Negi has grabbed her by the neck and squeezed from behind in a "Gonna crush your windpipe now" way.

So yeah, number two on that list. Go me. Whee.
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Considering my rabid love for this series, I'm going to be hard pressed to answer some of these people. But let's give it a try.

Haruna Saotome


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