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Who Framed Roger Rabbit Storylines

A while ago, I came up with the idea of Fred Valiant as a RP character. While the name and motivations are liberally borrowed from Merlin Missy's The Merry Go Round Broke Down, the setting is traditionally anime-styled.

I had decided to retool the whole idea, so that it also wouldn't ping too much on The Anime Detective as well, another good read and came up with Miku as a supporting character.

Name: Miku Hatsune
Race: Female, Toon
Age: 18ish
Job: Sony Concert Diva
Location: Hollywood, Toon Town

Notes: Miku is a toon, which means she is not noticeably human or a robot or anything. She is a 3D girl with a sort of clarity to her colors and whatever she wears at that time. Anyone interacting with Miku can tell she's not human, but she can touch, feel and taste everything. Due to interacting with toons of the west, she's picked up some tricks to be as silly and invincible as they can be.

She can't be killed in the same way normal toons can (Dipped) but if you damage her harddrive or smash it or upload a virus, or just delete her program, Miku can die. Fortunately this harddrive is safely kept away from prying eyes, and not on any local connections either.

She prefers normal clothing between her traditional look, even with the ability to quick change her costumes. Her usual day is spent in class or rehearsing songs.

Miku was born through the Project Diva artworks, having been drawn up by the creators of her music program. Given a voice, she was one of the new digital animated toons that were now beginning to populate the world. Initially naive and wide eyed, many older toons resented the fact she was a new digital toon or digi as they referred to them. But like Buzz and Woody, she would soon come to show them that she was a nice person, and never treated anyone ill if she could help it.

Being the headline mascot of the Vocaloid music creator, Miku's popularity rocketed to stardom as she began to perform for people in Japan, and soon moved on to larger concerts. Her fanbase grew and so did her skill at singing the songs that were provided to her by her manager. It was here in Japan that Miku was involved in a hit and run, and her statement was taken down by TPD's finest detective, Fred Valiant, the grandson of the famous Eddie Valiant. She got involved in the case which involved an old toon returning to take his revenge on the Valiants.

Eddie and Miku became friends and soon, met Roger Rabbit who had come overseas to bring Eddie home for a case. Miku went with Eddie and Roger, and became friends. She lives in the mansion that belongs to Jessica and Roger, having no home of her own in America, and performs nightly at the local concert halls.

Many toons resented her, being both Japanese created and a digi, but soon began to like her since Miku was so friendly. She made good friends in the traditionals and the digis, and managed to win some of the more jaded toons over who hadn't seen anything but residuals for the last few years. It was around this time that Miku's manager was murdered in her room, and Miku was framed. Fred obviously didn't take it lying down and he cleared her name, revealing it was a traditional toon-version of Miku, sort of a dark reflection. Even without a name, she threw herself into a vat of dip even when Miku tried to help her.

With her name cleared, her friends and popularity grew and Miku decided she wanted to attend college. With the help of a couple of well off toons and the Valiants, Miku began to attend the local college, as well as make friends with some older members of the toon faculty. She became a fast favourite of Granny and Tweety, two of the head faculty at UCLA. Miku is currently attending the Criminal Studies program in between performances and has had voiceovers for other shows. Her English improving, she has began to guest star on various shows and commercials. Toyota has also given her a tv spot with their new commercial.

Currently the twins are saving up to come visit her while she studies in UCLA while Luka and Gakupo manage things at home.

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