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How Do We Explain This? - Nanoha One-Shot

It had happened so quickly. Two women on a mission just happened to cross over juristictions in the space-time continumn. As such, two people just happened to meet on the same undercover mission. One thing lead to another, a little drink and then the mission began.

No one really knew who started it afterwards, but both of them sweaty and panting had stumbled back to their hotel after delivering the captive to the joint TSAB headquarters – and the clothes tearing began. Barrier jackets shredded like newspaper, the pair pawed at each other relentlessly, lips mashing and panties flying.

In the end, Fate lay panting with her cross-dimensional other, holding hands.

“How… do we explain this?” managed to gasp Fate 1 since she had realized that her double just had the incredible stamina like she did in bed.

“I dunno,” replied Fate 2. “I mean… wow… that thing we do with our tongues…”

“We know each other so well… is this the ultimate form of narcissism?” managed to gasp Fate 1.

“I can’t tell,” muttered Fate 2. “But now I know why people laud twins so much in bed.”

“Pervert,” giggled Fate 1. “I can’t imagine that we’d have to tell Nanoha this.”

“Ogod,” groaned Fate 2. “Can you tell her for me? I don’t want to find out the look on Nanoha’s face when I tell her I slept with myself.”

“At worst she’ll consider it masturbation,” replied Fate 1, hoping to god it was true. “Or maybe just some sexy twincest.”

Finally gathering their courage, Fate 1 had punched up a line to Fate 2’s homeworld. The line rang a couple of seconds and then a breathless Nanoha appeared on the screen. “Fate-chan you’re calling so suddenly! What’s the matter?”

“Well um, there has been a problem,” managed Fate 1 as Fate 2 came up and hugged her.

Nanoha stared for a moment and then giggled before exploding into full blown laughter. The pair looked at each other curiously as a voice called out, “Nanohaaaaaaa, what are you doing getting out of bed?”

A second Nanoha slipped her arms around the other brunette and kissed her. “Nanoha, who’s on…? Oh Fate-chan! Times two!”

Fate realized her hair was sticking up in surprise and her eyes wide as she shared a glance with the second Fate. “You, but why I mean how…?!”

“Nyahahahaha,” giggled Nanoha 1. “I guess the cat’s out of the bag. We met on another trip similar to yours and when you’re both on missions, we come and comfort each other.”

“Oh does she come all right,” purred Nanoha 2.

Fate 2 looked over at Nanoha 2. “You do realize this means foursome.”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world. Ta you two, have a good night’s sleep. And Fate-chan, don’t forget to stretch!” exclaimed Nanoha 1 as the line cut out.

The pair looked at each other. “Well now I don’t feel so bad,” remarked Fate 1.

“No, neither do I,” said Fate 2, seconds before she grabbed her counterpart and claimed her lips before dragging her to bed.

The End


On the table, Bardiche 1 wondered to his companion “So you think Raising Heart’ll be weirded out by this?”

“Doubt it. Unless yours is a guy,” replied Bardiche 2 as their masters made out for the 17th time.

“Thank the matrix for small mercies.”

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