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Element Metal - Final Climax

After considerable debate and reading WITCH 104, I have come to a decision. I need to scrap Metal and rewrite it, free of Dive influences.

... instead I go to title it with the word CLIMAX in it. I guess there's some influences.

So without further ado, the opening sequence to Kamen RiderElement Metal: Final Climax

In a place outside of time, but running parallel to it, lays a world known as Echo.

The source of all magical power that are associated with the elements, there are five on either balance of the spectrum. Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Quintessence. And on the opposite side, there are Lightning, Wood, Gravity, Ice and Flare. Each one of these powers are directly opposite one another, and there is a light side and a dark side, with a vast grey zone in between. Neither are pure evil or pure good, for those are emotions, and not magic.

It is here, that a woman passes through the halls of Echo’s vast palace, and climbs to the highest tower. Albeit it is not to say she climbed but rode a elevator of pure air. At the top, sat a large globe, swirling with vast elemental force in the form of ribbons.

“My lady,” said the keeper of the globe, bowing at her. A second form dressed in colored robes and a large headdress nodded at her as well. “Thank you for answering our call as quickly as possible.”

“There was little I could do, when I received the summons, Kandor, Lady Doriado,” said the woman, bowing her head. She was dressed in a simple red robe and she brushed her hair away from her face. “What is wrong?”

“Lately the Lumia has given us signs that the two Great Colors are waking up,” said Doriado. “Ursa, you were the last bearer of the White. Has it been passed on?”

“Yes in fact, to the Girl-Queen of Meridian,” said Ursa with a nod.

“And the Black?”

Ursa shook her head. “The Black still sleeps, entrapped where the Great Monarchs sealed it. For it to pass so quickly, will take the last bearer of the Black to finish what she started.”

“Nerissa had been woken up from her slumber many years ago,” said Kandor with a shake of his head. “But now has been sealed into Weira’s Gem.”

“Curious. Perhaps it is time to call the last of the elements. Who do we have for this round?” inquired Ursa.

“Three as predicted,” said Doriado, holding out her hand as three globes of light appeared, displaying the group. “The one known as Jack Spicer, reckless and cunning. The heart of the team Sokka, who’s singleminded determination gives his friends hope. And the bearer of the Heart of Kandrakar, Will Vandom. All three hold considerable strength.”

“Good choices. Strong hearts make for powerful wielders of the fifth.” Said Kandor with nod. “Are they willing to undergo the trial to access their powers?”

“All that and more. Let us begin.”

And the three held out their hands and linked them, sending a burst of iridescent pink light into the sky of Echo.

Element Metal – Final Climax

Written by Shaun Garin

The sensation of freefall was nothing new to Will as she came floating down into the city in a pillar of pink light. Although being normal and not in her guardian form was something of a new option.

To her sides were two others; the enemy-ally of the Dragons Jack Spicer, and Sokka of the Water Tribe who was keeping himself from freaking out completely. They too touched down in the glowing platforms overlooking the vast city below them.

“Okay, no more fire flakes before bedtime,” said Sokka with a open shudder. “Where are we?”

“Echo,” said Jack, looking around. “The dweebs told me about this place.”

“Looks like we’ve been summoned. It’s been a long time though, hasn’t it?” said Will fondly as Sokka grinned and rubbed his head.

“Too long if you ask me,” said Jack with a shake of his head. “Look, I don’t like the idea of being on the side of good right now but I’ve got no choice. If we’ve been summoned, it means this place is in trouble.”

“A sensation most correct,” said Kandor from the platform in front of them as he, Doriado and Ursa stepped forward. “We called you here, because the Great Colors are waking up.”

“When you mean colors, you mean…?” inquired Will. “Elements?”

“So the power of metal. Oh yeah, I can dig that,” smirked Jack.

Sokka on the other hand was looking at Ursa, rubbing his chin. “You kinda look familiar. Did we meet on the road a year ago?”

“I doubt it,” replied Ursa, hiding a smile. “Come, we will explain on the way.”

“As you are all aware, there are five elements that rule the landscape: Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Metal. These have five opposing elements as well,” said Kandor. “However, certain events have caused the Great Colors to awaken. Light, the power of the sky and heavens, and Darkness, the power of the earth and slumber.”

“Both are not inherently good or evil as culture states,” said Ursa, as she served them a spring tea. “Like Yin and Yang, only Emotion defines their good or evil intent.”

“But lately there is a strong sense, an emotion. The Aspects of the World are waking up. Each representing the powers of mortals and gods alike,” added Doriado. “We will be giving you your weapons and powers, but also a guide.”

“Wait back up a moment,” said Sokka. “These Aspects. What are they?”

“Like in the scriptures of the Hindu Gods, there are five major deities that sleep in their shrines,” said Doriado. “Each one of them represent the body in some aspect of form. The eyes of sight, the mouth of truth or lies, the ears that hear all, the body that runs or ruins, and the heart which holds us together.”

“You will all be traveling to the Sky-Shrine where the Heart of the World lays,” said Kandor. “And your guide will be here with you momentarily.”

The soft patter of little feet could be heard as they turned, and from behind Kandor, a small white form appeared. It had white fur and a large circular ringlet tail of pink and blue, and a circle about one eye. “Come on then We, you need to meet them.”

We hopped onto the table, eliciting a sneeze from Kandor. “That’s our guide?” inquired Sokka. “He kind of looks… edible to me.”

We pouted, and raised a paper fan and smacked Sokka with it, getting a yelp from him.

“We can’t talk, but he can show his displeasure well,” said Ursa. “He is the Key-keeper of the Heart of the World, and will lead you to it.”

“Aww it’s so cute! Come here,” giggled Will and We leaped into her arms.

“He actually,” said Doriado. “Once you are done your tea, come and get your things. You will need them for the trip ahead.”

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