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Experiments - YPC5 GoGo Shortfic


Quiet day in Nutts House, soon to be quickly shattered by Nozomi who was buried nose deep in a teen magazine. "Hey Rin, what do you think kissing a girl is like?"

Rin dropped her drink. Urara paused with a cream puff halfway towards her mouth, mouth open. Komachi's pencil dropped to the notebook in shock. Karen choked on her tea. And Kurumi stared.

"W-why..." Rin composed herself. "... where did you come up with that?"

Nozomi sat up, holding up said magazine which had a picture of two cherry-red lips near one another. "Well this magazine said all girls our age experiment once in a while!"

"I don't think that magazine is really accurate..." deadpanned Rin.

Nozomi blinked, read through it and said, "Ah! It says here childhood friends experiment once in a while. Okay, I'm kissing Rin! It's decided!"

Rin gaped. "That logic doesn't even make any sense-mmph!"

And then she was pounced by a enthusiastic Nozomi who initiated liplock.

Dead. Silence.

And then Nozomi released Rin. "Hmm Rin tastes like chocolate!"

"She does?" asked Urara, staring at the spectacle. "Then, maybe I taste like curry then?"

"Why don't you kiss Rin and find out?" pointed out Nozomi.

"That's not an acceptable reason!" roared Rin, taking chase of Nozomi.

"Such a strange day," remarked Karen, dabbing her shirt free of tea. Komachi could only nod, her cheeks a brilliant red, and her mind going a mile a minute. Kurumi was stammering, pointing as the girls ran around in circles around the table.

"Way to pick them," uttered Nuts to a pole-axed Coco who could only nod at the sight of Nozomi holding Rin down as Urara closed in with lips puckered.