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A History of Colors

Over the last year and a half, I've learned by leaps and bounds on how to do things in Photoshop. But I figure a little history should be nice in case anyone asks. I'm doing this cause... I' m bored. XD

the first colorization I ever did ^_^

first experiment in multiply.

first attempt at coloring something without any shading

first attempt at being flashy

first attempt at trying multiple colors for shading.

semi-successful "painted" style for hair

first slightly horrible attempt at working with tones (and crappy scans

second attempt. too light now

first major attempt at using mono-color washes

first attempt at trying multiple layers

first attempt at coloring backgrounds

Then I found the patch_robots tutorial and my style shifted dramatically

after the shift this group of icons was what I tried it out with

kind of failed here recently but eh

my first successful icon and still one of my favorites. around this time I learned how to clean up icons

from that point, I had gotten a muse for Yuki Sonoda, and wanted to color Megatokyo. Having little success last time with Pirogoeth, I applied some soft light techniques to Yuki and it came out marvelous

designs got more elaborate as I began to shop things together. This is a scene from Trans9

with a short slew of partial successes with Tamaki and Koyomi, I went to Yuuna Akashi which marked the full transition into my new style

by now, I managed to learn how to color words, backgrounds, but I hadn't quite figured out the proper skintone till I found my Secret Weapon

following that I experimented with Lighten as a layer for black-toned hair that should be another color. it looks a little painted on, but I like the overall effect

Finally, I discovered special effects this weekend and result, well, everything cumilated in the creation of this.

And that is my colorization over the year and a half in a nutshell.