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Timelines - More Of It

Madoka couldn’t help it: she fainted.

“Well, that was halfway expected,” remarked Kevin dryly.

Coming to, Madoka could feel a cool sensation on her cheek as her eyes fluttered open to look up at Sayaka who was pressing a can of juice against her cheek. “You’re awake,” said Sayaka fondly, stroking her friend’s hair.

It was already night and despite everything, they had moved to a park nearby where the Witch Dimension had been. The giant monster was gone, but in its place was a green eyed teenager who was peering over a laptop that the red headed girl had brought out. The big muscled guy stood to the side, arms folded as he and Homura who had deemed to stay around for whatever reason was lurking nearby, her hands curled around a can of juice.

Mami seemed peaceful enough, but her hands were clenched tightly around a can of hot tea with a green jacket slung over her shoulders. She had a slightly nervous expression on her face, flinching whenever someone came by. Granted, it was more due to her near immediate dance with death than anything else, but her expression was mostly serene.

“What happened? Did I… faint?” asked Madoka, looking at the assembled people. The boys couldn’t be Puella Magi, right? The girl possibly but she didn’t sport any jewelry of any kind to signify the use of a Soul Gem.

“Passed out from the stress,” remarked the dark haired teenager who she had come to identify as ‘potentially dangerous’. “Man, what are unpowered kids doing in the middle of a deadly firefight?”

Sayaka shifted so that she was hovering protectively over Madoka as she glared daggers. “We’re going to become Magical Girls, or at least we’re thinking about it,” snapped Sayaka. “What’s it to you?”

“That kind of dedication is great and all, but you both saw what nearly happened today,” said the green eyed boy. “When you step into the battlefield, people can die.”

Mami flinched at that and the red head shot him a look. “Ben, stop it. This is enough for tonight.”

“Just saying Gwen,” said Ben. “If we weren’t there…”

“For once I agree with Ben, Gwen,” said Kevin with a scowl. “These kids would have seen a rather nasty death.”

“You can’t be serious,” protested Madoka, her voice faint. But she knew it was all true. If they hadn’t been there, Mami would have been dead.

“Believe us, we’re no strangers to danger here,” said Ben. “Let’s start over though. I’m Ben, this is my cousin Gwen and Kevin.”

“I thought you looked familiar,” said Sayaka suddenly. “You’re that famous American superhero, Ben 10.”

Ben seemed to swell at that. “Famous? Superhero? You hear that guys? I’m totally a superhero!”

“We heard,” chorused Gwen and Kevin dryly.

“Ego-inflating aside, what the hell was with that closed dimension?” inquired Kevin. “I want answers, all of it. Don’t leave anything out.” And at this he glared at Homura who declined to say anything.

“Well um, there’s this familiar who will grant us a wish, in exchange for becoming a Puella Magi,” volunteered Madoka. “We haven’t made a wish, Sayaka and I but um…”

“Hold on, I’m checking the database,” said Gwen, her fingers dancing across the keyboard. “Maybe it’s something obscure like… Kevin? Are you okay?”

Kevin had gone stock still, his eyes shadowed and his hands curled into a ball. He was shaking and it seemed to be from barely contained fury. “Kevin?” inquired Ben. “What’s wrong? You seem like you know that name.”

“Tell me… was this familiar’s name Kyubey…?” said Kevin, his voice barely a whisper.

“Yes, it is,” said Mami. “Do you know him?”

In an instant, a tree was smashed into splinters as Kevin began to pace, growling to himself incoherently. Ben took one look and winced. “Oh man… you know what we’re dealing with?”

“Oh don’t get me started,” snarled Kevin. “That little furry bastard is going DOWN.”

Having clapped her hands over Madoka’s ears at Kevin’s language, Sayaka asked, “What do you want to do with Kyubey?”

“Kill him. Repeatedly. Little furry asshole is going to PAY.” From the corner of his eye, Kevin noticed Homura nodding in agreement. Huh, so he had someone on his side.

“But he’s just an innocent familiar!” protested Madoka. “Surely you’re thinking of another Kyubey?”

Kevin opened his mouth to yell or retort, but a voice cut in. “Ah, ah, ah, now then Kevin, you need to hold onto that temper of yours for the time being.”

Stepping out from behind a tree, Paradox held up a hand. “Hello everyone again! I see you all made it through the adventure unscathed this time around! Now Homura my dear see why I told you everything will be all right?”

Gwen looked at Homura who had shrunk back in surprise and the pleasant smile on Paradox’s face as he offered gumdrops to everyone. “You know each other?”

“We’ve met several times round the bend,” replied Paradox with that assured smile on his face. “Quite often in fact. I did warn her that soon we’d have to take action.”

Homura found her voice at that. “Why…? You’re…”

“Ah, it’s not quite time for that my dear. But as far as I can say for the time being Ben and company, stick close to each other. And Kevin, his time will come. I promise you that.” Checking his watch, Paradox counted down seconds before Ben’s cellphone rang. “You’ll want to get that.”

Ben picked up immediately and flipped it open. “Hello? Oh hi mom. Yeah, we’re still in Japan. Looks like something came up and we have to stay for a while. Can you tell Julie to take notes in class for us? Yeah thanks. No I’m eating fine. Of course sushi’s agreeing with me. Okay, later.”

“There, now everything’s all right. And Mami, you’ll want to let these fine folk stay with you for the time being. I’m certain it’s very lonely without anyone there, am I right?”

Mami found her voice and nodded. “Yes, I’ll let them room with me.”

“Splendid!” Offering a gumdrop to Mami who refused, Paradox instead handed her a package of nuts which she tore into. “Now then, I can offer some advice on this journey. First of all, nothing is what it seems to be. Secondly, do what you feel is right when the time comes. And thirdly, and most importantly, teamwork is key to the end-all of this mission.”

“That also includes a young red head that is due to arrive by tomorrow,” added Paradox. “You’ll have to convince her however, since she may very well take advantage of your team’s state right now.”

“Another Puella Magi?” inquired Sayaka. “There’s more than just Mami and Homura?”

“Quite a few actually. The actual count is high and my associates and I are working round the clock as it were to make sure everything’s in the bud so to speak,” admitted Paradox. “Now then, stick close to one another. And as a final note, do not waste your wish on something that you think is good. Make certain to decide properly, or it will end poorly.”

Checking his watch, he made shooing motions. “I think the girls need to be dropped off now. Ben why don’t you take Madoka and Sayaka home. Gwen, Kevin, accompany Mami to her home and Kevin do try not to drive fast this time. She is quite shaken up right now. Ta!” And with that, Paradox slipped behind a tree and vanished.

“Nice place,” said Ben as he pulled up in front of Madoka’s home. “Sayaka you don’t want me to drop you off at your place?”

“I want to stay with Madoka,” replied Sayaka, holding onto Madoka’s hand protectively in the back seat. “But thanks.”

“Not a problem,” replied Ben. “Hey, listen. I know that things are bad, but try to relax for now. I know how bad it can get.”

Madoka was silent for a moment before looking up at him. “Do… you want to come in? Just for a little while. I’d like to ask you a couple of things before you head to Mami’s place.”

“Sure, just for a bit.” Replied Ben as he put the car into park.

Getting out, Madoka fished her keys out and the trio headed inside where Madoka sat down heavily in the living room, trying desperately not to break down until she was inside. Sayaka’s arm was around her protectively.

Feeling a little out of place, Ben said, “I’m… going to make some tea. Is there anything for it?”

“Top drawer, kitchen. The kettle is always plugged in,” said Madoka.

Ben nodded and headed to the kitchen, leaving the girls to hold onto each other. Once he was out of sight, Madoka burst into hiccupping tears. “S-sayaka… we… tonight…”

“I know,” said Sayaka, her voice pitched low and downcast. “I hadn’t believed it either. It… it would have scarred both of us for life, if it had happened.”

“I almost saw Mami die,” whispered Madoka. “A half a second later…”

“…” Sayaka looked up at Ben who held three cups on a tray and he set it down before sitting respectfully away. “Ben, um… thanks. For saving Mami.”

“It’s what I’d do in any situation,” said Ben and Madoka looked up at him.

“You were that big monster?” inquired Madoka. “How?”

“The Ultimatrix,” said Ben, holding out his arm to show off the watch-like device wrapped around it. “It allows me to become an alien of my choosing.”

“Madoka hasn’t really kept up on international news,” admitted Sayaka. “I only watch it because of recent events though. But… we can’t thank you enough, you and your friends for defeating that Witch.”

Ben nodded as Madoka curled her fingers around a warm cup. “I know what its like, being in danger.” He sighed as he picked up a cup. “Whenever I spring into action, there is always a chance that if I mess up, someone will die. I’ve lived with this notion since I was ten. What happened tonight would have been a tragedy, and if the Professor hadn’t alerted us to it, it would have been, which is why you two really have to decide for yourself if you want to become a hero.”

He locked piercing green eyes with theirs as he took a sip. “Be a hero on the front lines, or be a hero in your own way. It’s up to you. But I know that with great power comes great responsibility. Don’t let yourself be swayed by the easy way out.”

“You’re talking like we should become Puella Magi… but we need to decide properly if we do?” asked Sayaka and Ben nodded. “I see…”

“No one can make that decision for you but anyone. But, we’re going to help. It seems there’s something big going down in this city and I want in.” said Ben.

“Thank you,” said Madoka, wiping her tears and taking a sip of her tea. She made a face. “Ugh… it’s bitter.”

“Really? Seems fine to me,” said Ben and Sayaka giggled a bit.

From the stairs, a furry little head watched them. And Kyubey, despite his ever-smiling face, seemed to be scowling as he flitted upstairs.