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Mightiest - Joke app for SRWUG@

Player Name: Shaun
Personal LJ:
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Character Name: Thorlief Wodanson
Source Canon: Mightiest
Community Tag: Thorlief Wodanson

Notes: This is a obvious homage to the marvel movieverse Thor, as demonstrated by his background and his machine in total. Fight me.

Background: 5,000 years ago: there was a great battle on the surface of the earth, long since lost to history. Two races collided for supremacy over the landscape of what is known as Midgard to their people: the Frost Giants and the Asgardians. The leader of the Asgardians known as Wodan, drove the Frost Giants back to their land of Joutenheim and prevented the conquest of Earth.

20 Years Before 2nd Impact: Thorlief was born, and raised alongside his brother Loken. The two brothers were inseparable. Thorlief grew strong, brash and powerful, and Loken cunning and tricky.

2nd Impact: It was during this calamity that Thorlief was being sworn into the crown of Asgard, when suddenly the Frost Giants of Joutenheim attacked, having slipped through a crack in space. In his rage, Thorlief gathered the Warriors Three, and his brother and struck out against Joutenheim, much to Wodan's rage when he dragged his sons back. In disgrace, Thorlief was sent to Midgard, bound in the blood of a mortal form. Since then, Thorlief has lived a life of a mortal, having seen what terrible things had happened to Midgard in their absence. His hammer, Mjolnir, was cast down with him, and bound by an oath that Wodan swore upon it.

Post 2nd Impact Current Era: Thorlief Wodan is a researcher at a nearby facility where Mjolnir had fallen. Having realized his father would not budge, he once tried to reclaim his weapon but ultimately failed. It was here that he has been learning the humility that is required to wield the position that he was required to have.

Personality: A once arrogant and brash man, Thorlief has been learning humility, and the burden of being mortal once more. His powerful strikes that once shattered the universe in tow, has now become a mere shadow of his own self, and thus he has become humbled, burdened with the mortality but also satisfied with it. He has discovered affection, caring and love, and it has brought himself closer to the world than he had ever been.

He still holds affection for his family, even if Loken and Wodan do not speak to him anymore. Being estranged from his family for so long, he manages to press on, hoping one day he will earn the right to become the god that he had once been. He keeps family close to his heart, even without the ability to speak with them anymore.

He can be brash at times, with words and actions but has tamed it severely over the course of the long years that had been part of his life. His relationship with Judith Foster and her team of scientists has been amicable, and he has shared his life with them.

To strangers, he can be welcoming unless proved otherwise. He will leap to people's defence in any situation, be it harmful to himself, to minimize damage to others. Without his need to help people, Thorlief would have not adjusted so well to the rest of the world, and he has kept their small desert town alive with the care and love that he has found for his life.

He is a hero, a champion and will not back down from any fight or battle. His strength comes from within, and even if he feels that he would never be worthy of his hammer once more, he will be able to press on, knowing that everything he is doing would give him home, and trust for others.

Capabilities and Resources: Scientist in Astrophysics and Wormholes, as well as "ex"-god.

Robot Name: Thorsvarme
Robot Description: Thorsvarme is a powerful super robot-frame, the size of a S machine which hugs Thorlief like a glove. Within it's frame lays the power of the universe at his fingertips and is powered by it's Yggdrasil system, and it wields the powerful Mjolnir, the center of the weapon systems. Having a short range is no problem for Thorsvarme as it has the ability to whip up lightning storms and use it to its advantage for offensive and defensive capabilities. Whirling the weapon around, it propels the machine into the air for explosive periods of flight. Being his chariot which once was driven in space, this also has a high ranking in the worlds between. With it, Thorlief can also approach the Gatekeeper and ask him to open the Bifrost, their world's Wormhole Tunnel System.

Terrain Stats: (This is optional, but for those who have played SRW, this is a good way to give us a quick judge of how good your mech is overall. For those of you who haven't played the games, they are measured: --, D, C, B, A, S, with -- or D meaning it can't fight there at all and S being the best. Note that only upgrades tend to have an S unless they are entirely gimped or unusable in other areas.)
Land: A
Air: B
Space: B

Upgrades: (if any)

Job: Scientist, Smiter of Bad Things

Suggested Event List:

Mission 01: The God of Thunder
Description: Receiving a distress signal from a scientific outpost in some location, the crew meets up with a massive super robot called the Destroyer who is wrecking the town in search of the device and the wielder of it: Dr. Thorn Wodanson. During the battle against the seemingly invincible machine, Thorn sacrifices his life against it, and is reborn as the God of Thunder, Thorlief. Summoning his steed to him, the mighty machine Thorsvarme, the group takes it down after Thorlief strikes it with the hammer that he wields. Deciding that their work is too valuable to be left behind, Thorlief vows to join them, as with Dr. Judith Foster and her team. Thorlief remarks that it is the coming of the end of days, the prophesized Ragnarok, and to defeat it, they must find the three keys that will put the enormous Jormungandr to sleep once more before it consumes the world.

Mission 02: The Belt of Ages
Description: Finding a clue to the first key, Thorlief leads the crew to a shrine in Norway that has murals scribbled along it. But sleeping in the tomb is the old Frost Giant King, Lafey who wakes up the massive machine that he once piloted. To get to the belt, they need to fight their way through the battlefield and defeat Lafey who has been awoken by a sinister evil that lurks in the stars far away from Midgard.

Mission 03: Iron Gloves to Hold Them
Description: The iron gloves Jarngreipr are on sale in an auction in Italy or some other major location. It is up to them to find a way to obtain it. But suddenly without warning, another one of Thorlief's old foes appears, the mighty Hymir who wields the massive multi-headed machine that is similar to hydras of the old days. For every head they smash they will need to defeat them all at once to defeat it!

Mission 04: Staff of Wisdom
Description: The staff is none other than in the hands of Thorlief's latest enemy, a shadowy figure that calls himself Ettin. A king of monsters as he proclaims himself, he was sent there by the one who had him exiled to earth in the first place, Wodan! It is here that Thorlief discovers his own brother had him cast out due to his machinations, and Thorlief vows to stop his mad quest to begin Ragnarok.

Mission 05: The Serpent
Description: Arriving at the location where the massive machine lays, Thorlief hopes to use the items to stop it from activating, but the three keys' presence awakens the ancient war machine! Rising up out of the ice of the Artic Circle, they fight Loken who has descended from Asgard in order to fight his brother head on, by merging with the infinite power of the machine. In the end, Thorlief is forced to defeat his brother, and cast him into the void, at the cost of never seeing Asgard again.

Sample Post: *REQUIRED* (This should be in character, though it could be a journal entry or an action post or what have you. The purpose of this is to get a feel for your writing style and portrayal of the character.)