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Snippet from Timelines - Ben 10/Madoka

Time passed since that fateful day, and things seemed never to slow down. Certainly there were letters, and with Kyubey and his associates thrown off planet and closely monitored, the Witches were dealt with, and put to rest. In time, peace came to the city, and soon Ben and his friends left.

Ben grew, and became a hero, lauded by everyone, save for a couple of people who still slandered his name. They called him Ben 10,000, even if the moniker wasn’t completely accurate. He married, and had a child, and so did his cousin and best friend.

It was here on day, in Rushmore City, that Ben was watching the kids when the sound of footsteps alerted him to a visitor. Expecting to see Gwen or Kevin, he was surprised when a woman in a rather nice outfit of dark yellow in a well tailored suit and skirt stepped into view. “Ben,” she greeted.

Ben took a long moment to place her face and then his eyes widened in surprise. “Mami! Mami Tomoe god it’s… it’s been years!”

Mami smiled at him, brushing one of her long curls away from her face. “It really has been. Can we talk?”

“Well,” hedged Ben, looking at Ken and Devlin who seemed to be intent on climbing a tree. “I should really be looking after the kids but I’m sure they won’t get into trouble in the interim.”

Hoping to god that Ken would keep his slightly more rambunctious cousin in check, Ben got up and headed over to Mami, the pair turning the corner out of sight. “It’s been a long time,” he said.

“Twelve, maybe thirteen years or more,” said Mami with a nod. “I followed your exploits since we parted ways. However did you manage to get the press on your side?”

“Save the world a few dozen times more and it becomes routine,” said Ben, rubbing the back of his head. “Look at you, all dressed up. The last time I remember seeing you, you were in that outfit of yours. Speaking of which, did you um…?”

“Give up the power? Yes, I did. Considering that your grandmother helped reattached my soul and everyone else to their bodies and all.” Mami smiled at that. “I’m a owner of a tea house chain. We were thinking of opening up our first here in Rushmore City.”

“I can find a prime place for your store,” volunteered Ben.

Mami nodded as she peered out around the corner at the kids who were now throwing rocks for some reason. “Your son?”

“Yeah, and Devlin, Kevin and Gwen’s too.”

“His skin’s darker than I’d imagine one of yours being,” remarked Mami and Ben blushed. “Ben…”

“I… had a marriage after Julie and I broke up in our college years for a bit. Married Kai, a friend out in the middle of nowhere and had a kid. We divorced again, and Julie understands. Although she still loves the kid, she wants to slug me once in a while.” He shrugged. “It’s better than what I’d expect to be honest.”

Mami chuckled. “The way the press spun it, one would think you had a harem somehow.”

Ben ducked his head a little. The hero of the ultimatrix or whatever version he had nowadays, shuffling like a school kid in front of a principal. “Okay, okay, I’m not perfect. Still, I’m glad to see you.”

An awkward pause followed and Ben cleared his throat. “The trial is almost on us. Kyubey and his people are in serious trouble and with the Professor spearheading the trial, it would go in our favor. The Anodytes have the most on them, so they’re throwing their whole political weight on them.”

“I hadn’t thought it would take this long, but if we had justice for what they put countless innocent girls through, its worth it.” Admitted Mami. “Thank you Ben, that’s what I came to ask.”

“There’s… one more thing, isn’t there?”

Mami paused and nodded. “Yes I… sorry. I haven’t been really just keeping tabs on you for years. I’ve wanted to write, and see you just outside of video letters and calls but… when you’re settled in, and seeing friends marry or get together, well…”

“Yeah, I get that,” said Ben. “Even if our lives are different now, there’s a lot we’ve got in common. I just wish I wasn’t so entrenched now.”

“No, don’t be.” Said Mami, shaking her head. “Just don’t give up on your dreams even if you’re the big hero now, all right?”

“Right, I’ll do that. As long as you don’t give up on yours.” Said Ben.

Mami nodded, and impulsively gave him a hug. “Thanks Ben. Really. I never got a chance to thank my hero for what he did for me.”

Ben blushed and hugged Mami back. “You’re a hero too. And no matter what Homura said back in the day, heroes need people.”

With a final sigh, the pair parted. “Stay for dinner,” suggested Ben. “I think Ken wants to know his godmother a little more.”

“As long as you don’t serve that atrocity you call tea,” said Mami, teasing.

“Hey! I make good tea,” protested Ben as the pair turned the corner to the sight of Ken and Devlin running from bees. “…”