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Timelines Tenative Draft - Ben 10/Puella Magica Madoka

“That’s the last of them,” said Ben, wiping his hands on a rag as he looked over at the pile of broken robots. Ninja robots to be certain but robots all the same. “Does it seem to you that we’ve been dealing with a lot of killer robots lately?”

“First the killer robots from Dimension 12, and now killer robots hired to take out a alien ambassador who just happened to be visiting Japan? Good thing we were in the area,” groused Kevin as he let his absorption drop. “Gwen, are you done over there?”

“Just a second, I’m checking the cross references on the serial numbers to send it to Plumber HQ,” replied Gwen, her fingers dancing across the keypad. “There we go. Done.”

“And just in time might I add,” intruded a friendly British accented voice as Professor Paradox lifted his hand in greeting. “Hello everyone! Nice to see you all here in Japan at this time of day. Very lucky indeed.”

“Professor Paradox, what’s going on?” inquired Ben, immediately sensing trouble. Paradox rarely dropped by just for a visit and when he did, something big was going on.

“Well there’s a bit of a sticky problem afoot,” replied Paradox, reaching into his pocket for his ever-present bag of gumdrops. Offering some to the others, he continued. “Quite frankly originally we were waiting to see how it played out, but all points and scenarios thus far have gone rather poorly. South, into the bottom of the pits to be honest. Quite world shattering might I add.”

“And you want us to settle it,” said Kevin, eating his free candy. “What’s the deal in this region? I thought it was relatively light on alien activity.”

“It would be, if it weren’t for a little bothersome detail that slipped past the interdict might I add.” Handing Gwen a address, he added, “Be there, and don’t be late. The fate of the world rests on your shoulders again.”

“Got it. C’mon guys, we’ll hit up the Mr. Smoothie I saw on the way in on the way back.” Said Ben as they got into their respective cars and drove off, leaving Paradox to watch them for a long moment before vanishing behind a tree.

The drive only took a few minutes and soon, the trio were standing around a building as Gwen was panning her vision around, her eyes glowing a bright pink. “Find anything?” inquired Ben.

“Yeah, but its weird. There’s a definite mana signature coming from this wall, but it seems disjointed,” said Gwen as she tapped the wall. There was a ripple and she nodded. “Definitely from here.”

“Most people aren’t giving it a second glance,” remarked Kevin. “Let’s try to get whatever it is open.”

Gwen nodded and her hands ignited with mana as she shoved them through the wall which gave way in a rippling water-like motion. Pulling, a hole tore in reality and she smirked. “Easy.”

Stepping in, the hole closed up, if only for a faint glow of outdoor light behind them. Taking a look around, Kevin grimaced. “Man, it kind of smells like candy in here. The bad kind too.”

“No doubt. I’m getting a bad feeling about this place,” said Ben. “Let’s keep moving. Gwen, if there’s signs of trouble, be prepared to tear us a new exit.”

The trio headed down the winding hallways until finally arriving at a huge open room. It looked like it was something out of some kind of candy covered nightmare, pastel and designs all over the place. Down below, a girl was firing what appeared to be muskets at an opponent which darted about. “What’ve we got here?” inquired Ben.

“She’s using mana to make solid objects, kind of like Charmcaster actually,” said Gwen.

Kevin frowned. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

Bang, bang, bang. Each shot dropped an opponent as the girl pulled out a much larger gun and fired it. And Gwen felt a surge in mana that made her feel sick. “Guys, get down there. NOW!”

Not even questioning her, the pair leaped to the floor as Kevin absorbed some hard material from the ground and Ben’s hand was coming down on the Ultimatrix.


Written by Shaun Garin

When Tomoe Mami had become a Puella Magi, she had known that one day she’d fall in battle like any other girl. She had thought she had finished the opponent off, but without warning, that giant face loomed in hers. Blindside! She realized belatedly, and there was nowhere to run, no way to defend herself as that mouth opened.

In that moment, she made peace with her god, and wished for Madoka to not hate her for being unable to fulfill her promise.


One heartbeat. Two. And Mami realized she wasn’t dead.

The Witch that had attacked her, was now wrestling with what appeared to be an enormous dinosaur, his powerful muscles coiling as it wrestled with the thrashing Witch, hands gouged into the Witch’s face as it held the sharp maw open.

A battle cry, unfamiliar and male to boot was heard as a young man slammed into the side, driving spiked balls on the end of his fists into the Witch that thrashed but was unable to move from the enormous monster’s grasp.

Pink oval blasts rocked along the opponent, rocking it up and down its length as another girl, clearly magical in nature for some reason was firing bolts of energy before throwing a cutting edge at the tail, slicing it clean from the original body.

“It’s going to try to escape, take it out now!” yelled the red head as the male leaped on its back. Raising his hand, it morphed into a wicked blade and he thrust it down, driving the spike through the Witches head.

There was a moment of silence, and then the Witch fell limp, dying with a gurgling death rattle.

Three heartbeats. Four. And the entire Witch Space began to fold in on itself, leaving a group of teenagers and a giant monster standing outside it as a Grief Seed stood inert in the wall.

Sayaka held Madoka close to her, brandishing her baseball bat at the enormous monster who looked down at them. She had really though that in that moment, everything would change. No more cops and robbers, good guys and bad guys. It was always playtime and no one got hurt.

All of that, averted seconds as Sayaka and Madoka realized that if these strangers hadn’t came, Tomoe Mami would be missing a head.

“Is everyone all right?” inquired the giant monster in a deep gruff voice.

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