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Lyrical Ride - Episode 07: The Irony of it All

“Ikuzi, Ikuzi, IKUZIIII!” yelled Momotaros in the form of Den-O, as he and Nanoha hurled forward slashing the frog Imagin repeatedly. There were two of them this time, a frog and a Bison Imagin, and he and Kintaros had teamed up to defeat it.

Kintaros had borrowed Shamal this time, and the pair weren’t doing half bad as they weakened the pair of Imagin steadily, knocking them backwards. Simultaneous strikes blew the pair back as Rider Passes were swiped with a chorus of “Full Charge.”

“Here we go, my hissatsu attack, part five!” exclaimed Momotaros as he slashed the bison Imagin three times, and Kintaros came falling out of the sky slashing through it as well.

The bison Imagin exploded with some force, and Kintaros proclaimed, “Dynamic Chop.”

Removing their belts, Shamal supported Nanoha as she collapsed in her arms. “Thanks Shamal,” said Nanoha as Kintaros returned with her wheelchair.

“This is still fairly medically unsound,” remarked Shamal as she looked at Kintaros who shrugged, and Momotaros who watched from the DenLiner’s doorway. “We’ll have to give you a check up.”

“Mou,” groaned Nanoha at the prospect.

“All tests report normal. You’re in perfect health Nanoha… well, except for the obvious,” said Shamal after the examination had run. Both Imagin had excused themselves for the time being as well. “If anything, you’re in better health than before. Despite the bumps and bruises from each fight.”

“Glad for the vote of confidence,” said Nanoha in an exhausted tone. “There’s nothing I need to worry about then?”

“Nothing so far,” replied Shamal. “Take a break though, and let the others handle the fighting for a bit though just to be safe.”

Nanoha nodded as she rolled out of the room. Shamal watched her go with a sigh. “I hope she doesn’t exert herself.”

“Hey Shamal,” said Vita, stumbling into the room, looking tired. “Do you have something for bad dreams?”

“Oh dear, the usual?” inquired Shamal and Vita nodded. “I’ll see what I can do.”

Lyrical Ride

Episode 07: The Irony of it All

Vita rubbed her eyes tiredly as she clutched the medicine bottle. It was supposed to put her into a dreamless sleep that night but Shamal told her to use it sparingly. The nightmares always got worse around this time of year, considering that it was getting dangerously close to the day that Vita dressed herself in black and hid under the sheets with Mr. Bunny.

“Four more days and I’ll be able to breathe again,” said Vita, popping the top of the bottle and fishing out a yellow and pink capsule. Taking it and drinking down the water, she set her glass down and crawled under her bed covers.

Turning off the light and closing her eyes, Vita lay down and tried to sleep.

That night, the door to her room opened up as Kohana came through it. Gathering up Vita in her arms, she shook her head. “What a troublesome girl you are.”

“Vita, come on out for breakfast!” called out a pleasant voice as Vita groaned and pushed herself up. Morning already?

Sleepily, she stumbled into the living room which doubled as the kitchen connection when she looked up at the owner of the voice; Nanoha, who was standing there dressed in the white and blue Airforce uniform. “Good morning!”

“N-nanoha?” Vita looked at her, puzzled. “W-where’s your wheelchair? You shouldn’t be standing! Is Momo in control again?!”

“Who?” inquired Nanoha curiously as she spooned up some eggs into a plate. “Vita are you awake? Or are you still mostly asleep.”

“I’m fine I…” Vita looked around and to her surprise, it was all different. This wasn’t the Yagami Dojo, but Nanoha’s home, and it was missing a crucial detail: there were stairs instead of slanted walkways. “… what’s going on here?”

“Good morning,” groaned a young voice and Vita turned to see a little girl with her hair down, blearily stumbling into the room.

“Good morning Vivio!” said Nanoha, giving her a hug.

“Good morning mama,” said Vivio, and Vita was sure her hair stuck up on end. The little girl hugged her too. “Good morning Vita-mama.”


Nanoha blinked curiously at that. “Yes, Vita-mama. Vivio, I think your mama is half asleep still.”

Vivio yawned widely. “Like I am…” She stumbled towards the table, rubbing her eyes.

“Good morning,” chirped a voice as Vita turned to see Yuuno and Fate stepping out of the doorway. “Something smells good.”

“Good morning you two,” said Nanoha. “Breakfast will be ready in a minute.”

“Great, we’re starving,” said Fate. “More Imagin have been showing up and Ryuuta kept me out all night.”

“Same with Urataros for me,” said Yuuno.

“Wait wait, hold on a moment!” demanded Vita. “Nanoha, you know of Ryuuta and the turtle but you don’t know who Momotaros is?!”

“No, why should I?” inquired Nanoha curiously. She placed a hand on Vita’s forehead. “Are you coming down with a fever?”

There was a jerk by Yuuno as he adjusted his new glasses. “Maybe Vita-chan’s feeling odd this morning,” he said lazily. “She’s forgetting things this morning.”

“Maybe Kin-chan needs to stop by,” added Ryuuta, sounding surprisingly calm even with Fate dressed in that ridiculously cute purple outfit.

Vita decided she had enough and sat down heavily, dazed.

“So I take you to school every day?” inquired Vita as she walked with Vivio towards the school.

“Mmm!” nodded Vivio. “Ne, Vita-mama, how come you’re so confused right now?”

“I’m… not too sure kiddo,” said Vita hesitantly. “The last thing I remember is falling into a dreamless sleep and… I’m pretty sure I’m AWAKE right now.”

Vita sighed heavily at that. “For one thing, Nanoha doesn’t even remember Momotaros but his family is here, Ryuuta, Kin and Ura. Another thing… I… well…”

Vivio blinked curiously as Vita blurted out, “I don’t remember you either!”

“You… don’t remember me?” inquired Vivio. “How does that work? You and mama found me four years ago!”

Vita stopped short. “Four years ago? Vivio, what’s the date?”

“It’s 0079. Why?”

Vita replayed the date. It was 0075 when she had returned so that meant… She began to laugh, her laughter hinging on the hysterical. “Oh I get it! Someone must have put me on DenLiner and dragged me to the future! THAT’S WHY IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!”

“So you’re Vita-mama from the past then? Then where’s Vita-mama now?” inquired Vivio curiously.

Vita paused in her hysterical laughter. “… I don’t know…?”

Vivio frowned at that. “I don’t like this. It’s weird, and I don’t like time travel that much if this is what happens.”

“I don’t like it that much either kiddo,” said Vita, rubbing Vivio’s shoulder and Vivio offered her a hesitant smile. “I’ll get your mom back, don’t worry.”

“I know you will. She’s you after all.” Vivio sighed a little as they came up to the front of the church run private school. “This is my stop.”

“Yeah it is. You take care kiddo.”

Vivio smiled at that and headed into the building, leaving Vita standing there, exhaling sharply. “Damnit all this is all messed up. What’s going on here…?”

From the side, a shadowed figure watched, short in stature. “Damnit, it’s happening again, just like before…”

“Hey, I thought you’d be at work,” said Yuuno as Vita came marching into the Crannagan branch of the Infinite Library.

“Change in plans,” said Vita. “What happened. Why am I here? I’m not the Vita of 0079, I’m the Vita of 0075.”

Yuuno blinked at that. Well it wasn’t obvious by any rate at least but… “Vita, are you feeling all right? What do you mean you’re from 0075, it’s always been 0079.”

“Don’t screw with me Yuuno, I know you guys must have put me on DenLiner!” exclaimed Vita angrily, hitting a table. “What’s going on here?!”

“Hold on a minute, just calm down a second.” Soothed Yuuno. “What’s the last thing you remember?”

“Going to bed after taking a dreamless sleep pill,” said Vita. “And then I woke up and it’s all weird!”

“Hmm,” said Yuuno thoughtfully. “While it’s true that it is 0079, we haven’t managed to travel in time.”

“What about DenLiner? You guys use it all the time,” said Vita. She blinked at Yuuno’s confused expression. “You have Imagin here and no DenLiner? How do you chase them back in time?”

“Imagin can do that?” inquired Yuuno. “Urataros can you do that?”

There was a flicker of movement and Urataros pushed up his glasses. “First time I’ve heard of it,” admitted the Imagin before giving back control.

“I… see…” Vita took a breath. “Whatever I’m going to go smash something.”

She stormed out the room to Yuuno who sighed once she was out of earshot. “I hate lying to her.”

It can’t be helped, replied Urataros. For time to be properly worked out in the end, well, things need to proceed the correct way, even if it seems cruel at first.

Vita hung her head. This didn’t make sense, this didn’t make any SENSE! What was going on? Was she dreaming? Did Shamal accidentally give her a psychedelic drug by mistake?

“I want to go home,” moaned Vita.

“Maybe you can,” said Kohana from the side and Vita looked up. The girl was holding out a ticket and on it was printed a date in Earth standard.

“Kohana,” said Vita. “You know what’s going on right? Why is Nanoha so weird? Why is everything so upside down?! Why is it 0079?!”

“Time was snarled,” replied Kohana, with no flicker of recognition in those dark eyes of hers. “And new timelines were formed. Come with me.”

Vita followed and there was a whistle of a train as Kohana opened a door to DenLiner. Vita grinned. “I knew it was here!”

Inside however was a sort of muted tone as Owner looked rather severe. The trip was done in silence and soon, the train pulled to its stop. “When you take your first step towards this time, be warned that it is more than you seek,” he said, taking one last bite of his fried rice as the flag toppled.

Departing, Vita stepped back onto a world she hadn’t been on for a while. She shivered at the cold, but more out of the terrible ruins that marked her memory.

“It’s… that day,” said Vita as she looked around.

A blast rocketed past her head as a red streak followed by a pink one traded shots with Gadget Drones. “Drones… Nanoha!”

Taking off in the direction, Vita ran along the path, grasping Graf Eisen. “Set up!”

The device forged her armor as Vita took to the skies. Looking around wildly, she grimaced. “Where are you, you little bastard?”

Nanoha and her younger self hadn’t noticed anything yet, and Vita caught a flicker of movement. “THERE!”

Graf Eisen pumped twice and she launched a shot towards the movement. It impact, and a cracking noise could be heard as her iron ball slammed into the casing of the type four. “Yes!”

Flickering and wounded, Vita hefted her weapon. “You’re not getting away!”

“STOP!” exclaimed a voice familiar to her and she turned to see… another her? But this one was on the ground. “Stop, don’t damage it any more!”

“Shut up!” yelled Vita. “I’m going to save Nanoha the first time around!”

“You idiot, don’t you realize what’s happening here?” demanded Vita on the ground. “You’re the cause of the time snarl, we both are! Stop before we destroy Nanoha’s life again!”

“You idiot, I’m saving her!” yelled Vita back as she held up her hand, iron balls forming atop it and spinning. “If you get in my way--!”

“Then we’re in agreement. Cause I’m going to get in your way!” Vita swung a belt around her middle and she pressed a button on the belt that had a phone attached to the front. “HENSHIN!”

“SUPER CLIMAX FORM!” In a burst of light, five Imagin piled on and Vita stood there, now as Super Climax Den-O. She drew a sword. “I have to delay you, I’m sorry. I need to stop you from doing something terribly wrong!”

“DON’T GET IN MY WAY!” Vita fired the shot and Super Climax dodged before taking to the air after her, weapons crashing together.

“What was that?” demanded Vita as she and Nanoha fought against the remaining waves of Drones.

“I couldn’t say. But I’m getting an odd feeling about all of this,” said Nanoha.

Just then, the wounded Type 4 stumbled out of the ruins and lunged at Nanoha. Due to it being loud and unwieldy, the girl turned and blasted it backwards as Vita finished it off. “That was close,” said Vita, looking up – and paling at the shriek of pain as a cloaked Type 4 ran Nanoha through, piercing right through her jacket.

“NANOHA!” screamed Vita as she charged and smashed the Type 4 to bits.

The scream of anguish echoed across the landscape as Vita paled. “NANOHA! I’m coming Nanoha!”

“You can’t!” yelled Super Climax, grabbing the other girl around the middle. “You can’t, it’s been changed, and it’s been done. You can’t afford to change time again!”

“Fuck that, Nanoha’s in peril! She might die!”

At that, Super Climax let go abruptly as she sank to her knees. Vita made to move off but she turned to Super Climax, her form vanishing. “… what…?”

Vita Den-O was pale, as she retched and she wiped her lips. “The damage… it’s been done…”

Vita looked over at the sight of the girl hugging Nanoha in her arms.

“… ha! Nanoha hang on! Nanoha!”

What is that… that voice its…

Her vision blurring through the pain, Nanoha opened her eyes at Vita’s tear streaked face as she lay cradled in her arms. “Nanoha, stay with me! Nanoha!”

“Vita-chan…” Nanoha coughed up blood.

Casting a glance around the wreckage briefly, a sharp fresh wave of pain erupted through Nanoha as more blood spilt from her lips. She thought she saw… two more people… Vita… and… Vita? One of them looked incredibly pained, the other horrified.

“DAMNIT! Where’s the response team? Someone! Anyone!” Vita buried her face in Nanoha’s jacket.

The world began to swim out of focus as Vita’s cries got more frantic. “Don’t close your eyes, don’t close your eyes! Nanoha! Nanoha! NANOHA!”

And Nanoha closed her eyes.

Hey. Are you content on letting yourself die, kid?

What can I do? I can’t… keep focus… anymore…

Tell me your wish, quickly. Before its too late.

Vita choked back a sob and let out a gut-wrenching scream of pain as the paramedics descended too late.

“I don’t want this to happen, it can’t happen! Nanoha, open your eyes! Don’t die on me!” cried Vita as she buried her face in Nanoha’s shoulder, hugging the lifeless girl to her chest. “Please… please don’t die… don’t undo the time we spent together.”

She let out a cry as she held Nanoha to her. “I’ll give anything… for her… to live again!”

The world shattered around her and Vita saw her and Nanoha being pulled into a swirling pool of darkness. She reached out vainly for the pair as Nanoha opened her eyes and as Vita cried, clutching Nanoha, a voice intoned. “Tell me your wish, and I will grant it.”

“My wish? My wish? I WANT NANOHA TO LIVE!” screamed Vita. “FOR THAT I WILL GIVE ANYTHING!”

There was a pause. Nanoha opened her eyes and she grasped Vita’s outstretched hand.

“Ore… sanjou.”

Vita fell to her knees as she looked at Den-O who was fading away. “What… what did I…?”

“You did this,” said Kohana as she stepped out from behind a pillar. “Because you went back in time, and tried to change history, and then again to stop yourself, a type 4 inflicted fatal injuries on Nanoha Takamachi, the Singular Point of your timeline.”

“And with that, time was changed,” said Kohana as she rested a hand on Vita who felt like her entire body went numb, as she watched the paramedics carry Nanoha away and a distraught younger Vita away.

“The passage of time…” intoned Owner. “Cannot be changed. Little things become big things. And from one time to another, they cannot be adjusted. This… was meant to be. But not the death… of Nanoha Takamachi.”

He tapped his cane on the hard ground as Den-O Vita vanished from time. “Vita Yagami. This is what happens when time is meddled with, even with a ticket to ride DenLiner. To change one’s past, one must embrace the future. But… because of actions here, you need to consider the next time you see this time frame. For it hinges the very survival of your world.”

He turned around. “Come, DenLiner awaits.”

Vita woke up as light streamed through the window. She would have thought it to be a dream if it weren’t for the fact that she wore her rumpled uniform.

Stumbling out into the familiar kitchen of the Yagami Household, Shamal looked up at Vita. “Good morning Vita. Did the medicine help?”

“…” Vita sat down and buried her face in her hands, and began to cry.

“Oi,” said Momotaros that morning as he looked at Nanoha who was picking at her food. “What’s the matter, the eggs I made not good?”

“Its fine,” said Nanoha with a shake of her head. “I just… had a bad dream.”


Nanoha nodded. “I remembered… that day. When I was stabbed. I saw two Vita, staring at me in horror from afar, and a voice asking me what I wanted.”

Nanoha looked at Momotaros who shifted uncomfortably. “Momo… is there something you’re not telling me?”

Momotaros set down his coffee. “You’re smart I’ll give you that. We’ve been together for longer than you knew I’ve been with you.”

“You can tell her,” said Kohana, coming out of the doorway.

Nodding, Momotaros said, “Nanoha. That night when you were injured… Vita went back in time because she was supposed to, and interfered in the attack that brought you to your knees.”

The Imagin closed his eyes. “I’m sorry, Nanoha. You died that night. I’m giving you my life to keep you alive all this time.”