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Period Drama - Sequel to Lyrical Ride

Period Drama

Written by Shaun Garin


As long as people's memories exist, Riders will be eternal!

This is a truth that has been handed down through the many generations. For as long as people remember in their hearts about the existence of Kamen Riders, they will remember them. But what happens when no one remembers? They will ride on the train of time, DenLiner until they are remembered.

It is on this day that Kotarou Nogami is dealing with a pair of recent passengers from an offshoot timeline: Vita Yagami and Nanoha Takamachi, both erased from time.

"Grandpa said to look after the two of you until someone remembers you both again," said Kotarou, leaning back in his chair. "Until then, we will have to give you two passage on the train of time."

"Well, at least we're together again," said Vita, her cheeks pinking a little as she held hands with Nanoha. "After that whole mess than spanned years."

"That's right," replied Nanoha, squeezing her hand. "So, what now?"

"Ryotarou said that all will work out soon," replied Kotarou as he looked over at the Imagin who were doing various things: Kintaros sleeping, Urataros trying to keep Ryuutaros from scribbling on him, Momotaros enjoying his coffee and Sieg being largely ignored. "We'll have to meet up with the others later on to find our next move."

"Next move?" inquired Vita. "Aren't we done?"

"One may think so," cut in the slow, ponderous voice of Owner as he strode into the room and everyone snapped to attention. "However... it seems like the birth of Den-O on Mid-Childa has also an unexpected side effect. Memory is interesting like that, for one moment there can be nothing, and then something."

"I don't quite follow," said Nanoha. "You mean like cause and effect?"

"Precisely," said Owner, taking a plate of rice from Naomi gratefully. He pulled a spoon from the inside of his jacket and placed it down on the table before flipping it into his hand. "People's memories are what makes time, and because you two erased yourselves from memory, there is a gap from such a reckless method. HAH!" And he cut into the rice, almost toppling the flag over instantly.

However the flag continued to hold as he took an enormous mouthful of rice. "In as such, people are beginning to remember a past, in which there is one that has become fragmented, frayed and stitched back together."

"How can we find this past?" inquired Vita. "We've been through a lot together already."

"Ah, for that, we need to go back. Back through time." And he held up a card, old and frayed with a time stamped on it. Everyone leaned in to read it and chorused, "1542?"

"Yes, back to the middle periods of Mid-Childan History. Back, to find what is missing and can be found."


Summer, 1542

The streets of Mid-Childa was riddled with a lot of various things. While the technology wasn't as readily apparent as the shining towers of the Mid-Childan society of the modern day, it had an old-time community feel to it as DenLiner dropped them down in front of a church. Vita and Nanoha were dressed in period outfits, although Kotarou was wearing his usual dark blues and blacks. Teddy strode alongside him, and he was getting relatively few glances. "We should hurry," said Kotarou, "and find the person we need to get the ticket to go back further."

"Right," said Vita. "Nanoha, are you up for a little walking?"

"I'll be fine," replied Nanoha. "I'm full of energy!"

The cityscape was a mix of modern blending and old periods from the early European influence. It seemed that the glass and steel of Mid-Childa had yet to take root even from a society built on the originals. As they passed through the streets, a bell began to ring. "What's going on?" asked Nanoha as a group of people ran past, making sure to clear the way.

"Not too sure," replied Kotarou. "I'm unfamiliar with Mid-Childan history. Teddy?"

"It seems that we are in for a battle," replied Teddy as a group of white and black suited people were swarming the area.

"Those... aren't Imagin," said Vita, narrowing her eyes and clutching her device. A man ran past her and she snagged him. "Hey, who are those?"

"Those are Krisis! You gotta get away miss, or they'll kill you too!" And the man ran away as a large mechanical enemy teleported in.

"I am Krisis' Ultimate Warrior: Schwartz! This planet will fall under the might of the Krisis Empire!"

Kotarou's brow furrowed. "Schwartz... so this is another version of Schwarian, the robot of the Crisis Empire. I see what's going on."

"Care to fill us in?" inquired Vita as the enemy foot soldiers were engaged by the military who were wielding standard devices for the era, fighting back with Belkan weaponry.

"Seems like someone is remembering Earth history, but differently. And that means..."

"TOH!" In a overhead flip, a new arrival landed in front of the enemies. Dressed in white with his back towards them, a cry went up.

"The white devil! The white devil is here to save us!" exclaimed one of the Belkan soldiers.

"... white devil?" echoed Nanoha, bewildered.

"Someone's infringing on your trademark, Nanoha," stated Vita, unamused.

In response, the man went into a series of poses as he proclaimed, "Hen...shin!" A belt materialized on his middle as he transformed into an armored warrior with a very distinct motif; black and green, red bug-like eyes and a small symbol on the left side of his chest covering his heart.

"I am the child of the sun, the rising heat of glory, Kamen Rider Black RX!"

"So this is RX's time," said Kotarou, seconds before everything changed as RX held his hand to his side.

"Raising Heart, set up!"

"Yes, my Master." in a flash of light, a bladed staff appeared in his hand, the gleaming gemstone in the air as he started in on a melee dance with the opponents.

"Now that I didn't see coming," replied Vita with a shake of her head. "We should help him out."

"Agreed," replied Nanoha, holding up the Zeronos Belt and Vita held up the Den-O belt. Kotarou held up his and the three put it on. "Henshin," the trio chorused, transforming as well.

"Less talky more fighty," said Vita, summoning her device. She was still in plat form but that was enough defensive power for her. With a cry she leaped into battle, slashing at the foot soldiers.

Armed with Teddy, Kotarou followed as with Nanoha, the trio laid into the opponents as Schwartz fought against RX. RX spared a brief glance at the trio of Riders and threw Schwartz backwards.

"Divine Sealing!" Exclaimed RX and Raising Heart together as they fired at the robot who proved to be far more agile than expected, as it leaped high and away from the fighting, the blast rocketing underneath him and impacting out at sea. "Axel Blaster!"

Small spheres of energy tracked Schwartz movement who fired back at him, peppering the area with rifle damage, knocking the robot into a wall. With a yell, he burst free and continued to fire, catching the soldiers in the middle of it.

"No!" exclaimed Nanoha, stepping in between them and holding out her hand. "Protection," proclaimed Raising Heart as she created a barrier which shuddered under the attack but failed to penetrate.

Cutting down the last of the foot soldiers, Kotarou looked over at the Krisis warrior and exclaimed, "You have no more soldiers. Our strength is the real deal."

"Perhaps, but you will not be able to face me yet!" exclaimed the robot before vanishing.

In the silence, the soldiers got up and one of them moved towards Nanoha. "You saved us, mage. Thank you."

"Ah, it was nothing really," replied Nanoha, embarrassed. "Thank you. Is everyone okay?"

"For the moment yes," replied the soldier. "We owe you and RX a lot."

"Captain!" exclaimed one of the soldiers, a woman who was hovering over a man who was holding his stomach. "One of the stray bullets got him."

"Get a medic for Fiat," ordered the captain. "I'm Captain Audi. And I guess I have to say thanks for helping us. We hadn't realized there were more Kamen Riders in the area."

"We're not from around here," replied Vita, shouldering Graf Eisen.

"But any information would be appreciated," added Kotarou as he pulled his belt off and transformed back, Vita and Nanoha doing the same.

It was at that point that several weapons were pointed at Vita who blinked. "What's all this?" inquired Vita, looking at the weaponry.

Audi looked at the small girl, frowning. "You... you're one of the Wolkenritter aren't you? The servant of that white Kamen Rider."

"The white Kamen Rider?" echoed Nanoha. "Wait, what happened in this era, Vita-chan?"

"Beats the hell out of me, my memory is swiss cheese," snapped Vita. "Put those away before Graf Eisen and I do you all an injury!"

"Captain," said the woman who was tending to the man. "They did save us, Wolkenritter or not."

The Captain was silent for a moment before sighing. "You've got a point. Stand down men. She's not here to suck our mana today."

"..." replied Vita, frowning.


"Months ago, the Krisis Empire showed up, and claimed to be on a mission of peace, but shortly afterwards began attacking our world." explained Audi, his expression grave. "Little things at first, but they grew more bold. That was when we heard that there was a white-clothed man fighting them off, who we soon discovered to be known as Kamen Rider Black RX."

"White clothes, black suit. You'd think it's some kind of parallel," said Kotarou as Teddy served them tea.

"You'd think so, considering the other Rider here." replied Audi, sipping at his tea. "There's another Rider, a woman no less. She's fast, strong, and is armed with the Book of Darkness. She's accompanied by four servants, the Wolkenritter. So far, their only goal is to attack magically-empowered people, and steal their mana."

"Thus completing the book, and granting a wish for the person in question," said Vita, her eyes downcast. "Damn, I don't remember this at all!"

"So you three are from the future then," said the female officer, a woman named Nissa. "Hard to believe but if what you're saying is true, then history might have changed."

"The man you call RX. Why does he have Raising Heart?" inquired Nanoha curiously.

"That I couldn't tell you. There doesn't seem to be a connection so far, other than he uses a device. But what we do know is that it's ridiculously advanced, and it's far more powerful than any of our devices. It's capable of long range bombardment spells, something a team of Belkan Knights with Cartridges are incapable of at the moment."