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Lyrical Ride 9 - Fish Out of TIme


Holding up the Den-O buckle, Vita attached it to her waist as she held up the Rider Pass. "Henshin." Passing it in front of herself, she changed completely into the winged form of Super Climax. Taking up the DenGasher, she formed it into an axe, the blade forming as the other Vita, her younger self brought Graf Eisen to bear.

"Why do you want me to stop? Don't you know what kind of pain Nanoha is in? Don't you even care?"

"I do care! But we can't do this or it'll happen in the wrong way!" exclaimed Super Climax. Tears forming under her helmet, she hefted the axe. "I'll stop you if it means sacrificing myself!"

"Tch, then better get ready!" And Vita launched several spheres at the other girl who dodged and flew at her, clashing her axe with hammer. The pair forced each other back and forth before separating. Blasting into the sky, Vita pumped two cartridges in and flew at her, Graf Eisen swollen to a massive size.

Super Climax retaliated, bringing the DenGasher to bear and there was a clash of energy. 'This... isn't right, this isn't how it went the first time...' realized Super Climax.

Suddenly there was a cry of pain from Nanoha as the Gadget Drone pierced her through. "NANOHA!" screamed their past self as they landed.

"Now look at what you made me do!" exclaimed the younger Vita as Super Climax dropped to her knees. "I could have saved her!"

"No... no, you did..." Super Climax began to laugh. "You... I stopped you. I don't know how but..."

Abruptly, the girl vanished.

In what seemed like forever, Vita opened her eyes to see a green and unfamiliar Imagin leaning over her. "Who...?"

"You're awake!" exclaimed Deneb. "Yuto, she's awake!"

"Welcome back to the land of the living, Vita," said Yuto as he crouched next to her. "How do you feel?"

"Like I had just stopped existing for a bit..." said Vita, knowing how that felt.

"Yeah being forced out of time does that to someone. But it's all come down to this now. Are you willing to take the plunge?"

And Yuto held out the Zeronos belt and a card that was red and yellow on either side.


Lyrical Ride

Episode 09: Fish Out of Time


0076 Mid-Childan Calendar

Vita stepped off of ZeroLiner to the sight of a battle. The Saint Cradle was overhead, and in it, several familiar opponents clashed. The whole of the area was covered in mages and gadget drones as she watched everyone fight.

"That's Signum, in red? And then there's Hayate... and... Nanoha?"

Sure enough, Nanoha was flying across the skies, seemingly back to full power as Yuto joined her. "What is this?"

"This is the true timeline, the one that has been undisturbed. In this timeline, Nanoha was never injured to the point of undue harm. And she is on her way to save her daughter."

A flash of memory, a girl with dual toned eyes. "Vivio..."

"That's right. You saw her in the alternate 0079." Yuto turned to Vita. "Time is almost fixed. All it needs now is one more push."

The Zeronos belt hung heavily on her waist, having strapped it on previously. The card was gripped in her hand. "What will happen when I use this?"

"Everyone will forget. You will be erased from time."

"To be forgotten..." Vita reached up to Graf Eisen who still hung around her neck faithfully. "Is that a bad thing?"

"It's how I've lived my life, but I have Deneb, and the others." replied Yuto as Deneb nodded, having exited from ZeroLiner. "The choice is yours to make."

Vita bowed her head... and then abruptly took off. "I need to see this for myself!"


The battlefield was utter chaos, with everyone doing their best. Signum cut down gadget drone after drone when another one exploded inwards from the crumpling of a massive hammer. "Vita, I thought you were inside already," said Signum, she and Agito having been unisoned.

"Tch, it's not like I wasn't going to help you," replied Vita and Signum noticed the belt she wore. Her eyes narrowed. "Man... Graf Eisen... you about ready to do our heroic sacrifice?"

Graf Eisen sparkled in reply as Signum turned to her. "You are not Vita. Not the Vita I know. What is going on?"

"Don't worry, Signum. I won't harm this world anymore. Not while I... I... erase myself from time."

Holding up her card, the belt began to make a musical repeating sound. "Henshin." But the sound was... echoed? As another voice drew their attention as Nanoha floated there, with a similar belt. "Henshin!"

In twin flashes of light and moving parts, twin Zeronoses stood there as the shorter one gaped under her helmet. "NANOHA!? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?"

"Well I couldn't let you do this alone, Vita," replied Nanoha reasonably. "Not after you sacrificed so much for me."

"What are you two talking about and where did you get that armor?" demanded Signum.

"You..." Vita sighed. "We'll explain later, Signum. If we can."

"Yeah. Lets go, Vita." And turning towards the opponents, Nanoha held out her hand. "Momo, come!"

There was a flash of red light and a monstrous looking sword appeared in her hand. "Let me say this to start!" exclaimed Nanoha and Momo finished. "From beginning to the end, we're at a climax!"

"Heh, ready Graf Eisen?" inquired Vita, her weapon appearing.


"You two need to explain this to me when it's all over," remarked Signum seconds before the three tore a new swathe into the enemies.


As the Saint Cradle crashed to the ground, Hayate turned to look at the two similarly clad Riders, one of them holding Momo-sword, the other holding Graf Eisen. Vita rested in her arms as they floated there, seemingly holding hands. "And now?" inquired Hayate. "You two will go off together?"

"That's the only thing we can do," replied Rider-Nanoha, looking over at her double who carried the sleeping Vivio in her arms. "We've erased ourselves with the use of Zeronos. No one will remember us, but they will remember you two."

"I don't get it. But another timeline, made by the actions of one..." Fate looked at Rider-Vita who shifted nervously. "To prevent a tragedy, by making a tragedy. It must have weighed on Vita for years."

"Yeah, yeah it did," remarked Rider-Vita. "I took care of Nanoha for a long time. She was my everything, to make up for my mistake."

"It's okay, we're together," replied Rider-Nanoha. "We can finally rest."

"It's time," said Momo-sword and the pair of Riders nodded, reaching for their belts.

"Wait... will we ever see you two again?" inquired Vita from her position in Hayate's arms.

"Maybe. If you believe hard enough." And as one, the pair removed the Zeronos cards as they too vanished into a twist of light.


The sands of time stretched out infinitely across the landscape as Nanoha and Vita landed, holding hands. "Are you sure this is what you wanted, Nanoha?" inquired Vita. "You could have stayed, and I could have gone."

"No, this is what I wanted," said Nanoha. "I will miss everyone, but there's always something that I needed to do."

"And that is?" Vita blinked as she was swept into Nanoha's arms. "Hey!"

"I wanted to carry you!" exclaimed Nanoha, giggling as she stood on powerful legs. "This is something I wanted to do for years. Please... please don't let me let you go."

"... heh. No worries. I won't let you drop me if you wanted to," replied Vita, wrapping her arms around Nanoha's neck and pecking her on the cheek. "So, wandering time huh? Sounds interesting."

"Yeah, it really does." Nanoha peered into the distance. "Is that... a train station over there?"


Midchilda 0079 True Timeline

Things went along their way as according to time's flow. Vivio grew up strong, healthy, and her family was always preparing themselves for the next great adventure. But like any other adventure, there was something one was unexpecting.

It was on this day that Vivio and her friends nearly got run over by a train that appeared out of nowhere. From it, Nanoha leaped out of it, along with Vita. "Nanoha-mama?" inquired Vivio, surprised. "What...?"

"There's no time to explain right now," said Nanoha, holding out her hand to the girl who would be her daughter in another lifetime. "There's a problem back in the past. You and Einhard need to come help us."

"C'mon shrimps, the next great adventure has begun." grinned Vita. "You ready to grease the Gears of Destiny?"

Einhard and Vivio looked at each other, and then at Lio and Corona. Lio grinned. "Go on, we'll cover for you two," said the girl and Corona nodded.

"Okay. What do we have to do?" inquired Vivio as she took their hands.

"Buckle up," replied Nanoha.

"And prepare for a time tripping ride." added Vita.

As DenLiner took off into the skies, Vita watched them go from the ground. Shaking her head, she sighed. "You guys better take good care of those chibis. Or you have me to answer to."

And she held up a Rider Pass in salute before walking away.