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Untitled Heartcatch Future Fic - Unfinished Draft

"Where am I?"

Rumi stood at the edge of a blackened landscape, the land covered in large note-like shapes everywhere. Blackened sweets were strewn everywhere. Broken toy blocks, and what appeared to be a destroyed garden sat there. And a crushed chair, no, throne stood in the distance, its sheer size giving way to the enormity of the situation.

"Am... I dreaming?"

Just then, an orb of light flickered to the side, giggling as it did so. "Come, come!" chirped a feminine voice. "Come!"

"Wait, hold on a second!" Taking chase, Rumi chased the giggling light which repeated the same thing over and over again, leading her through ruined landscapes of twisted toys and broken sweets, musical decorations and a decayed rose garden. Eventually they stood at the broken throne, and Rumi gazed up as the light flickered around the throne. "Sit, sit!" chirped the voice.

"... if you say so." Always to this point, Rumi had woken up, but now, she climbed up the stairs, one massive step at a time until she was able to grab a hold of the vines that wrapped the throne. Hand over hand she climbed up until she was standing on the throne's seat. It felt warm as she sat down as the light flickered around her.

Suddenly, a huge tree blossomed into view, its massive boughs glittering with rainbow light. Rumi shielded her eyes as a voice spoke into her mind. "Welcome."

"H-hi. What am I doing here? Who are you anyway?"

"I am all that is left. Of the great ancient powers, this is all that remains of our strength. I am the Great Heart Tree..."

"The same Great Heart Tree that empowered the Precure?" inquired Rumi.

"The one and the same. Listen to me, there is not much time. Our time grows short, and there is a great peril soon to arrive. The Precure will need your help once more, in the great worlds beyond."

"I don't understand, shouldn't the Precure stop this threat? I mean, Tsubomi and the others..."

"It needs to be you and your companions who do, for the torch has been passed down. Take heart, and hold up your hand."

Rumi held up her hand, and there was a flash of light. Spinning into her fingers, a small device was held. "This is the Rainbow Perfume. Its function will be clear once your journey begins."

"Find your companions, and set forth on your journey. Only then will you know what the future has in store for you."


"Rumi, Rumi wake up."

"Mmmph." Sleepily, Rumi opened her eyes to look up at her sister who hovered overhead. Yawning, she said, "Nanami-neechan. Whatcha doing here? I thought you'd be at work already..."

"I'm going in later today," said Nanami, pulling her sister upright. "C'mon you need to get ready. Aren't you and Haruka going out today?"

"Ack," replied Rumi eloquently as she threw the sheets off. "Why didn't you wake me sooner?"

"Well you were having such a nice dream, it seemed wrong to interrupt it," snickered Nanami. Rumi scowled in the middle of her mad dash to get ready and threw her pillow at her sister.

"Mou, neechan go kiss your boyfriend or something," pouted Rumi.

"He's my fiance, not my boyfriend," retorted Nanami but she let her sister get ready.


"You're late!" exclaimed Haruka, pointing in an accusatory manner at her best friend. "Slept in again?"

"As usual," groaned Rumi, shaking her head. "It's bad on weekdays during school, but I never get any sleep."

"Bad dreams again?" Haruka knew that Rumi had the occasional bad dream, from missing their mother who had died when Rumi was a young girl, to the Desertian Battles from ten years ago. Seeing her sister become encased in crystal was traumatizing for Rumi at that age.

"Just weird stuff. Something about a Land of Music being in trouble..." Rumi remarked, rubbing her eyes.

Haruka gave her friend an even look. "And something about finding a Grand Fairy, wasn't it?" At Rumi's surprised look, Haruka smirked. "Geez Rumi, you should tell me these things sooner! Doesn't this sound like something we were told once?"

"You mean the same kind of dreams Tsubomi-nee, Erika-nee and Itsuki-nee had before?" Rumi groaned. "Man, I don't want to do that sort of thing...!"

"It could be coincidence, but I don't want to peg it as sheer coincidence."