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Hirari - Negima/Nanoha Pt 3

Hirari 03

The days went by fairly quickly, and before one knew it, it was the weekend. As Negi tapped the papers together, he called out as the bell rang, “Pages seven through fifteen are due in homework! Have a good weekend everyone!”

The class broke into two groups: one group that was going home immediately to escape lectures, another lingered to talk with friends. Vita was certainly in the third group as she reached out to snag Negi. “Hey, sensei,” she said, her voice dripping with distain. “You’re coming with me.”

“Eh?” Negi had no time to protest as Vita hauled him away.

“I hope she’ll go easy on him,” said Nanoha in a worried tone.

“Vita will, or it’s the couch for her tonight,” said Hayate seriously.

Outside in the courtyard, Vita pushed Negi towards the playground and once there, slammed up a barrier, fading from reality. Negi looked around as Vita cracked her knuckles. “I take it this isn’t a tutoring session,” he said, pushing his things to the side and undoing his tie.

“Got it in one. I’ve got a lot of pent up stress right now,” said Vita, reaching for Graf Eisen. “Look, the Admiral might trust you but I don’t. I wanna see just how good you REALLY are Mr. Famous Mage.”

Negi nodded as he put his jacket to the side and rolled up his sleeves. “All right. Any rules?”

“You fight!” exclaimed Vita as Graf Eisen telescoped to its full size, and her jacket went up.

Negi nodded and slid into a comfortable kung fu stance as Vita made the first move, swinging her weapon in a flying charge. Negi surprisingly blocked it but the impact made his bones rattle. “Heh, not bad,” said Vita. “You actually didn’t use a barrier for that.”

Negi smiled and retaliated with a thrusting elbow which plowed into a Vita’s stomach, causing the girl to oof. “Close in is my specialty, Vita-san.”

“No kidding. It’s also a frail weakness!” Swinging Graf Eisen, Vita pushed him back more as she drove him towards the wall. Negi avoided the attacks and leaped into the air, followed by Vita who followed, launching a volley of steel balls at him which he dodged, after images flickering around as the attacks spiraled around him, smashing into the landscape. “Che, Flash Move huh?”

“Koku-shundo,” replied Negi from behind Vita, driving a punch in behind her, laden with arrows. The attack slammed home and Vita was blown backwards at high velocity towards the school.

A red crystal flickered into life around her as she smashed into the school, leaving a large furrow. Unharmed yet surprised, Vita was grinning at him. “Hey, not bad. But you’re holding back, Negi-sensei.”

“I don’t like going all out on my students,” replied Negi as he floated there. It had taken him a while to master it, but flight was definitely one of his skills now.

“Tch, with that kind of attitude you’ll lose!” And Vita loaded two cartridges as Graf Eisen shifted into its rocket drill form. She came at him, flames bursting from the butt end as she swung.

Negi threw up seventeen layers of barriers and like glass, Graf Eisen slammed through it. Crap! He thought as he was driven backwards as the final barrier shattered and his shirt tore from the impact, sending him careening into the dirt where he impacted, showering dust everywhere.

“Oi, that’s not bad. But those barriers are barely as strong as Yuuno’s,” remarked Vita, coming out of her spin. “Had enough sensei? Or are you actually going to throw some magic at me?”

Her answer from the dust cloud was 29 arrows of light arcing out at her, and she took a moment to appreciate how pretty it was before dodging wildly. But it wasn’t enough just to dodge, and the arrows slammed into her one by one. Snapping up a shield, she endured the rest of the explosive barrage. “How was that?” inquired Negi, holding out his hand.

“What is it that the Americans say? Jesus Feckin Christ! How many shots was that?” exclaimed Vita, coming out of her panzershield. “That’s more than most mages can do!”

“I’m just talented in that area,” replied Negi, his hands crackling with lightning. “Shall we?”

Vita’s grin turned wolfish as she charged in again.

“What happened to the two of you?” inquired Signum that evening as Vita dragged in Negi, or rather leaned on him at any rate. The pair were messy, bruised and Negi was sporting a line of bumps on his head with torn clothing. Vita was using Graf Eisen as a crutch and they were limping. As leader and token “mom” of the group, it was a given that she needed to flip out just a little in her own way when stuff like this happened.

“I’ll get the medical kit,” said Shamal as Hayate rolled in and let out a yelp of surprise.

“Spar got out of hand,” replied Vita, groaning as she and Negi sat down to be fussed over by the healer of the group.

“That is some spar,” said Zafira from his position at the foot of the couch. “I have never seen you so bruised Vita.”

“Took me a while but I got him to go all out,” remarked Vita, nudging Negi who was slowly falling asleep. “Hey sensei, no sleeping before Shamal patches you up!”

“I think I’m going to have to use Klair Wind for this,” said Shamal, clucking her tongue at the amount of injuries the pair had sustained. “Hayate can you help me with his shirt?”

“R-right,” said Hayate as they got Negi’s ruined shirt off and she looked it over. “This is going to need mending before washing. I’ll get the kit.” And she rolled off, trying not to focus on how nice her kid teacher’s chest was. Darn that early onset of hormones!

“Hey, sensei, don’t go to sleep on me!” exclaimed Vita as Negi leaned against her as Shamal’s healing magic played across his body.

“Can’t help it, tired,” he groaned as he finally toppled over into Vita’s lap. The girl blushed and tried to shake him awake, but Negi wasn’t having it.

“Awwwww,” exclaimed Shamal, much to Vita’s embarrassment.

“You know you two make a nice matching pair,” said Zafira and Vita reddened even more.

“I’ll call his roommates,” added Signum. “We have his number after all.”

“Yes, I’ll tell the others,” said Collet. “Thank you Signum.”

“It is no problem. We’ll return him tomorrow,” said Signum as the screen flickered off.

“Was that news about Negi-sama?” inquired Emily.

“Yes. He’s sleeping at one of his students place for the night,” said Collet, causing Emily to fall over and Chamo to laugh. Beatrix flushed just a little. “Apparently the pair got into a fight and need time to recover.”

“Eh? Someone fought Negi-sama? We should go and attend to him immediately!” exclaimed Emily but were interrupted by a knock at the door.

Beatrix opened it and to their surprise, Fate stood there with a covered dish, and a small girl with fox ears next to them. “Hi!” sang out Arf. “We brought food over!”

“Oh thank you,” said Beatrix politely as Fate bowed and handed over the dish. “Will you two come in?”

“We wouldn’t want to impose,” said Fate slowly but was pulled in by Collet.

“Naw, you’re all good!” exclaimed Collet happily. “Emily, can you set the table?”

“Fine,” grumbled Emily as she went to set the table. “Honestly if Yue hadn’t told us to get along…”

Ascending Arf’s shoulder, Chamo proclaimed, “You two are all right. We didn’t cook anything yet.”

“Well food’s food right?” exclaimed Arf happily. “And Admiral Lindy’s a GREAT cook!”

“Sounds good then,” chuckled Collet as they set the table. Within short order, the group were around it and eating their fill. While they were at it, Fate inquired, “I have a question about Negi-sensei. Is it true that he is a prince?”

“Yes he is,” replied Beatrix. “Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Ostia.”

“And he saved your world? That must take a lot of skill,” said Fate, thinking of the book.

“Aniki’s pretty good at what he does,” said Chamo as he worked on his food.

“Fate-chan here saved the world too, from the out of control book of darkness,” added Arf, not to be outdone. All this talk about Negi being some big damn hero was kind of getting grating.

“I heard about that. The Book of Darkness was from off-world right?” inquired Emily. “I was reading some files. It looked pretty dangerous.”

“It was,” replied Fate with a nod. “We worked together, all of us to seal and destroy it. In the end, all that’s left is the book itself, and our memories.”

“Sounds impressive,” said Collet with a nod. “If you had a recollection of it, I would like to see a recording of it.”

“Ah… well you’ll have to ask Admiral Lindy about that,” said Fate, fidgeting a little.

“Mmm,” nodded Collet. “Let’s ask her after dinner then. I’ll walk you home.”

“You two,” grumbled Arika as she stood over Jack and Nagi, hand upraised in a Royal Slap. “If you two weren’t so childish, I would smack you more!”

“Ahahahahahaha, still got the slap eh Arika?” grinned Jack, ducking the irritated queen’s attack. “Still, I had to know if you went soft Nagi.”

“Feh, you know I never go soft,” replied Nagi with a smirk, causing Arika to blush and turn away. “Seriously, did you have to go all out?”

“Eh my bad,” replied Jack. “Where’d the treasure hunters go?”

“They went to catch up with Nodoka,” said Albiedo. “They wanted to see their friend again.”

“It’s all they could talk about on the way in,” said Jack with a nod. “Although let’s get down to business. This TSAB stuff. What are they asking me for here?”

“You didn’t hear? You’re going to be a teacher.” Grinned Nagi.

Jack gave him a ‘what the hell’ expression and the younger man grinned wider. “Feh, well I suppose it won’t hurt. What am I teaching?”

“Combat.” Said Arika. “much to our dismay.”

“Cool. Only thing I’m good at.”

“The city’s so… quiet for a school day,” said Aisha as she wandered around the town with the others in tow. Still, their money was good for some of the mage-run stores, and it was enough that she had a good time with Craig and the others. Most people didn’t even give the pink-haired sorceress-dressed woman a second glance.

“Nodoka’s probably still in class,” admitted Craig. “Christian, Lynn, you guys up for some food then?”

“You know it. All that travel’s gotten me tired,” admitted Christian as they headed over to a stand that was made out of a train cart.

There, a round-faced girl cooked as her familiar waitress looked up. “Hello,” bowed Chachamaru politely. “It is good to see you four again.”

“Chachamaru, right?” inquired Craig. “Ah, good to see you too. Can we get some food here?”

“Of course. You must be tired so I will take the liberty of preparing the house special for all four of you.” Said Chachamaru as she looked over at Satsuki who was running her restaurant and the girl set to work.

“It’s been a long time,” said Aisha to the green haired gynoid. “How are things?”

“They are going well,” said Chachamaru with a nod. “We are preparing for the beginning of the festival and soon, business will pick up. You will not need to hide anything when that time comes.”

“Oh I heard the Mahora Festival was incredible,” said Lynn. “Glad we made it in time. I hear the crown princess Theo is coming here too.”

“And the ambassadors from the other nations as well. It will be the first joint festival between both sides,” added Aisha.

“I was unaware of this,” said Chachamaru as she served up big bowls of soup and steamed buns to the group. “But I will be sure to pass it onto our class.”

“Sounds good.” Craig bit into the bun and his eyes lit up. “This is really good!”

“Thank you,” said Satsuki from the stove. “Be sure to eat up, lest you grow faint from hunger.”

“That’s it for today,” said Negi as he closed up his book. “Remember, we’re coming up on a week long break but I expect everyone to finish the homework I assigned you all. Oh, and Fate-san, can I have a word for a moment?”

Fate nodded and waited for her friends to file out with a quick reassurance that she’d be along. Negi in turn, pulled out a booklet and handed it to her. “I got this from my headmaster in the mail today. To foster good will between both our groups, we’re inviting you and your friends as well as the crew of your ship to the MahoraFest. Be sure to give it to your mother, all right?”

Fate pinked a little as she took it and hugged it to her chest. “Thank you sensei.”

Negi nodded and turned to leave, but the huge form blocked his way. “Yo,” greeted Jack and Negi nearly dropped his briefcase in surprise. “Hey kid.”

“Rakan-san!” exclaimed Negi in surprise and even Fate looked intimidated. Her friends peeked out from behind him.

“Negi-sensei did, oh you did find him.” Said Arisa.

“He really isn’t hard to MISS,” added Suzuka.

“So these are the mage kidlets huh?” said Jack as he patted Nanoha, his entire hand engulfing her head of hair. “Seems pretty strong to me.”

“T-thank you,” said Nanoha bashfully.

“Well, no time like the present. Gotta show me your stuff and all.” Said Jack, pulling out a sutra.

“Is that…?” said Negi, seconds before the world inverted in on the group of them. “Barrier spell?”

“New prototype. I’ll letcha have it for 100,000,000 yen,” said Jack, causing a few of them to fall over. He laughed explosively as Nanoha inquired, “Negi-sensei, who is this guy? He just showed up here.”

“Ah everyone, this is Jack Rakan, a friend to my fathers,” said Negi.

“Call me sensei,” said Jack, rubbing his chin. “I get to teach you girls how to fight.”

“But… we already know how to fight,” said Hayate, surprised at his proclamation.

“You do, but you get to now learn how to fight like a Earth Mage. Come outside and we’ll give a demonstration.”

In short order, Jack was standing in the street and pointed at Nanoha. “You, pigtails. Come at me with your biggest spell.”

“But, I could hurt you!” exclaimed Nanoha.

“You won’t hurt him. Not much anyhow,” remarked Negi with a rub of his head.

“C’mon kid, I ain’t got all day,” said Jack and Nanoha reluctantly set up her armor and Raising Heart. “That’s it, shoot me with your biggest spell. That would be Starlight Breaker, correct?”

“I can’t just shoot that around!” exclaimed Nanoha. “Especially not at someone!”

Fate wondered just where this reluctance was coming from when suddenly, she felt a draft. And in a perverse motion, Jack was holding her panties. Her little black panties. And the others too.

“Wow, you kids today, grow up so fast,” he remarked, spinning them on his finger.

“You… took our panties?!” exclaimed Hayate, looking down and feeling herself. Yep, gone. Arisa was red and Suzuka was tearing up. Fate however, since his finger was spinning her black underthings to the world, was a tomato red.

Nanoha saw red, mostly out of embarrassment as she locked into Excelion mode and gathered power. “STARLIGHT BREAKER!”

There was a thunderous discharge and Jack was engulfed in a hail of pink energy. The panties flew up and into Negi’s hands who yelped and held them out to take which they did and struggled into quickly.

Breathing heavily from expelling that much power in one shot so quickly, Nanoha grabbed her pink undies from Negi. “Negi-sensei… I think I just killed him.”

“AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” laughed Jack from the wreckage of the impact crater as he stood there, unharmed. “That was great kid! A little weaker than I thought but it was great!”

“He… survived… without a jacket and no injury!” gasped Fate, disbelieving.

“BLEAUGH!” and immediately, Jack spat up a great gout of blood much to everyone’s shock. “Though that hurt damnit!”

“We saw it on the screen,” said Lindy, “when that makeshift barrier went up. How in the world…?”

“Don’t ask,” said Negi with a shake of his head as Jack was being bandaged up by Amy and the girls sat FAR away from him. “Sadly, he’s being asked to be their teacher in the Earth-style.”

“Are you sure they can handle it? It looks very strenuous, although the style is similar to Strike Arts mixed with Belkan melee.” Said Amy.

“I think we can handle it,” said Hayate firmly, giving Jack a look who grinned over his cup of tea.

“I should join them, mother,” said Chrono with a nod. “I wouldn’t feel right letting them go about it by themselves.”

“Good cause you ain’t got a choice kid,” said Jack as Amy secured the last of his bandages. “I’ve been ordered to teach you, the kids here, and that Yuuno kid on how to fight like a goddamn freaking badass.” The girls winced at his tones.

Negi hung his head. “Oh boy… and the headmaster… just decided this?”

“Actually I spoke with your headmaster, and we both agreed it was a good idea,” said Lindy. “The Wolkenritter are great in melee, which is an inherent weakness in Mid-style arts. We need to minimize your weaknesses if you want to pass your exams later.”

“Ah that’s right, Fate you’re going to take the Enforcer exam, aren’t you?” said Suzuka.

“That’s right,” said Fate with a nod. “Once my entire duration of service is over, I will be taking it.”

“Good luck!” exclaimed Arisa.

“I should get going,” said Negi, finishing his milk tea. “Please be sure to stop by when you can to the MahoraFest. It runs for three days starting the next week. Myself and the girls from Ariadne are coming along for it.”

“We will. And tell your girls thank you for spending time with Fate,” said Lindy as she showed Negi to the door. “And Negi, I have looked over the records of your fight in the magic world.”

He blushed. “What did you think?”

Lindy smiled. “Looks like you have a bit to learn too, in terms of fighting and diplomacy from us too. Come by tomorrow, I’ll show you some books I think you may like.”

Negi smiled and nodded. “Take care, Lindy-san.”

In Mahora, a girl stalked.

She was tall. She had auburn hair.

She had incredibly large breasts.

“Made it back,” she said, checking her watch which looked EXTREMELY familiar to anyone who could recognize it. “Sandstein, what year is it?”

“2004, by the historical clock, sir,” replied the watch in a male voice.

“So I made it back before Chao did. Well this does complicate things. I should find father before I manage to get into trouble.” Said the girl.

“That depends on trouble,” said a tall figure as Kaede Nagase stepped out, resting one hand on her hip. “That’s a Casseopeia isn’t it?”

“Aunt Kaede,” said the girl with a nod. “I hadn’t expected to see you here.”

“I was just strolling by,” replied Kaede lazily. “When I noticed your arrival and decided to check it out. Since you have a time-clock, well, I can only assume you’ve come from the future.”

“Mmmhmm. I was. I made it back before Chao did at any rate.” Said the girl. “My apologies. I am Leanne Springfield.”

Kaede smirked. “No pretext there, is it? Who’s your mother? Certainly not mine. You don’t look half-Japanese.”

Leanne shook her head. “No. I doubt you’ve met her. Her name is Vita Yagami.”

On the other side of the campus, a similar scene was panning out as a girl in a futuristic suit appeared in a sphere of energy and the click of a gun was at her forehead. “Chao, why am I not surprised,” said Mana, raising her weapon. “What brings you home?”

“Ah, I did make it back, excellent!” exclaimed Chao. “I came chasing my sister. She got it into her head that the timeline needed preservation.”

Mana raised a eyebrow. “Your… sister? You never mentioned anything of that.”

“We’re half sisters,” said Chao with a shake of her head. “It’s complicated but the future has shifted. I remember the original changes because of a unique condition I have. Leanne does not. And she will be here, along with Sandstein.”

“Sandstein?” inquired Mana.

“Her device.” Replied Chao.


Chao nodded. “The future’s quite different, thanks to Negi-bozou. Which reminds me, my cute ancestor is in Uminari at the moment, isn’t he?”

“Indeed.” Mana shouldered her gun. “Are you here to stop him from being there?”

Chao smiled a little. “Now what fun would that be if I didn’t let chaos run its course, hmm?”

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