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Lyrical Ride 8 - Preview


It was a word that Nanoha hadn’t expected to hear, but Momotaros’s genuine regret, and Kohana’s troubled expression said it all. She was dead. But she didn’t feel dead.

“I don’t feel dead,” said Nanoha, hands trembling as she touched his hand.

“It’s because you’ve been with Momotaros for so long,” said Kohana as she sat down next to Nanoha. “You are more Imagin than you are human right now. But only by virtue that he’s giving you his own power to help you survive.”

“Yeah but it won’t last,” said Momotaros. “Once I give up all my power to you, I’ll fade from existence. I’ll be back some day, but not any time soon. At least I think.”

“No way…” breathed Nanoha. “Isn’t there anything that can be done?”

“Che… I wish there was. But you’re too important to let anyone die. If maybe a stronger Imagin who could grant a wish and undo it could help, but right now…” Momotaros struck the table, making Nanoha jump. “I don’t want to fade, but I’m bound by it! And I don’t want to leave you: we’ve been together just as long as I was with Ryotaro!”

“But I don’t want you to give up your life for mine!” exclaimed Nanoha.

“I’m telling you it can’t be stopped! My life…. My life will end in four more days,” said Momotaros sadly. “Please, Nanoha. I don’t say please often, but try to make the most of it. I still have your wish to grant before I fade.”

“Momo, c’mon. Let’s give her some space,” said Kohana and Momotaros got up to leave. But then found himself grabbed by Nanoha who hugged him.

“Don’t leave me…”

Momotaros grimaced but hugged her back. “I wish I didn’t have to…”

Lyrical Ride

Episode 08: The Price of Wishes


Vita looked up at Nanoha who sat at the doorway, a package on her knees. “I heard from Shamal you were sick so I came by with some soup.”

“I’m not hungry,” said Vita as she pulled her sheets up more.

Rolling into the room, Nanoha put the soup to the side and rested a hand on Vita. “Momo told me everything.” Vita jerked under the sheets and turned her back to Nanoha. “Vita…”

“You must hate me,” croaked out Vita, her voice raw from crying.

“What do you mean?”

“I ruined your life. If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t be like this. I could have stopped it but I didn’t finish the job properly.” Vita tried not to think about the hand that was rubbing up and down her side. “Nanoha… d-don’t do that. I don’t want your pity.”

“It’s not pity.” And Nanoha pulled herself out of her chair and sat down on Vita’s bed, curling up behind her and resting her hand on Vita. “Vita… you… I have to thank you. For all the time we spent together. Even if you didn’t mean it, you protected me.”

“But…!” protested Vita. “But… I caused it. All of it. The attack, the wounds… if I weren’t so stubborn, I could have saved you!”

“There’s something else, isn’t there?” inquired Nanoha quietly. “What did you see, in the future?”

Vita was silent for a moment. And then she replied, “I saw us. Together. There was a little girl, much too old to be our biological child but she had your smile Nanoha. And my stature for the time being. She called me mama. It made me feel warm inside, even if I knew it was too good to be true.”

“… really?” To think that Vita would adopt. That THEY would adopt. What about Fate?

“What about Fate-chan?”

“She was there too. She was Fate-mama. And there was Yuuno-papa.”

Nanoha boggled at that for a moment. “F-four of us? Together?”

“Same bed too,” admitted Vita, trying not to think of the implications of that. “And Fate and Yuuno were still bonded to the Taroses too. But you weren’t. You didn’t even know who Momotaros was.”

Silence. And Nanoha said after a moment, “There’s probably a reason for that.”

“… you must hate me.” Said Vita again, curling up. “I don’t deserve to be a mother… or your lover. I can’t take you away from Fate…”

“If the future was set in stone, you wouldn’t worry about that,” said Nanoha.

Vita was silent for a moment, but then the rustling of sheets caught her attention as Nanoha pressed up against her back, curling into Vita’s back. “Wha…?”

“You’ve been with me for ages, Vita.” Said Nanoha as she wrapped the girl into a hug, strong arms holding the smaller woman close. “Try to get some sleep, okay?”

“… kay.” Said Vita.

“At least he doesn’t snore,” said Rein as she and Hayate worked on the paperwork documenting the latest Imagin attack. She looked over at Kintaros who had his arms folded and his head was tilted back a little.

“Just like a bear though to be sleeping all the time,” giggled Hayate. “I wonder where Nanoha is though.”

“We should call her,” said Rein, bringing up the screen. The line rang a couple of times, and then connected to a familiar bedroom. “Nanoha? What are you doing at the house?”

“Mrgh…?” Nanoha looked up on the screen and rubbed her eyes. “Sorry, Hayate. I must have fallen asleep with Vita.”

“Heh… so you did THAT?” inquired Hayate mischeveously, causing Vita to go red and sputter a little. “Kidding, I’m kidding! Seriously though, can you two come to the office? We need to discuss what happens next.”

“Right. Vita, let’s get going.”

“In any case, what do we do now?” inquired Hayate. “If Momotaros really is fading away due to, well…”

“Like I said, only way out of this is to WISH their way out,” said Momotaros. “And it’s going to take a really strong Imagin to do that.”

In the muted silence, Momotaros looked up, grinning. “But never mind that. There’s an Imagin out there right now.”

“Again? Ah man…” Nanoha winced instinctively as Momotaros lunged at her and in a flash of light, the pair were standing up, her hair sticking up wildly.

“All right, time to get going,” said Momotaros, cracking their knuckles and getting a wince from Vita.

“Do you have to go all out in her body?” inquired Vita crossly. “You know how delicate Nanoha can be!”

“Feh, you don’t know our strength then, chibi-loli,” smirked Momotaros. “We never do warning shots. When I climax within Nanoha, our real strength appears!”

There was a simultaneous spittake of at least five people in the room as Momotaros ran out yelling “Ikuzi, Ikuzi, Ikuzi!”

Coughing up her coffee, Fate dabbed her chest and exclaimed, “Momotaros! That’s not a good way to put it!”

Vita was taking a walk to clear her head as Den-O was sent out into the field. No, not Den-O, Nanoha. It was her fault that Nanoha was still putting herself in danger and she was groaning, rubbing her head.

“This is so my fault,” grumbled Vita as she sat down on a bench. “What in the world am I going to do?”

A shower of answering feathers jolted Vita out of her funk as a white Imagin danced into view. “Advent! To the top!” he proclaimed, pointing his hand into the air. “Ah hime, I knew I’d find you here.”

“… who are you?” inquired Vita. Was this another Imagin? A white one no less calling her princess?

“Mmm! I am Seig, and I was sent here to bring you for the second time loop.” He smiled at Vita and bowed politely. “Hime, or rather Kohana-sama, has asked me to bring you there.”

“Wait, you mean you’re going to make me go through that disastrous day again?” demanded Vita. “Why?”

“Because it has to be done. The tracks of time must be protected, and things must happen for a reason.” Seig held out his hand to Vita and Vita sighed before taking it – seconds before he jumped into her.

Relax, my princess. There is nothing to worry about.

Yeah right, thought Vita, but kept her mouth shut as they went for the door and to DenLiner.

“Oi, Chibi-loli, you up for this?” inquired Momotaros as he looked up at Vita who looked incredibly unsure of herself. The girl was gripping the Pass tightly, and her jaw was set.

Vita looked at Momo who looked back at her. She didn’t get the gist of it, because apparently this was “Momo and yet not Momo”. But she nodded. “I’ll... have to do my best.”

“Yaaay, we’re going to fight even if it’s a draw!” exclaimed Ryuuta, though no one believed the cheer he was putting out.

“We’ve arrived,” said Urataros simply and Kintaros nodded. “Make it count, Vita-san.”

Stepping out into the battlefield, Vita prepared herself for the hardest thing she could possibly do. “STOP!”

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