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It's Another Short Time Again

Ladies and gentlemen my name is TotalbiscuitShaun with another short.

It's been six months since the release of World of Warcraft Cataclysm. Actually seven now that we're now in June. And quite properly it's causing some concern. Our commentator Totalbiscuit has left the scene, disgusted with the lack of Abyssal Maw and I really don't blame him. I myself have no idea what the hell I am doing and just farming out Justice Points. Hell I could just simply top out and let myself have tons of it for when the new Tier 12 comes out, and Tier 11 gets bumped down.

I've settled into my new routine of weekends being absolute garbage for my RP drive, as well as games and other assorted media. In this I am a mixed bag cause I really like my weekends, but I also like MONEY which is said for a lot of things. Still, the work isn't hard and downright relaxing at times. Just me and the road and a little "Here's your pizza".

After procrastinating due to the fact of said money issues, I have recently come into the price range for Pokemon Black. Does anyone ANYONE wonder just how much stuff they put into this game? It's well paced, beautifully made, lots of bells, whistles and charm put into it. Though the free win from the first gym battle is slightly questionable but hell I am not complaining about that.

Duke Nukem Forever is coming out soon. I dunno what to think about that. It's been 12 frickin years since the last one came out and as much as I loved blowing up pigcops and vicious rounds of 2v2 being put down, I have to admit that I am on the fence for this one. It looks fantastic and the gameplay of the demo seems fine enough. Still, dunno.

Finally some fanfic stuff. I've been debating on how to proceed with RPM StrikerS as well as several other projects. I've quit the TV Tropes Negima Forum cause I was really not getting any decent feedback there. Also, I think my Rider love is just as strong as ever. I'll have to incorporate more of that into my fics. Also I'd like to somehow get a Frontier/Den-O crossover going.

As a last note, I've been RPing and I might want to try for Taichi. I have him, but I haven't done anything with him. Which is the problem. I downloaded the movies and the anime, so we'll see what comes up.

We'll see you all next time.

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