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Exceed Infinity - Nanoha/Kamen Rider OOO

A little thing before I post it. Obviously it's just a preview of the idea, but like most of my Nanoha AU, it's tangentially connected to Lyrical Ride as it's the Cross-Time Nanoha AU series I like to dabble in. Most of my fics with these kinds of AUs are slightly related.

Basic idea here is that Nanoha had no encounter with magic. No magic meant she had no real direction, and her ambition and desire sort of boiled to nothing. Enter Anhk. You know how well this is going to end.

Projected 10ish chapters at most. It's a short story. And yes, I'm working on Lyrical Ride today too.

On many worlds, a Rider was born. Many are similar, others are different. Each world is separate, but some are connected. Slowly, day by day, they managed to become closer and closer together.

This is a tale of one world, focused on a girl named Nanoha Takamachi. Having grown up without the power of magic, she had no idea what to do with her life. Day by day she would go through school, watching her friends find their place in the world.

It was this day, at age 16 that she discovered a red coin that had fallen from a museum truck, and it changed her life forever.


Exceed Infinity

Written by Shaun Garin


Exceed 01


"I'm home," called out Nanoha, pushing the door open as she stepped into the house. Removing her shoes and donning slippers, she headed inside to the welcoming call from her sister Miyuki.

"Welcome home," replied Miyuki from the kitchen, holding a ladle in her hand.

Nanoha pouted a little. "Miyuki-neechan, you're not cooking are you? You know your cooking is bad."

"You little shrimp," grumbled Miyuki, reaching out to bonk Nanoha on the head. "My cooking's getting better."

"For no lack of trying," replied Kyouya as he stepped into the room. "Smells good though. But we all know it's probably leading into food poisoning."

"HEY!" Miyuki growled.

"Kyouya-niichan you're back home today?" inquired Nanoha.

"Well yeah. I've got a few days off so I came back from Hong Kong. Couldn't miss my little sister's birthday, right?" He reached out and rubbed Nanoha's head, to which she pouted.

"Mou, I'm not a kid anymore," grumbled Nanoha, irritated.

"No, you're a teenager who hasn't even started studying for her entrance exams into a college, which makes it worse." replied Kyouya. "Seriously Nanoha, can you at least find something you want to do?"

"... is it really so bad to be aimless right now? I'm only 16 and I did pass my high school entrance exams." replied Nanoha, casting her glance downwards.

"I admit that you got into the same school as Suzuka and Arisa did, but you need to make sure that you keep up your studies. Bs and Cs are beneath you, Nanoha. You're better than that." said Miyuki, tasting the soup stock.

Nanoha bit her lip and with that, dashed upstairs. "Hey Nanoha, c'mon!" exclaimed Miyuki, watching her go. "Mou. Kyouya, can't you go talk some sense into her?"

"She's too stubborn for that. She gets it from dad." replied Kyouya, heaving a sigh. "Look Miyuki, just hold the fort. I'll go see what's up."


Bursting into her room, Nanoha flung herself onto her bed. "Stupid neechan, telling me what to do."

It wasn't to say that Nanoha didn't have the capability to become whatever she wanted, but she had no drive, no desire to do so. As she buried her head in her pillow, the red coin she found rolled out of her jacket pocket.

Picking it up, she looked at the stylized animal on the front. "I should have returned this," she remarked.

"Pretty coin," said Kyouya as he came into the room and Nanoha jerked and whirled on him. "Look Nanoha, Miyuki's just concerned, that's all."

"I know," replied Nanoha, sighing. "I just, I want to find what I'm good at but I don't know what I can do to do so."

Sitting down next to her, he patted her on the head. "It's been like this since you were ten, hasn't it? You try a lot of things but you never actually find out what you want to do, right?"

"Yeah." Nanoha sighed at that. "Maybe I'll just take over the Midoriya. Mom and dad are getting on in their years."

"But would you be happy being a cake and tea seller all your life?" inquired Kyouya. "Or do you want something more out of it?"

"I don't know," replied Nanoha. "I know a lot of girls my age have aspirations and such, but I just don't know."

Kyouya was silent for a moment, and then leaned back and sprawled atop her. "H-hey! Get off Kyouya-niichan you're heavy!"

"Nope!" replied Kyouya. "You're way too down so I get to sprawl on you."

"Mou! Shinobu-neechan's going to be mad at you!" retorted Nanoha, struggling under her brother's weight.

Despite this, a smile was appearing on Nanoha's face as he got her into a headlock. Trust Kyouya to find a way to make her smile despite everything.

"And return that coin tomorrow."



"It's... a mess." deadpanned Suzuka as she looked at the ruins of the building. There was a huge pile of rubble everywhere, and the museum itself looked gutted from the inside.

"Wasn't this one of your families museums, Arisa?" inquired Nanoha faintly, rolling the red coin around in her hand.

"No, this was on lease to us by the Kougami Foundation. I'm... kind of surprised there was this much damage without anyone reporting it in," said Arisa, scowling. "We should check to see if they even want that coin back."

"Yeah." Heading towards the building, Nanoha stopped at the police line and waved at the nearby officer. "Excuse me?"

Looking up, the officer headed over to them. He was dressed in a suit which meant he was from some of the higher ranks. "Yes?"

"I found this on the way home from school yesterday," said Nanoha, holding up the red coin. "It fell from a truck headed here. I was wondering if there were people wanting it back?"

"Ah, well it's not really evidence so just hold onto it for now," said the detective. "I'll give you my number in case you need to ask though."

Holding out a card, Nanoha read it off. "Detective Shingo Izumi?" He nodded and she smiled. "Thank you. I'll be sure to keep in touch if need be."

Turning around, Arisa scowled. "Well that was a big waste of time. We should have gone to the Kougami Foundation instead."

"Could we even get in?" inquired Suzuka.

"Possibly," replied Arisa. "Nanoha, what are you planning on doing right now?"

"Ah, I think I'll head home," replied Nanoha. "Miyuki's riding on me pretty hard to study for next week's exam."

"She does that," said Suzuka. "You should at least. We'll go for kareoke after the exam, okay?"

"Yeah sounds good. Bye!"

As Nanoha headed off, a hand crept after her, floating in the air. "Give me back, my Core Medal...!"