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Meetings - Fourze/Smile Precure Draft v1 Unfinished

"Seems like there's a lot of students here right now," remarked Gentarou as he was putting on his period costume. A group of students had come in, dressed in the uniform of the Nanairogaoka Middle School.

"I wouldn't be surprised, it is the new school year after all," replied Ryuusei, fitting on the hat again. "Where's Yuuki and Yukina?"

"Ah they're off getting ready. We should be--whoa!"


In a collision of bodies, Gentarou and a girl with buns in her hair went down in a heap, objects flying everywhere. Ryuusei was up instantly in his chair but he relaxed. "You're really out of it today, Gentarou."

"Sorry, sorry, my bad!" exclaimed Gentarou, sitting up to see a cute girl a couple of years younger than he was, rubbing her head. "I didn't see you there!"

"It's okay, I've been drawing the worst luck recently!" exclaimed the girl. "I should get back to my group. Sorry!"

"It's okay. Go on." The girl bowed and ran out, only to trip on the door. Gen winced. "Man that is bad luck."

Reaching to his side, he blinked and frowned, patting himself down. "Oh crap... where is it?"

"Where is what?" asked Ryuusei.

"The Fourze Driver... it's GONE!"

Ryuusei was already out the door, looking around. "That girl... she must have took it somehow!" Looking down, he picked up a small compact. "This must be hers..."

Already three blocks away into the streets of Kyoto, Miyuki was fishing around in her bag. "It's gone! It's not here! And... what's this?" From her bag, she withdrew a large object with four symbols on it in varying colors.

"Hey, Miyuki, hurry up or we'll leave you behind!" called out Akane.

"AH! Coming!"


Space... the final frontier, filled with infinite cosmic energy. It's a beautiful world.

A rainbow full of smiles, five lights paving the way towards a meeting that should never happen.

Written by Shaun Garin


"Nowhere here...! Nowhere! NOWHERE!" Yuuki sunk to her knees. "Where is it?!"

"I didn't find it this way," said Ryuusei as he and Gentarou met up. "The Fourze Driver could be miles away now."

"Kengo's going to KILL ME." groaned Gentarou. "Did you find anyone looking for that compact, Yuuki?"

"About that..." Their heads swivelled towards Yukina who was powdering her nose with the puff. The boys hung their heads as Yuuki wailed, "I'm sorry!"

"Don't be, you did your best," reassured Ryuusei. "Let's split up some more and..."

A sort of shock went through the pair as they stumbled to their knees. 'What is this? A mental attack?' thought Ryuusei as he struggled to keep from falling over. Gentarou was doing the same and Yuuki, well, she was already puddled into a heap. People everywhere were collapsing, black energy trailing from their bodies. "What is this? Some kind of mental attack?"

"Oi, oi Ryuusei, you okay?" asked Gentarou seconds before a body rolled into view. "Kengo!"

Kengo looked drained, like all hope had been sapped from him. "It's over... I'll never find my father's research..."

"Some kind of psychic attack," said Ryuusei. "Zodiarts probably."

"Damn. This Libra's doing?" Looking over to Yukina, she had collapsed into a heap, bemoaning something ineligible as Gentarou picked up the compact that had fallen from her hands.

"I don't know. Since everyone's incapacitated though..." And Ryuusei strapped on the Meteor Driver. "I'll have a look around. Henshin!"

Gentarou nodded. "I'll go with you..." Meteor took off into the distance. "Or not..."

Selecting a random direction, he took off.


"The Red Oni!" exclaimed Akane as she and the other girls skidded into view.

"Ah, Precure? What are you doing in Kyoto?!" demanded the Red Oni.

"We were going to ask you the same thing!" exclaimed Nao.

"Everyone, transform!" exclaimed Candy from Yayoi's bag.

"Right." Fishing out their Smile Pacts, the girls held them up. But then everyone looked at Miyuki. "Miyuki, what's wrong?" asked Yayoi.

"You guys...!" sniffled Miyuki. "I lost my smile pact!"

"N-no way! Where?!" exclaimed Reika.

"I don't know! All I found is this in my bag!" And Miyuki held up the Fourze Driver to which the others stared.

"Did... you buy something and not tell us?" asked Akane. But there was a strange look on Yayoi's face as she exclaimed, "It couldn't be...!"

"Yayoi, do you know what this is?" asked Reika.

"Pah, it's just a piece of plastic," grumbled the Red Oni as he held up Miyuki's slip of Terrible Luck and a Blue Nose. "Come forth, Akanbe!"

"Gah, there's no time for this! Miyuki, stay back! Everyone lets go!" exclaimed Akane and the others nodded, transforming as they did so.

Taking shelter behind a tree, Miyuki watched her friends as they launched attack after attack, blocking the punishing strikes that seemed to bounce towards every part of her hiding spot. Ducking around another tree, Miyuki groaned. "What's with today?!"

"Precure Sunny Fire!" The explosion rocked the area but when the dust settled, the Akanbe still stood as Sunny collapsed to her knees, panting.

"So it's true, our attacks have no effect on these new Akanbe," observed Beauty. "We need to perform the Rainbow Healing!"

"We can't, not without...!" March and Peace looked over at Miyuki who looked down, clenching hands around the device.

"Not without me," said Miyuki. "We can't beat it without me I... I want to help but...!"

"Useless!" exclaimed the Red Oni as he directed his Akanbe towards them. "All of that is useless, Precure!"

"AKANBE!" Firing a ball at Miyuki, she screamed and threw herself to the side, landing on the device. "OW!"

"Miyuki, are you all right?" demanded Sunny as Miyuki got up, the Driver attached to her middle. "The heck? Is that a belt?!"

"AH!" Peace gaped and exclaimed, "Miyuki! That's a transformation belt!"

"EH!? HOW DO YOU KNOW?" demanded Miyuki as she dodged another attack.

"It looks like Space-Man's belt from Masked Hero Space-Man! Try to activate it!" called out Peace, seconds before she was blown into a wall.

"Peace!" Miyuki held up her arms to shield herself as Sunny and March caught the ball from impacting onto her. "Everyone!"

"If Peace is right, then you're our only hope, Miyuki! Do it!"

Miyuki trembled but nodded, getting to her feet. "I won't let you hurt anyone else, Red Oni!"

And frantically she started hitting switches out of order, until the red ones were flipped. There was a loud ringing noise as the Driver charged up and stated to count down in a loud voice.


"Peace what do I do now?!"


"Exclaim henshin!" yelled Peace as she blocked another strike.


"H-henshin!" exclaimed Miyuki, expecting something to happen. But when a moment passed and nothing happened, she looked at her hands. "Um, I don't feel transformed."


"It's counting down again! Peace!"

"The throttle stick, Miyuki!" said Beauty, pointing it out. "Try throwing it when the countdown is finished!"


"I won't let you do that!" exclaimed the Oni, sailing down and taking a swing of his massive club. It splintered the ground around Miyuki and she was sent flying.



Grabbing the throttle in mid-fall, Miyuki threw it. "HENSHIN!"


Meteor landed just as the world faded back to its normal colors. "What in the world...?" he muttered as he started looking for the source of it.

Nothing seemed to be out of place, and people were getting up. Making a tsk noise, he walked away, undoing his transformation just as Gentarou ran up with Kengo under his arm and Yuuki supporting Yukina. "Ryuusei, did you find it?"

"I didn't. I also didn't find the source of the phenomenon." replied Ryuusei.

Surprisingly, Kengo didn't look too pissed off as he said, "He might have lost it, but there's a good chance we'll find clues if we retrace our steps."

"Oi, Kengo, you're not mad?" inquired Gentarou who then recoiled at Kengo's eerie smile.

"Mad? Mad at you for losing my father's work? Why NO I am not mad at you one bit. But I'm too tired to yell at you right now, so let's just keep looking." With that, Kengo stalked off.