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How Do We Explain This? - A Second Nanoha One-shot

Hayate was something of the ultimate pervert, at least around her friends. Somehow no one was unable to get away from her grabby hands or cosplay.

Today was one of those days that the tables were turned to be honest.

It had started so innocently, and then without warning, hands came out of nowhere and grabbed Hayate. “Hmm, not bad,” purred a familiar voice.

Hayate 1 turned to look at the sparkling eyes of Hayate 2. Squish squish. “Well I see why people like it when I grab them.”

“You’re the ambassador from the Alt-Dim TSAB right?” said Hayate 1. “I should have know…”

Hayate 2 grinned that little perverted raccoon expression she often said that was on the others. “Care to find out why we’re the tanuki?”

Hayate 1 grinned fiendishly. “You’re on!”

Twenty minutes later, getting two Rein Zwei’s to referee, the pair were in an obnoxiously adorable sets of cosplay, one of them in a pretty bunny girl dress, the other in a puppy dress. “I can’t tell who’s outdone the other,” said Zwei 1.

Zwei 2 who absolutely refused to be called Drei and instead wanted to be called Ni, nodded her head. “I think they’re about equal.”

“There’s only one way to settle this,” said Hayate 1 and Hayate 2 nodded. And grabbed her counterpart for a fierce kiss.

Zwei looked at Ni, a horrible blush on her face. “Should… we leave?”

Ni ducked a pair of flying panties. “Yes. Yes we should. C’mon let’s find Agito.”

The End


Zafira 1 looked at Zafira 2 as he remarked, “Well at least we have someone to hang out with more.”

Zafira 2 nodded as he watched the chaos as the Yagami Household suddenly doubled in size. “Too much estrogen. We need to get out.”

The pair shared a brofist and headed out, before they were overwhelmed by too many girls.