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ICABW - Magical Chronicle Legendary War the Movie 2nd *Unfinished Draft 1st*

"Ten years ago, the Zangyack arrived at our world, seeking to annex it to their empire. It took the power of the legendary Super Sentai's sacrifice, as well as the legendary warriors Pretty Cure, to send them away, at the cost of their own powers. Since then, no one has seen them since."

The lecture was a old one to the listener, having heard it a few times with a few variants. Yuuto Sakurai leaned back in his chair, awaiting the lecture to wrap up. As the lecturer finished, he got up as the students piled out of the room. "Pretty good speech there, Professor Yumehara."

"Yuuto," greeted Nozomi with a smile. She looked distinguished at the age of twenty-five, her hair pulled back in a single braid with most of it loose around her shoulders. She still looked as pretty as the day she picked up her powers, and she smiled tiredly. "Same old lecture on the Great Events of our History, huh?"

"It could use some polish," replied Yuuto, looking over his shoulder for any lurking Denebs. "Did you see the others?"

"We're going to get together soon," replied Nozomi. "It's not like there's any reason not to anymore. Since the campus is near Karen's place, we'll be gathering there this year."

"The Lucky Spoon couldn't handle all of us, huh?" chuckled Yuuto.

Nozomi nodded and frowned a little. "Why're you here, Yuuto? Be honest with me. You haven't been around since the Legendary War. I thought you were off looking for the other Imagin with Deneb." The unspoken, 'and looking for Cure Flower' was also there.

"I bring word from Reefside mostly. The Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger have arrived, and Nagisa and the others contacted a new team of Pretty Cure, the Heartcatch Pretty Cure."

Nozomi's brow furrowed. "That's... really odd. Why would they have surfaced in America and not Japan?"

"Seems like their hometown of Kibogahana was hit pretty hard, during the war. And most of the families relocated to Reefside and/or the surrounding areas," explained Yuuto. "You look too serious though right now. Try to relax a little."

"Kay. Sorry, I'm really stressed. Stressed enough that I haven't said 'it's decided' for a week now."

Yuuto whistled. "That is stressed. C'mon, let's grab the others. Deneb should be waiting for us at Karen's house."


The gathering was a mix of battle stories and all out fun for the most part. Certainly there were quiet people of course, but when you got a good portion of the Super Sentai and Pretty Cure together in one room, the stories began to fly betwen each one. And they said that Power Rangers partied hard.

Karen Minazuki was being a gracious host, having given the whole grounds and she herself was serving several people. Between her, Saki's work at her parents bakery and other catering from Akane and Hikari, there was plenty of food to go around. Many of them were mingling with the others as well.

"Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day today," said Komachi, a now statuesque woman of twenty-six. She now wore the necklace that Nuts had given her around her neck, and still wore pale green despite being unpowered for ages.

"Helps offset the somber mood," replied Urara with a bright smile. "Chiaki-kun, can you take this to the others?"

Chiaki, one of the members of the Shinkenger, nodded at Urara. "All right. Do we need more drinks for the older folks?"

"Probably would be for the best," said Karen, sweeping aside a couple of loose papers and setting down a plate full of food. "Some wine for the older men and women would be good."

Picking up one of the newspapers, Ryunosuke sighed at the picture. "Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger huh... all of our hopes are pegged on this one team that will hopefully earn the right of our Grand Powers."

"And not to mention that we're hoping they'll find the Pretty Cure keys as well," replied Mai, the now relatively famous artist picking up the other paper. "With any luck, the powers have congregated in the general area."

"Leylines right?" inquired Urara as the others nodded. "With Japan's ley nexuses being rebuilt via the power of Enertron, we should be able to attract our national heroes back to Japanese soil."

"I tell you, it doesn't feel the same anymore," sighed Chiaki. "Our team might not be together anymore, but it doesn't feel right without a Sentai and Precure team on this soil. We haven't heard from the other heroes either for ages."

"Like the B-Fighter Kabuto team? And Space Sherriff Gavan, correct?" said Mai, and the others nodded. "It's like Japan lost all of our heroes in a span of a night."

"Even the elders are mentioning that they hadn't seen Inazuman, Kikaider or his brother 02, and Zubat either," said Karen with a shake of her head. "It's like everyone vanished off the face of the planet."

"And relocated to Silver Hills," muttered Chiaki. "Even Kotoha's living there now. Not that I begrudge her, she's been working with SPD for years now."

"We should be happy for her," emphasized Ryuunosuke, clapping his friend on the shoulder. "Not getting upset at her."

"Right, right." Chiaki sighed.

"Sorry I'm late!" exclaimed Nozomi suddenly, barging in on the group and dragging Yuuto with her. Behind him, Deneb was already handing out Deneb Candy. "I ran into someone we all like!"

"Oi, it's Yuuto! What are you doing back on Earth?" inquired Chiaki in surprise and Ryuunosuke did a double-take. Karen and the others blinked at his arrival. Yuuto at least looked abashed at being dragged along by Nozomi. "I thought you and Deneb were out in space."

"I was delivering news to Nozomi, and she dragged me here," replied Yuuto, looking at the Super Sentai and Precure who were milling around, getting candy or generally having a good time. "You sure it's okay for me to be here?"

"Well..." started Chiaki and Komachi elbowed him. "Hey!"

"Don't be like that Chiaki," admonished Komachi. "What happened years ago won't happen again."

"Right, right." Chiaki sighed as he looked out at ZeroLiner which was resting at the outskirts of the vast grounds that was hosting the party. "Let's hope that's all that it was."


10 years ago...


"Skike Sword!"

Summoning his weapon, Alata, also known as GoseiRed was driven back with his group as waves of Zangyack poured in from the invasion fleet. It was a world-wide event, and Japan was being hit the hardest in this brutal war that was turning into a ten day affair. A lot of people, mecha and other things had been lost in the mix, and Alata was already tired, his muscles burning from the non-stop hours of fighting.

The Gosei-Oh was already down, its smoking remains laying nearby as Moune slashed another Zangyack enemy in the chest. "They're relentless!"

"Keep at it, I'm sure we'll have reinforcements sooner or later! It'll work out!" Despite this, Alata was sure he was going to reach his limit.

High above, the clouds were parted as the depths of space were illuminated by a massive black hole that was engulfing a shining point. A sign that Black Hole was trying his final move against the Pretty Cure who had also come under fire. Alata had encountered them earlier, on the way to the battlefield and they had been fighting just as hard as they were.

Suddenly, a explosion threw the group to their feet, only a couple of them rolling to a crouching position. "What the heck was that?" exclaimed Hyde, the blue-clad GoseiBlue.

"RIDER!" cried out a voice belonging to one of the people in the crowd and Alata's heart plunged into his stomach, forming an icy knot. A figure was striding into the crowd, his shining silver chestpiece with red bat-like design gleaming against black material of his suit.

Agri spat a nasty curse and Moune gave him a concerned look. "We can't fight him, Kiva took out the Hurricangers. We're too tired...!"

Sure enough, Kiva turned his impassive gaze upon them and held out a fustile, pressing it against the lips of Kivat. "WAKE UP!" howled Kivat and the Goseigers stumbled to their feet.

Suddenly, Kiva cried out as a slash cut through him, and in a flash of light and pyrotechnics, exploded, leaving by a card which was scooped up by a form in red. "Tch! There's another one of us down," grumbled Den-O Sword as he turned over towards the Goseigers.

"A Rider... saved us?" said Eri, aghast at what he had done. "He... killed his own companion."

"He's not our companion, well, not currently anyhow." said Den-O, shaking his head. "Look you kids, you'd better get to the main battlefield, it's almost begun. The other Riders on our side have taken up defensive locations and reinforced the others. You'd better hurry."

"How can we know to trust you? For all we know, you just killed your friend," said Hyde. "What difference will it make if we make it there?"

"Hyde," said Alata, stalling the Blue Ranger's angry tirade from forming. "We have no choice. We have to trust him and besides... it'll work out."

"Heh," chuckled Den-O. "Go on you brats, before I punt you there!"

"Thank you, Den-O." With that, Alata and the others rushed and limped towards the battlefield as fast as possible, as Den-O turned around to see five more Riders advancing on him.

"Tch. Let me say this to start; I don't do warning shots! From beginning to an end, I'm at a climax!" Den-O gripped his sword and crouched down, ready to spring. Ryotarou... you ready?

Yes. Be careful, Momotaros.

"Let's go, go, go!" And with a furious howl, Momotaros leaped into battle as the opponents drew weapons and guns.


Leaving behind Den-O, the five charged into the crowd and landed in front of the pack. With almost a 199 strong, they faced off against an army of Zangyack. "Lets go!" commanded AkaRanger as the entire army of multicolored Rangers charged into the crowd.

Both sides fought back rapidly, explosions raining down among the heroes as the hands above them crushed the remains of the Prism Flower. "Did they Precure lose?" gasped Eri, looking up into the sky. Then, suddenly, a rainbow force erupted upwards from the separate battlefield as forms streaked into the sky in a golden blaze. "I guess not!"

"See? It'll work out!" laughed Alata as the others continued to fight the hardest.

Swords slashed and blasters spoke as the two armies fought their hardest. As Zangyack ships opened fire on the defenders, the streaks of the Precure broke off from Black Hole and several ships exploded from final attacks. Swooping down, Cure Black and Cure White crashed into the middle of the defenders, blasting a shockwave that cratered the ground beneath them.

"AkaRanger, got a plan?" puffed Black as she and White fought back to back, Luminous holding down several groups of gormin at a time with a Heartiel Action.

"I do," said AkaRanger, knocking a gormin head over heels with a Red Bute. Another swept his sword down at the elderly defender, only to be thrown back by a hand belonging to a shimmering form. "Cure Flower!"

"It's been a long time, hasn't it?" said the equally elderly defender who was glowing with brilliant light, her body young and hale for this battle.

"Yes it has." AkaRanger looked at everyone and proclaimed, "Everyone! Combine your powers and send them into space!"

Without question, the defenders glowed a brilliant gold light as a ball of energy lanced upwards from where they were standing. A group of defenders, the additional heroes joined forces. In response, Black Hole spat a brilliant blast of crimson and black light, but were stopped by the Precure.

"The power is unfocused, unguided..." said Cure Flower as a young man stood next to her. "Coupe... help me with this."

Coupe nodded and joined hands with Cure Flower. Glowing a brilliant light, her entire body turned into golden luminescence as she shot towards the ball of energy. Entering it, the ball contracted sharply and then exploded outwards in a devestating wide arc. The ball of energy expanded rapidly, and the ships exploded in a wide swathe as Black Hole found his power being pushed back. "What is this?!" exclaimed Black Hole seconds before the golden light tore him apart.

A wail of power, a ghastly silence, and then the ten day war was over, leaving a group of unconscious heroes and heroines behind.